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Embark on an unforgettable equestrian journey through beautiful Whitefish the next time you come in this direction. Begin your adventure of horseback riding in Whitefish, Montana today with our guide. Read on below.

Bar W Guest Ranch

The Bar W Guest Ranch in Whitefish, MT, offers one of the best dude ranch trail rides in the entire state! Located right at the base of Spencer Mountain, this fantastic horseback ride offers loops and trails in some of the best mountain areas of Montana. You can circle around the ranch and chat with professional wranglers, ask questions, ride over the varied terrain, and become a partner with your horse.

Once you show up, they will match you with a horse that works for your preferences, needs, and size. Then the professionals here will teach you how to sit on the horse and feel confident with your new friend. At Bar W Guest Ranch, the number one emphasis of the workers here is the safety of the guests and the horses, so you can always feel secure while enjoying horseback riding in Whitefish, MT!

A 2-hour trail ride through the beautiful Montana wilderness is just $110 per guest. There are other packages and specials available for those who want to do more than one activity! The Ranch Package is great for those who want to get a ranch experience but do not want to get on a horse.

You can also purchase the Spencer Package, which lets you ride on a horse over the Temple Loop around Spencer Lake, take in views of the Big Mountain, and cruise along the Window View trail. This package also includes the activities on the ranch, such as feeding horses, lessons, cleaning, etc.

Lastly, the Swisher Package is the best option for those who really want to get down and dirty with the horses! This package includes a long trail ride all the way up to Eureka, past incredible lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, and lush greenery. You can then cruise along Cliff Lake Ridge and slowly meander to the breathtaking viewpoint. This package includes ranch activities, arena activities, and one off-site ride.

Wild River Adventures

Wild River Adventures offers numerous day trips and tours that are suitable no matter what you are looking for this upcoming vacation! This reputable tour company offers Montana horseback rides around Glacier National Park, whitewater rafting, and hiking all in one! We recommend booking a package that combines the Swan Mountain Outfitters company to undertake the 2-hour or 3-hour excursion through the Great Bear Wilderness Area.

Swan Mountain Outfitters

Speaking of Swan Mountain Outfitters, this reputable company offers horseback services to people from all over! This company claims to be the only horseback riding company that provides trails inside Glacier National Park! We love this company because they truly are taking you to the best spots you can ever dream of. This family-owned business has dozens of years of experience in the industry and tons of information about Glacier National Park and how to give you the best vacation possible.

Swan Mountain Outfitters can take you horseback riding in Whitefish, MT and West Glacier or Central Glacier. No matter what you choose, or if you book multiple excursions, you can rest assured that no two trips are going to be the same! We will keep it interesting for you.

Swan Mountain Outfitters takes you around the beautiful town of West Glacier and services visitors, hikers in the park, and locals alike. This convenient town is just a few minutes from the entrance of the park, which makes it the perfect kick-off point. West Glacier Trail Rides cost approximately $85 for a one-hour loop near Lodgepole, $120 for a 2-hour ride on Glacier Gateway, $150 for a 3-hour ride on Glacier Lookout, and $325 for a full-day ride on Mountain View.

If you choose to go on a horseback ride within Central Glacier National Park, the prices vary. You can go on a saunter around Cedar Forest for one hour for just $85 if you are short on time or make a 2.5-hour trip near Upper McDonald Creek after a challenging hike for just $135! If you want a longer trip, we love going on the Sperry Chalet or the Trout Lake trips, which are just $325 for a full-day excursion!

There are tons of other locations for you to choose from as well, such as Apgar Meadows, C.M. Russell 2-hour loop, Cams Loop, Apgar Lookout, and private Apgar Rides! This reputable business also offers packing services if you want to venture on your own. You can rent your very own pack mule or ride a horse for your vacation!

As you can see, there are dozens of horseback riding opportunities when it comes to exploring Glacier National Park and Whitefish, MT! There is no shortage of open spaces, trails, forests, and mountains to check out during your time here. We recommend using one of these reputable businesses to ensure you have the best time possible and don’t break the bank in the process. We guarantee this is going to be one of the highlights of your entire trip!

Don’t forget to book your incredible vacation rental with mountain views the next time you’re in Whitefish! Contact our team for more information!

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