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If you are looking for a fun-filled and outdoor-centric activity for you and your family, kayaking in Whitefish, Montana is THE best thing for families and kids of all ages! Not only is this outdoor excursion safe and entertaining for your entire group on vacation, but you can see more of Whitefish than you would in a car or bus. Plus, there are tons of companies that offer professional services, so you can rest assured during your time on the water. Tackle some rough whitewater rapids or easily cruise down the river with confidence when you use one of the outdoor companies in Whitefish, MT, during your unforgettable holiday!

Whitefish Kayaking with Sea Me Paddle

First up, we have Sea Me Paddle, a top-tier outdoor business that focuses on kayak rental, lessons, excursions, and full-day trips along the flowing river. This premier kayak and paddleboard company on Flathead Lake and nearby rivers offers hands-on experiences and knowledgeable guides so you can enjoy your trip without worrying. They take care of the weather warnings, suit you up in the safest gear, and choose the ideal location for your preferences and group size. Sea Me Paddle always offers a safe and fun experience for the entire group!

Plus, Sea Me Paddle offers rental equipment, so you don’t need to bring anything with you on your vacation! We know that your suitcase can fill up quickly, so be sure to pick up kayaks, tandem kayaks, boats, life jackets, shoes, helmets, and more for your journey from Sea Me Paddle.

Furthermore, Sea Me Paddle offers a paddle class and tours so you can experience to the best of your ability. This reputable company provides safety equipment, flotation devices, helmets, shoes, and paddles so you can practice the normal strokes off land first. Feel free to ask questions!

Finally, Sea Me Paddle has winter Whitefish kayaking tours so you can cruise along the icy and snowy river while the wind whips outside in nature. Feel the fresh breeze on your face as you cruise along Somers Bay, viewing the nearby wildlife, like breathtaking bald eagles and osprey, as you quickly paddle through the blue water. This 2-hour tour is good for beginners and advanced kayakers alike who want to customize their own winter trip.

Whitefish Outfitters Rental

Lastly, Whitefish Outfitters Rental is another rental company that offers kayak rentals, tours, paddleboard tours, and much more for you and your friends. This reputable business right on City Beach at Whitefish Lake is great for SUP rentals, kayak rentals, and water tube rentals. You can even rent a tandem kayak for just $55 for two hours!

Check out our Lake view rentals in Whitefish for close proximity to water activities and more!

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