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When one comes to the beautiful area of Whitefish, one will find that there are many ways to enjoy your time here with us. Of course, there are the lovely and breathtaking views and trails which any outdoor lover is sure to enjoy. There is also a plethora of restaurants to enjoy while you’re staying with us, and even a variety of urban adventures. However, as you will soon discover, Whitefish also has a hidden romantic side that you and your significant other are sure to love; you will have plenty of memories to cherish for years to come. So, read on and discover all the romantic attractions and things to do in Whitefish, MT that could be awaiting you on your next trip!

Romance in the Arts

One of the most classical romantic attractions one can enjoy is dressing up and going to see a play, concert, or even browsing a variety of art galleries. If you find this the perfect romantic activity for you and your significant other, make sure you head on over to the Sunti World Art Gallery, which features artistic masterpieces made by international artists from as far as Europe and Asia. You’ll discover paintings, sculptures, ceramics, teakwood carvings, and much, much more! As well, once you are done browsing the various pieces that are up for display, head on over to their café, which features a variety of organic specialty coffee and beverages, not to mention pastries, tea sandwiches, and more. Enjoy dining on your treat while sitting in their beautiful garden which truly sets the mood for a romantic time together. One could also head on over to the Alpine Theater Project, which offers a variety of musicals, plays, and concerts through the year, ensuring that when you come, they will have something great to show you. One could also catch a symphony performed by the Glacier Symphony and Chorale. Enjoy relaxing in their outdoor theater as you listen to the expert musicians of Whitefish put on a show.

Outdoor Activities

As you explore the various hidden gems within Whitefish, you will find that there are several romantic Whitefish, MT attractions that can be found outdoors and are sure to be a unique and fun activity for you to enjoy together. For instance, one can take to the skies with an airplane tour with Backcountry Flying Experience. Enjoy gliding high in the sky as you both look down and see the magnificent scenery of Glacier National Park from high up in the skies. One could also head on over to the park in person, where you will find over 700 miles of trails for you to explore together. Enjoy the views of rolling meadows, historic chalets, towering mountains, and glistening lakes. Deer, elk, lynx, beaver, and Canadian geese often will come and say hello to the love birds who come to explore their natural home. To make it even better, you will find these trails can easily be enjoyed even in the depth of winter with snowshoeing, and they even offer free guided snowshoe hikes for those who are looking to learn a bit while exploring the natural world.

After, head on over to Bar W Guest Ranch, which features two-hour-long horseback riding tours which are sure to be the perfect romantic attraction for you to enjoy as you trot along the beaten path and enjoy the scenery as you pass by. One can even go for a sleigh ride that features a bonfire, cookies, and hot chocolate after! If one doesn’t mind taking a short drive to the neighboring city, one can enjoy a full day of being a dog musher with Base Camp Bigfork, where you get to take care of huskies, help train them, and then drive your own team as you glide across the snow.

Some Good Drinks

One will also find that there are plenty of places to simply grab a drink and enjoy a relaxing and romantic afternoon with your significant other as you sip upon good drinks. For instance, one could head on over to Unleashed Winery, which features a beautiful tasting room and a variety of specialty wines that are produced onsite. Enjoy everything from the complex flavors of Red Rover (Cabernet Sauvignon) to the quite sweetness of Whining (Grapefruit Blush) to the classic tones of Camp Hound (Blackberry Merlot). While you’re at it, why not try some of their small bites to tide you over as you enjoy spending some time sipping a good glass of wine. One could also head on over to the Boat Club Bar, which features a variety of good drinks in an upbeat atmosphere with overlooks of the town. As well, they offer a variety of comfort foods, including pizzas, burgers, salads, sandwiches and more! To make things even better, you’ll find that they even have live music several nights a week.

All in all, there are many romantic attractions and things to do in Whitefish, MT that one can enjoy when they come and stay within the beautiful lands of Whitefish. Not only this, but you’ll find this is just touching the surface; truly, one’s imagination is the limit. Should you have any questions, or if you are ready to start the planning stage and are looking for the perfect vacation home to call yours during your stay, make sure to give us a call at (888) 716-0238 today!

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