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If you happen to be in Whitefish, Montana during a rare rainy day, don’t fret – there are still so many things for you and your pals to do during a dreary or cloudy day! Plus, the majority of days here are sunny, bright, warm, and perfect for hiking, biking, and watersports, so the occasional cooler day is often welcome. Let’s check out some of the top indoor activities in Whitefish and why we think that you should head here any time of the year!

Conrad Mansion Museum

Learn a little bit more about the history of the area and take your children through an educational and hands-on afternoon by visiting the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell, MT. This large and spacious mansion was built nearly 200 years ago and features incredible architecture, unique features, and history surrounding the Conrad family. The Conrad family was a huge deal within the state, as they owned a lot of the state’s wealth due to their fortune as a trader, businessmen, and freight leader.

Sunti World Art Gallery

If you are an ‘artsy’ type, you will love the Sunti World Art Gallery Spokane Avenue. This cool and unique museum features Native American masterpieces, a variety of artistic genres, contemporary paintings, and cool interior decor that is great for spending time inside on a rainy day.

Grab a Caffeine-Filled Drink

There is no shortage of coffee shops and dessert hideaways in Whitefish, MT! Even though it may feel like you are never going to warm up during a cold day outside, head to one of these coffee shops and cafe joints that are sure to hit the spot. We recommend going to the Wild Coffee Company on Central Avenue to grab a bite to eat and enjoy an oat milk latte. We also love Folklore Coffee on East Second Street to read a book, chat with locals, or do some remote work. You can also check out Boudoir Bar Cafe Coffee & Treats for a sweet treat, dessert plate, and cup of coffee or pot of tea. For those who want to check out the best dessert shops on a rainy day, you can’t go wrong with Cowgirl Coffee or Fleur Bake Shop for flaky pastries, savory treats, and mouth-watering cakes and cookies!

Indoor Activities in Whitefish – Sip on a Pint of Beer!

Even though it might feel a little early in the day to have a pint of beer, the rain might drive you inside to one of the nearby breweries much sooner than you would’ve thought! Luckily for you, there are tons of cars, breweries, and wineries in Whitefish, MT. We love going to Black Star Brewery in Whitefish to enjoy the history of where the Black Star lagers are produced. We love learning about how beer is made, sipping on a fresh lager pint, and chatting with friendly bartenders. Another great brewery is the Great Northern Brewing Company, featuring 12 ales and lagers that they make all year round! Pair one of these famous pours with mouthwatering fresh food for the perfect afternoon inside.

Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag

A family-friendly and fun activity that is great for people of all ages and interests is the Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag, held in Flathead Valley Forest. We love the idea of getting out in nature and bonding with your teenagers as you wander through the woods, build teamwork skills, communicate with one another, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Pin and Cue

Are you interested in challenging your best friends or your family members to a friendly game of bowling? If so, Pin and Cue is THE best place to have fun bowling, drinking beer, and chatting with locals at the bar! We love the laid-back atmosphere, pool tables, full bar with specialty cocktails, and 24-hour eatery that churns out the best comfort food in the entire town.

See a Show at the Alpine Theatre Project

Last but not least, the Alpine Theatre Project offers an after-school program of education for kids, bringing to life the younger generation and exciting shows that are there for you to watch during your vacation! You can watch famous musicals, like CATS, and sing along to all of your favorite songs. We love this as a rainy-day activity so you can hide away inside the dark theater and view some of the local talent.

Just because it is rainy or cloudy in Whitefish, it doesn’t mean that your vacation is a wash. In fact, there is still so much to do in this bustling mountain town, even during dreary and cloudy days. You can find dozens of indoor activities in Whitefish that are perfect for people of all ages and interest levels. Plus, when you stay with us, you will be just steps away from all there is to do and see in the beautiful town of Whitefish, MT! Reach out today to plan your next visit to Whitefish.

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