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The beautiful mountains and woods of Montana offer the best of both worlds when it comes to activities in the spring and summer. You have a wide range of outdoor activities available, ranging from hiking and biking to general exploration of the expansive wilderness and more. In the winter you have all the joys of snow play that we’ve all loved since our childhood. However, what about the fall? What is there to do when the spirits come out to play as the Halloween season arrives, a crisp chill begins to set in, and the colors of the foliage begin to change, painting the forests in brilliant colors? Read on and discover all the wonderful activities one can take part in when they visit Whitefish, Montana this fall!

Explore the Forests

If there is one thing that Whitefish isn’t low on, it’s wilderness to explore, and this is no less true in the fall. In fact, some would say the outdoor trails become even more beautiful thanks to the changing trees that line the wilderness paths. For instance, take a trip on over to Glacier National Park and enjoy year-round hiking as you explore sprawling meadows, towering mountains, crystal blue lakes, and 700 miles of different trails, ensuring you can hike a different one each day for a year and still not see them all! Further, keep your eyes peeled as mountain goats and bighorn sheep are quite active this time of year and are quite the sight to see scurrying up the mountainside. After you spend some time amongst the pines at Glacier National Park, make sure you take a trip to the Flathead National Forest, where you not only will be greeted to beautiful scenic hikes with trails for all skill levels, but the area hosts some wonderful berry picking—no need to pack a lunch for this trip! Afterwards, head on over to Whitefish Trail and enjoy an easy trail that offers a beautiful nature walk with dense forests and views of the lake.

Due Some Urban Exploring

While Whitefish has more outdoor activities than most would know what to do with, make sure you take the time to explore the wonderful activities that can be found around town. For instance, explore our downtown district and lose yourself in the multitude of bookstores, boutiques, photography stores, clothing stores, bookstores, and art galleries that line its streets. Speaking of art galleries, make sure you take the time to visit Sunti World Art Gallery, where you will be gifted to a range of original paintings, sculptures, ceramics, live-edge wood furniture, teakwood carvings, antique Turkish rugs, and more! After you get done exploring the gallery, make sure you take some time to check out the gift shop, and definitely make sure you stop by the café and grab a cup of organic specialty coffee as you munch on a freshly made pastry. Check the calendar as well, as the city is also known to put on a famous, and quite large, Oktoberfest that is sure to have you drinking with new friends in no time.

Tour the City and Explore the Market

Of course, if you don’t want to wander the streets, you can take advantage of a tour to truly learn about your temporary home. For instance, you might enjoy checking out Big Sky Brew Cruises and touring the local breweries that call the area home. Not only this, but you’ll get a chance to learn about the brewing process and even be taught a thing or two about the different types of beers you will be sampling. Their weekly tours visit three breweries/cideries and each guest will get to sample four brews from each on this 3.5- to 4-hour tour. Afterward, make sure you check out the farmers’ market that goes on every Tuesday evening from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Spend a couple hours seeing what the very best of Whitefish has to offer in terms of crafts and the hard labor of local farmers. As well, enjoy live local music while you dig into freshly made food as you explore to fresh produce.

A Place to Call Home

When you rent with I Love Whitefish, you will not just be getting some stagnant hotel room that looks like every other one you have ever seen. Rather, you will be getting a place that is truly a home, one into which someone has poured their heart and soul. You’ll also find that each rental comes with its own host of different amenities ranging from heated pools to billiards tables, hot tubs, and more. Further, you’ll find that we are all locals and thus are more than willing to let you in on the local happenings, and we will make sure you get to make the most out of your Montana Fall Whitefish vacation.

If your curiosity has been raised, and you are already starting to look up the various goings-on in our little town, make sure you give I Love Whitefish a call today at (888) 716-0238 or book your rental property online!

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