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Whitefish, Montana is an outdoor destination town famous for its incredible views, amazing hiking trails, and proximity to Glacier National Park. Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, this fun and eclectic mountain town has the ideal mixture of serenity and fun things to do — you can camp in the national park and get some much-needed peace and quiet, or you can wander around the quaint town and visit the different distilleries, wineries, pubs, and bars.  There are many fun things to do in Whitefish.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do for your interests — you can definitely find something to do here in Whitefish, Montana! There are so many reasons to look for accommodations in Whitefish, it is hard to narrow them down. But here are our top five to really convince you that this is the place to be!  

Things to do in Whitefish

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and dining options in Whitefish, Montana. Known for having fresh food, distilleries, bars, wineries, and cafes for breakfast in the morning, we are sure that you will find something you absolutely LOVE to eat. Whether you are in the mood for hearty American pancakes at a nearby diner, or you would rather try some fresh shrimp tacos at the nearby Mexican restaurants, Whitefish has it all.  

We recommend checking out Abruzzo Italian Kitchen in Whitefish Downtown Suites for a nice Italian dinner, Ciao Mambo for down-home Italian cooking, Last Chair Kitchen and Bar for some great drinks, Buffalo Cafe for traditional American food, or Cafe Kandahar for Indian delicacies. There are endless dining options here in Whitefish, so you can even try a new restaurant every day of your holiday! 

Huckleberry Day Arts Festival 

There are many festivals held in Whitefish all year round. One of the best events is the Huckleberry Days Arts Festival offers local artists, food vendors, and a bake-off. Other reasons to come to Whitefish are the numerous festivals and annual events, like the Whitefish Trail Hootenanny, Whitefish Arts Festival, and Whitefish Winter Carnival.  

Great Northern Brewing Company 

The Great Northern Brewing Company in Whitefish is a 15,000-square-foot massive building and can hold up to 8,000 barrels. This brewery now contains The Draught House, a tasting room that offers one of the local liquors and strong drinks produced by this infamous brewing company. Come here to try one of the best Great Northern beers!  

Glacier National Park 

The fourth reason this town is a must-visit during your holiday is due to Glacier National Park. This is typically the biggest draw to Whitefish, since this incredible national park has some of the best views in the entire United States — and the entire world! Featuring incredible peaks, hundreds of miles of trails, backpacking routes, campgrounds, and cycling trails, all outdoors people will LOVE the serenity, bright blue waters, drastic peaks, and forests in this national park.  

Whitefish Mountain Resort 

The last reason that this cool town is a must-visit during the winter season is due to the skiing and snowboarding mountain, Whitefish Mountain Resort. This well-manicured resort is home to various slopes, ranging from the easy green slopes to tough Black Diamond runs. We love this resort for its views, restaurants, apres-ski cafes, and variety of trails.  

Whitefish, Montana is one of the best places to head if you are into outdoor sports, adventures, views, nature, and serenity. So, where should you stay during your upcoming holiday? Although There are many options to choose from, sometimes they can get booked before you plan your holiday. What now?  

If you feel stuck, put your faith in the hands of a reputable, trustworthy property rental company. Forget browsing online through search engines for hours and hours, only to find an overcrowded hotel room on the outskirts of Whitefish. Instead, use I Love Whitefish to find a spacious, modern, and luxurious home, apartment, or condominium that can fit all of your party with ease.  

Accommodations in Whitefish, MT 

Whether you need a 5-bedroom mansion on the edge of the mountain by the ski resort, or you would rather have a small cabin on the lake, we can do it all. Plus, our staff is there to make sure you have the best experience possible! Use I Love Whitefish to have a stress-free and fun vacation in this beautiful town — we can guarantee it will be one you will never forget! 

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