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If you are thinking of heading to Whitefish, MT for the upcoming holiday with your teenager, then don’t worry — there is plenty to do! Although Whitefish is located in a quieter and more rural spot than other tourist destinations you may go to during your previous holidays, it doesn’t mean this place is boring. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Whitefish, Montana!

Whitefish is a serene, peaceful, and nature-centric location that is great for reconnecting with family, spending time with friends, and becoming one with nature. Instead of having your face buried in your laptop, phone, or iPad, you can rest assured that you and your teenagers will have fun hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and doing other outdoor Whitefish, Montana activities that will keep you entertained all day long! Let’s check out the top attractions and activities for teenagers, kids, and adults to all do together during their vacation in Whitefish, MT.

Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag

One of the best things to do with your teens during your time in Whitefish is going to the Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag arena! This fun and exciting activity is held in the Flathead Valley Forest, featuring laser tag activities, capture the flag games, elimination games, and tons of guns for you and your kids to choose from — laser tag fake guns, of course!

Stumptown Ice Den

Located on Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Whitefish, Stumptown Ice Den is a fun indoor activity for you to do with your teenagers during the winter and fall months. This indoor ice skating rink offers public sessions, skating programs, lessons, one on one sessions, and other events that are great for your teenagers to get some exercise, meet people, and spend time with family.

Spotted Bear Ranch Outdoor Activities to Do in Whitefish, Montana

Are you interested in getting outside and seeing the local wildlife? If so, head to Spotted Bear Ranch to go fishing at this fun spot on Beaver Lake Road. This outdoor ranch has fly fishing trips, fishing lessons, outdoor trips, all-day adventures, and other fun Whitefish, Montana activities to do in the Bob Marshall wilderness area.

Pin and Cue

Do you love playing games with your family? Are you a competitive spirit? If so, head to the Pin and Cue bowling arena on Highway 93 in Whitefish, a fun and exciting place that combines a bowling alley, snack bar, restaurant, bar, and lounge! You can get a drink and have a beer while your kids go to the snack bar and restaurant to have some French fries and unhealthy food. It is vacation, after all!

Rock Climb Montana

If you are interested in reaching new heights, getting outside, and getting in some great exercise during your vacation with your family, head to Rock Climb Montana in Whitefish to learn more about how to belay, how to climb, the safety of climbing, and taking a vigorous climbing lesson with reputable professionals in outdoor areas across the Montana wilderness.

Hugh Rogers Wag Park

Even if you do not bring your dog with you during your vacation, you can still go to this dog park in Whitefish to meet other people, play with dogs, and soak in the beautiful sights! This Hugh Rogers Wag Park has five acres with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Plus, if you bring your pup on holiday, you can bring your dog to the small dog area, agility course, or in the large water fountain on hot days.

Mountain Mall Cinemas

On a rare rainy day or cold day in Whitefish, you and your teens can head to the indoor cinema to watch the latest flick that just came out in theaters! Buy a huge popcorn, choose the best seats, and watch your favorite movie on the big screen.

Accommodation in Whitefish, MT for Families!

The best thing about going to Whitefish, MT is that there are tons of accommodation options that can work for parties of all sizes and people with various needs. Do you want a massive house with an outdoor pool and views of the mountains? We can get that for you! Do you need a 2-bedroom condominium with shared amenities? We have those too!

I Love Whitefish offers spacious, modern, and upscale properties that work well for parties of all ages. Since your teens are now older and mature, you need to find a house that has various bedrooms for your entire family. The good thing is that all of our properties have spacious common spaces, plush bedrooms, cozy furnishings, cool interior decor, and close proximity to all that Whitefish has to offer.

Check out all of our property rentals on our website today. We have lakefront rentals, mountain view rentals, family-friendly rentals, pet-friendly rentals, and much more to make sure you have the vacation of a lifetime. Use I Love Whitefish to book your personalized and high-end apartment, condo, or house for you and your family!

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