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If you are in the mood for a cultural experience that is something different from hiking, biking, or whitewater rafting in the pristine mountains of Montana, then we have a great day trip excursion for you. Check out Dick Idol Signature Gallery, a pristine and high-end art gallery that features numerous painters from all over the world. This famous gallery is well-known for its proximity in downtown Whitefish, western paintings, incredible sculptures, and global artists who have their works displayed here. The gallery features antlers and unique collectibles, paintings, and sculptures.

About the Dick Idol Signature Gallery

The Dick Idol Signature Gallery is a family-owned Whitefish art gallery by two owners who have dedicated and long-lasting passion for fine art in various forms. This gallery came to be just 5 years ago in 2017, when the owners were able to buy the gallery and take over this incredible organization from Dick and Toni Idol.

Since its inception in 2017, this Whitefish art gallery has become a safe haven for artists from all over the world who are trying to display their oil paintings, sculptures, unique collectibles, and much more. The gallery is located on 238 Central Avenue in Whitefish, MT, making it easy for you and your guests to get there in no time at all. You can easily walk here from any one of the properties from I Love Whitefish, making it a fun day trip and indoor activity for you to do during a rare rainy or cold day.

The gallery is open every day of the week, meaning you can head here after a Sunday brunch or a Monday lunch! The gallery hours are Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.


Plus, the Dick Idol Signature Gallery has upcoming events and yearly exhibits that are eye-opening and unique for visitors. Currently, visitors to the gallery can check out the Gallery Night Art Walk, “Vivid West” exhibition, “The Roundup” exhibition, and dozens of others in May 2023.


The current artists featured here in the gallery include sculptors, painters, antler-makers, and other artists. Some of the most popular artist currently on display here at the gallery are the following:

Sculptors — Mike Barlow, Jim Eppler, Jeff Fleming, Dick Idol, Ott Jones, Luke Lawrence, Snell Johnson, Terry Lee, Jerry Mckellar, Marilyn Endres, Euclid Moore, Jack Muir, and Tina Milisavlejic

As you can see, Dick Idol is one of the main sculptors in a gallery of his own name! Dick Idol grew up in rural North Carolina and was a well-respected athlete. After competing in college, he combined his love of the outdoors with his knack for art. Beginning in the middle of the 1990s, he began producing animal-themed (specifically white tail deer-themed) furniture, floor coverings, decorations, furnishings, wall decor, and other products for people to use in their homes.

Today, Dick Idol is one of the most well-known artists, outdoorsmen, gallery owners, and artistic personalities in the fine art world. His son, Colt Idol, is currently the owner of the Dick Idol Signature Gallery in Whitefish, MT.

New Arrivals

There are tons of new arrivals coming in and out of the gallery at all times. Some of the new arrivals currently in the gallery are ‘Wayward Sons’ from Colt Idol, ‘Carl Stories’ by Kira Fercho, and ‘Roam’ by Kim Randleas. Head here this spring or summer to check out these vibrant and eye-catching paintings hanging on the walls of this gallery!

Location and Hours

Dick Idol Signature Gallery is located right in the heart of Whitefish, MT. The gallery is conveniently positioned on Central Avenue, right by Second Avenue and some of the most interesting things to see and do in Whitefish. The gallery is by Baker Park, River Trail Park, Depot Park, Whitefish Depot, and numerous restaurants and eateries, such as The Great Northern Bar and Grill, Abruzzo Italian Kitchen, and Sweet Peaks Ice Cream.

Plan Your Visit

We love this gallery for a fun and exciting afternoon out of the house during a rare rainy day. Head here to glance at local artists, check out the work of world-renowned sculptors, and maybe even meet the answers to ask about their passion for fine art.

Plus, when you stay in one of the homes from I Love Whitefish, you will be within walking distance of this convenient and centrally-located gallery in the heart of the bustling town center. We love that you can head here on foot and check out cafes for a mid-afternoon pick me up, bars for a happy hour drink, or restaurant for mouthwatering dinner.

Contact I Love Whitefish today to get started with booking the vacation home of your dreams! We guarantee that no matter what home you choose, you will love our hands-on customer service, spacious properties, and refined amenities.

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