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There are so many Whitefish skiing and snowboarding trails that surround the beauty of this place! We love heading to this pristine outdoor area all year round, but winter is when it really comes alive. Not only can you walk around downtown Whitefish and see the fresh snowfall, but you can head to the local mountains to tackle some of the best runs in the entire country!

Whether you are a beginner skier who is only interested in green slopes or you are an advanced snowboarder who wants to tackle the black diamond runs, there is something for everyone.

Even your younger kids will enjoy taking lessons from reputable ski and snowboard teachers, so they can feel confident going down the bunny slope. Plus, expert skiers and snowboarders can use the terrain parks at some of the nearby mountains to pull out all the stops!

If you only have a few days to check out Whitefish and the slopes, where should you start? We have narrowed down the extensive plethora of trails to find the top 5 skiing and snowboarding trails that are best based on the scenery, views, and excitement of the run. Let’s check it out!

The Southern Section

We highly recommend going to the Southern Section of Whitefish Mountain to hit some of the best areas of the entire mountain! We love the southern section, which is the front of the mountain, featuring almost 50% of all the skiable areas of the mountain and just three of the lifts. We like the challenge here, with the highest lift rising over 2,000 feet above the starting point!

The southern section contains a huge amount of variety that we think is great for experts. Plus, there are dozens of beginner runs that are good for building confidence before you tackle the intermediate runs (which make up half of the runs here!).

One of the best runs that we think is an absolute must-do during your time on the Southern Section of the mountain is Good Medicine. This skiing offers great tree-top lines and expansive views that are far-reaching above the bustling town of Whitefish.

Another great run that offers expansive views and incredible scenery is Woodlot, a short and very fun ski trail that is good for those who want a fast and exciting path down the mountain.

For those who want a true expert run, you can’t go wrong with East Rim or Fish Creek. We love both of these double black diamond trails for tackling steep trails, winding through narrow paths, and jumping over big slopes and hills! Although They are short, they provide a lot of excitement in just a little bit of acreage.

The Northern Section

The northern section of this mountain has better skiing conditions than the southern section due to the sunshine and the way it faces. However, the ski slopes are easier and better for beginners, as the highest vertical point is only 1,000 feet above the start. If you do ski on this side, the best sections are near Big Creek Express Quad Lift and the Flower Point Triple Lift.

Hellroaring Basin

Last but not least, the Hellroaring Basin Section offers numerous challenging slopes and terrain parks that are great for expert skiers and snowboarders! This unspoiled and unmanicured section offers advanced terrain that is greater than 1,000 acres — meaning you can ski here all vacation and never get bored!

The best slope on this side of the mountain is, by far, HellFire. Helfire is a forest services road that has been inadvertently converted into a ‘trail’ that is well known among locals — but not so much among tourists. We love this intermediate trail that winds in and out of the tree line and stays on the outer edge of Hellroaring Basin.

So, rounding out our top five trails in Whitefish Mountain for your upcoming vacation:
1. Good Medicine
2. Woodlot
3. East Rim
4. Fish Creek
5. Hell Fire

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Even though you may usually think of going to Colorado or Utah for the best skiing in the entire United States, Montana gives these states a great run for their money.

Plus, you might even get fewer crowds when you head to this cute and exciting mountain town. Just because there are not as many people, it doesn’t make it any less fun. It just means more space for you to explore without running into other outdoor lovers on the ski slopes! For incredible cross-country skiing near Whitefish, MT experience, enjoy these trails!

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