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The North Fork is one of the most popular parts of the river when you visit Glacier Country in Montana. The combination of the North Fork and the Flathead River makes these flowing bright blue waters incredible for whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing during a relaxing afternoon out in the sunshine.

The combination of the two rivers originates in Canada and flows through the northern states of the U.S., creating a beautiful and bright blue oasis that lies near Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest. If you are interested in seeing this river in all of its glory, there is truly no better way than to go North Fork Flathead River Rafting during your vacation.

Multi-Day Trips

You can head out on the North Fork Flathead River for a single-day, short, or multi-day trip, depending on the length of your vacation, the type of skills you have in the raft, and the desired length of your North Fork Flathead River float trip. You can choose the itinerary of your vacation down this river and incredible steam, so customizing your day out is no issue at all.

The rivers pass through the open grasslands, wind through the photo of the alpine mountains, and wind through the dense wilderness. The water is cold, clear, and bright blue, making it exciting and fun to kayak through at a high speed.

We recommend having gone rafting before trying a full-day or multi-day excursion in this part of the Flathead and Fork Rivers, since the river flows through tight turns, bright blue pools, and intense corners.

If you are interested in a multi-day expedition, a two or three-day itinerary is a great starting point. Use the Glacier Raft Company in Montana to plan your vacation to meet your unique needs. The two-day adult rates start from just $649, whereas the three-day adult rates start from $870 for multiple days of fun, excitement, and incredible views.

Use a Professional

Plus, when you use a professional North Fork Flathead River Rafting company, you never have to worry about bringing your own gear or going at it alone. You can put your faith in the hands of the professionals who are there every step of the way, ensuring that every requirement is taken care of, ranging from personal requests to equipment to cooking by the riverside.

Departing Point

The majority of rafting along the Flathead River departs from the West Glacier Village, so we recommend finding accommodation close to the town center. Have fun!

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