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Enjoy the great outdoors when you get away to Whitefish, Montana. Not only does Whitefish offer convenient proximity to the wonders of Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest, but the town itself is also home to a network of even more trail mileage with The Whitefish Trail. When you vacation in Whitefish, there’s never a shortage of terrain to be explored!

Journey Down the Whitefish Trail

12 trailheads and over 42 miles of paths make up the Whitefish Trail network, providing ample space to get out and explore the area not far from your Whitefish, MT vacation rental. Not just for hiking, the Whitefish Trail also offers opportunities for bikers, runners, skiers, and equestrians to enjoy the natural areas that surround Whitefish. Stacked loops, scenic overlooks, single‐track trails, and gated logging roads make up the Whitefish Trail, forming a comprehensive network that offers a myriad of options.

For a route close to town, consider heading out on the Lion Mountain trails. Here there is a 3-mile loop that offers a scenic overlook of Skyles Lake. Also close to town are the Reservoir trails, where you can stroll and picnic along the banks of Viking Creek and enjoy views of Blacktail Mountain and Whitefish Lake. The Beaver Lake area of the Whitefish Trail offers plenty of space to explore. This tucked away area is packed with fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities. With over 7 lakes, scenic lookouts, and trails of varied distances, Beaver Lake is a favorite for both local and visiting families.

One could also head on over to the Woods Lake Trailhead which is perfect if one is looking for something slightly off the beaten path. Far less trafficked than some of the other trails, you’ll find the Woods Lake Trailhead a 3-mile loop trail and which makes for a good hike for those looking to enjoy the lake with a mixture of lake and forest scenery. This trail is particularly beautiful during the autumn months when the trees exchange their green foliage for that of their tuxedos of orange and red hues.

If one is looking for a slightly more intense hike, then make sure you head on over to the Big Mountain Trailhead which you will find has year-round access to those who might be interested in some snow shoeing during the colder winter months. This 5.5-mile trail will take you through the Haskill Basin and makes for a lovely hike either during the spring when one can see the trees and flowers begin to come alive once more after a cozy and dreamless winter slumber, or during the fall when the beautiful autumn colors decorate the forest. If one is looking for a particular long hike which is sure to instill quite the sense of accomplishment once completed, then check out the longer version of this trail that connects the Big Mountain Trail with that of the Summit trail, making for a 16.1-mile hike! However, the best part of this is that both trails tend to be lightly trafficked, ensuring that you can truly enjoy not but the peace of the natural world that you came here to experience in the first place. For those who are looking to enjoy this longer trail, but perhaps aren’t wanting to hike such a long way are sure to be pleased to know that this trail is quite popular with mountain bikers, which of course makes it less of a daunting task.

No matter which of these hikes you choose to do though, you will be quite pleased to find that the area is dog friendly. Thus, even your furry little friend can join in the fun and accompany you as you proceed to explore these trails and delve deep into the natural world. Plus, it’s always nice to have some company while heading out on an adventure, whether they be a chatty person or a silent furry companion.

Even during winter months, many areas of the Whitefish Trail remain a viable option for activities. When snow has blanketed the ground, consider heading to the Big Mountain area to explore via cross-country skis. Located just below Whitefish Mountain Resort, skiers can enjoy 23 kilometers of groomed Nordic trails. Linked with several other trail networks, there are many options for extended your route.

Cyclists will want to be sure to explore the Spencer Mountain area of the Whitefish Trail. Historic trails and gated roads offer plenty of room for off-road exploration. Pause to catch your breath along a scenic ridgetop or challenge your riding skills with the technical single-track trails.

Plan Your Whitefish Getaway

Whether you simply want to enjoy a quiet walk through nature or you’re an avid cyclist, hiker, or equestrian, the Whitefish Trail offers a convenient venue for exploration for those who are staying in Whitefish, MT! Still in need of Whitefish accommodations? Browse our listings today!

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