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Get away for a mountain vacation in Whitefish, MT, where access to outdoor activities is unmatched. Spend your days exploring the vast wilderness areas and rugged terrain surrounding Whitefish, and then relax and unwind in the evenings with a locally crafted drink from Spotted Bear Distillery. With a good assortment of restaurants, bars, and shops, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Cheers the Evening at Spotted Bear Distillery

After a day hitting the slopes, conquering a summit, or exploring the various trails and natural sights hiding amongst the forest trees, put your feet up and unwind with a crafted beverage from Spotted Bear Distillery. Spotted Bear Spirits is a craft distillery in Whitefish that uses the rugged terrain and wild mountain vibe as its inspiration, resulting in a wide variety of spirits that perfectly reflect the surrounding natural scape. The spirits here contain local and organic ingredients, offering up an authentic taste of Montana that will put any store-bought bottle to shame.

Spotted Bear Spirits is named for the Spotted Bear Ranger District, which is the point of entry into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. As a locale where people gather for memorable outdoor adventures and spend the evenings around campfires recounting stories and sipping spirits, Spotted Bear Spirits also aims to be a place of nostalgic gathering for its patrons, as well as provide a place where all can gather, relax, and enjoy one another’s company, while at the same time maybe even make some new friends as you chat and visit with the other patrons.

Because they use local ingredients whenever possible, some of their offerings vary with the seasons, however this only ensures that anytime you come and pop in for a drink, you are almost assured to find something new and exciting which was absent during your last visit to their warm and welcoming walls. Choose carefully concocted cocktails by the glass, made with juice that is freshly squeezed daily and which truly showcases the distilleries eye for creativity and trying to make something new. You’ll find of course all your classic drinks such as the classic old-fashioned, however you’ll also find a variety of specialty drinks, and even some exotic ones such as margaritas! You’ll find a variety of different spirits when you come in to try a drink, you’ll find spirits such as vodka, coffee liqueur, and gin which are also available by the bottle. However, you won’t just find these typical spirits but also a range of unique and special liquors you might not see elsewhere. For instance, you just might like to try out their Agave liqueur made with organic blue agave, and which is sure to be a sweet favorite, you’ll find their huckleberry Vodka for those looking for a fruitier drink then what one might typically expect with the strong spirit. You’ll also find the Mountain Mint, however, watch out as this one definitely packs a punch at 100 proofs, so remember to drink responsibly and make sure you still have a ride back. Finally, for those looking for a taste of the Mediterranean you’re sure to find the Limoncello an interesting taste and which is sure to perfect compliment your other drinks of choice. However, if one finds themselves having a hard time deciding which of the various delicious liqueurs to try, then why not go for a tasting flight which will provide you with a variety of different spirits to try and is sure to provide you with some interesting new finds you never would have tried otherwise. As well, you are sure to find their tasting room more then the perfect place to grab a flight, sit with your family and friends, and enjoy swapping stories and discussing the various pros and cons of your fascinating, creative, but nonetheless enjoyable spirits!

A key ingredient in their coffee liqueur is fair trade, shade-grown, organic Montana Morning Blend coffee from local roasters Montana Coffee Traders. The artfully designed labels on the Spotted Bear Spirits bottles add a special local touch to each purchase.

Snag a table in the welcoming Spotted Bear Spirits and treat yourself to a tasting flight, picking and choosing among flavors until you discover a favorite. Then choose your favorite bottle or mixer to be enjoyed at leisure from the comfort of your Whitefish, MT vacation rental!

Planning Your Visit to Spotted Bear Spirits

Spotted Bear Spirits is located in Whitefish, MT at 503 Railway Street. Their tasting room is open on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-8pm and Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm-8pm. For updated hours or any questions you may have, the staff at Spotted Bear Spirits can be contacted at (406) 730-2436.

Relax & Unwind in Whitefish, MT

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