Whitefish, Montana is one of the best natural areas for those who want to see all that this incredible state has to offer instead of spending all of your time inside and in hotel rooms, why not try something more unique and fun during your holiday? We recommend going hiking on one of the nearby nature trails, beginner-friendly paths, biking trails, peak climbs, or kid-friendly choices.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner hiker who has never gotten mud on your feet before or if you are an avid hiker who has climbed multiple peaks in the past — Whitefish offers trails for anyone and everyone to enjoy! Let’s see some of the best options for end of summer activities in Whitefish, MT.

Best Hiking Trails in Whitefish

It’s time to lace up your hiking shoes, get dirty, and see some of the best views in the entire state. Let’s check out some of the best trails in Whitefish that are going to make the vacation one that you will never forget. What better way is there to see the natural beauty of Whitefish than to break a sweat, climb a peak, and bond with your family?

Lion Mountain Trail

The Lion Mountain Trail is a 2.92 loop trail that is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. If you are interested in visiting a lake to go fishing kayaking, boating, canoeing, or simply enjoy the bright blue water, take this loop trail that has 453 feet of elevation gain to see incredible views over the surrounding blue waters and Whitefish town.

Big Mountain Via Summit Trail

The Big Mountain via Summit Trail is a 16-mile out and back trail that is for experienced hikers who want to spend a full day — or two days! — out and about in the mountains. This hiking path uses the ski trails and ski slopes to provide extensive views over the surrounding Whitefish area. With over 2,300 feet of elevation gain, this incredible lung-busting trail is great for hikers who want to really break a sweat and get in their 10,000 steps during vacation!

Gray Wolf Ski Trail

We love the Gray Wolf Ski Trail if you are interested in getting amazing views and spending an entire day on the mountain. This trial is similar to The Summit Trail, since it uses the nearby ski trails to take in some of the best views of the nearby Whitefish area. Head here and stay at one of the local chalets to get a great weekend experience on the ski slopes. This 18-mile trail is an out and back trail that has over 3,400 feet of elevation gain in one trail — it is not for the faint of heart!

Danny On Trail

The Whitefish Mountain is an aptly named trail that is named after the picturesque and cute town of Whitefish, MT! This 7.6-mile zig zag trail starts at the base of the ski resort and heads to the summit, providing extensive views over the nearby forest and out over the ski slopes. You can check out the different tree types as you wind your way up the slope on the switchbacks, admiring the different western larch trees, spruce trees, and Douglas fir trees. Check out the Chalet building as your starting and ending point as you take in over 2,250 feet of elevation gain on this moderate or expert hike.

Swift Creek Loop

Are you interested in hiking with your kids or older parents? Check out the Swift Creek Loop trail! This amazing hiking trail is a great choice for beginners who don’t want to spend all day on the mountain. This is a 1.5-mile trail with only 207 feet of elevation gain, making it possible to do in just a couple of hours. We love doing this trail as a precursor to a nice picnic near Whitefish, MT!

Accommodation in Whitefish, MT

Doesn’t hiking during the late summer months sound like a relaxing and fun way to take in the sighs and burn a few calories? We think so too! But where should you stay during your upcoming trip?

Use I Love Whitefish to book a spacious, modern, and luxurious property that will make your vacation one you will never forget. We offer multiple bedroom homes, condominiums, and apartments that are suitable for parties of all sizes. Instead of staying in a crowded hotel room, check out our high-end rentals for your upcoming stay in Whitefish, MT!

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