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There are tons of things to do in Whitefish all year round! However, we think that coming to Whitefish during the winter season is the best time to head here, enjoy the snow, go outside in the daytime, and party once it gets dark. New Year’s Eve in Whitefish is one of the best party nights for people all over the world. Whether you want to sit inside with your loved one in front of a roaring fire or you would rather be in a fist-pumping club, there are endless activities that you can find for your upcoming NYE plans. 

If you are in Whitefish for New Year’s Eve, don’t worry — there is still plenty to do! Not only can you enjoy the pristine nature and beautiful views during the day, but the town doesn’t just go to sleep at night. Nope, during the holiday season, you can enjoy tree lighting ceremonies, holiday events, and NYE parties that will keep you dancing all night long. 

Let’s check out the top New Year’s Eve activities in Whitefish that are great for people of all ages and interests! We are 100% positive that you and your friends will have an absolute blast during your NYE celebrations in Whitefish, MT.   

New Year’s Activities in Whitefish

The best way to start off the New Year’s celebrations is to go to the NYE Torchlight Parade and Fireworks. This is a family-friendly event that is one of the coolest events to see before you maybe put the kids to bed, bring in the babysitter, and go out on the town for the night! Head to the Whitefish Mountain Resort starting at 5 pm to gaze at the incredible lights, carry a torch along with the locals of Whitefish, and watch the fireworks light up the dark sky. We love this tradition and the camaraderie between the people of Whitefish in this decades-long event.  

Grouse Mountain Lodge Party 

The Grouse Mountain Lodge is one of the best places to come to if you want to sip on a glass of wine, sit by the fire, and people watch! Head here with your partner to relax on a date night or come here with your friends to start the light in a fun and cozy place. If you want to spend the entire night at Grouse Mountain Lodge, you don’t even have to go anywhere to have a heart-pounding party. Stay here all night long and listen to the tunes from Ben Darce from 6 pm to 9 pm before you head into town and go to another bar.  

Casey’s NYE Party 

Another fun place to go is Casey’s! Head here after the DJ ends at Grouse Mountain Lodge Party to check out some more live tunes from the local DJ Chris Medhus. He will get you dancing all night long before DJ Lucky Lou takes over and has you going until the early morning! We love listening to some live music and fun tunes on NYE to keep the spirits high and prevent an early night of going home before midnight.  

 Get Some Hangover Brunch! 

If you were out all night the day before for NYE, we know that you aren’t going to be feeling too great this morning. What now? Instead of sitting inside and feeling bad for yourself all day long, you need to get outside and get the hair of the dog ASAP! 

Head to the Boat Club at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake between 10 am and 1 pm to have a New Year’s Day Brunch. We recommend getting one of the filling egg dishes, like eggs benedict, a filling egg omelet with your choice of fillings, or eggs over easy with some bacon and sausage. There is nothing better to soak up the alcohol than a big breakfast with tons of carbs and protein! If you are more of a sweet person, then try the pancakes and stuffed French toast. And, of course, wash it all down with a Bloody Mary or mimosa to get you back on the party train!  

Spend Your New Year’s in Whitefish 

New Year’s Eve is one of the best holidays for going out, having fun, dancing the night away, and listening to some live music! Although you may think that Whitefish is a sleepy town, they definitely can party. Go to one of the DJ events and the fireworks display to kick off a new year in the best way possible. 

Plus, after a long night of partying and drinking, you can come back to your cozy cabin, cool condo, or modern apartment from I Love Whitefish to drink some water, relax, and get a great night of sleep. You can sleep off that hangover before it even happens in our cozy and comfortable beds to make sure you have the best vacation of your entire year.  Contact us today!

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