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When one goes on vacation, there are many reasons they could have in mind for the trip. Some go to get away from the stresses of their life for a bit and relax, others do so with the idea of seeing new sights and experiences that they never would at home, while others still prefer to head out on romantic activities to ensure that they can spend some much-needed quality time with those that they love and cherish. Well, if you find yourself in the latter group, you need to make sure you continue reading on as we discuss all the various romantic Whitefish, Montana things to do that one can enjoy when they come and visit our lovely town!

Intimate Exploration

If there is one thing that Whitefish isn’t lacking, it is outdoor activities, which truly can be some of the most romantic outings one can go on. After all, what better way to connect with a significant other than alone in the woods with just each other for company? For instance, one can head on over to Whitefish Lake State Park if you find yourself coming during the warmer months. Spend a quality Whitefish vacation day together boating, swimming, water skiing, hiking, and more. You’ll also find that the area has a variety of wilderness inhabitants that very well might poke their head out of the trees to say hello including waterfowl, bald eagles, and more!

One could also spend some time exploring the outdoors upon the back of a sleigh as you are pulled by a team of majestic horses in this classic romantic outing. If this sounds like a lovely time to you, head over to Bar W Guest Ranch, where one can enjoy a romantic sleigh ride that includes cookies and hot chocolate after. One could even go horseback riding as you explore the woods together. If one is looking for something unique, take a short drive to Base Camp Bigfork, which features dog sledding with a twist; you get to spend the days taking care of the dog team, and at the end you will be able to lead and mush your own team!

If one is looking to do some hiking together, you might enjoy the Lion Mountain Trail, which is great for all skill levels and features a 2.6-mile out-and-back trail that will have you seeing a breathtaking overlook of the lake as well as the valley below. Being close to town, this is the perfect nature stroll if you’re looking for some time together out in nature. One could also explore the forests together on a bike tour with Bicycle Touring, which features a variety of different tours from beginner to advanced and features everything from exploring the Great Divide to the Great Park North, Northern Tier, and more! You are sure to remember the experience fondly as you pass towering trees, gurgling brooks, stretching meadows, and more.

Some Good Bites and Drinks

No romantic outing or activity is complete without some good food to eat as you dine together in an intimate setting. Make sure you check out the Boat Club Bar, which features a lovely and welcoming dining area complete with large fireplace. Enjoy a variety of different foods from salads to sandwiches, to pizzas, to burgers, and all in between. To make things even better, they feature live music twice a week, which is always the perfect romantic outing as you dance the night away after a good meal. If one is looking for a smaller meal but emphasis on the drinks, Unleashed Winery features a tasting room that is more than comfortable. Enjoy small bites and a selection of expertly grown wines ranging from Pinot Noir to Grapefruit Blushes to Blackberry Merlot and all in-between. If one is looking to truly get the chance to explore all the various breweries and such in the area, make sure you check out the Big Sky Brews Cruise, which will take you to several breweries in the area and give you a tour of their facilities. What’s even better is at each stop you will get to sample four beers each and even get a breakdown on beer 101 from your knowledgeable guides. While not the most classic of romantic outings, you are sure to find that is nonetheless a fun way to spend some time together, and maybe even learn something along the way!

Of course, this is all just brushing the surface of all the various romantic Whitefish, Montana things to do that can be found in the area, and this isn’t to mention the other ways one could spend time that might not be a classical romantic venture, but nonetheless a wonderful way to spend some time together. If you are curious about what else there is to do in the area or are perhaps curious to check out what vacation rentals we offer, make sure you give us a ring at (888) 716-0238 today!

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