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The clacking of a train pulling into town is not only reminiscent of a bygone era, but also a popular way to still travel across the country today. Traveling by train allows you to slow down time and take in all the scenery you would miss if you were in a plane. If you plan to travel by train to Whitefish, MT, you’ll be arriving in the historic Whitefish Depot.

Travel by Train to Montana with Whitefish Depot

Whitefish Depot is situated on the northern edge of Whitefish near Whitefish Lake. In fact, visitors to Whitefish Lake comment on the nostalgic sound of trains pulling through as a memorable part of their experience. Amtrak’s Empire Builder passes through Whitefish Depot on its stunning route that leads from Chicago to Seattle along major portions of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Whether you arrive in Whitefish via train and Whitefish Depot is your very first experience in this charming town, or you arrive by other means and simply stop in Whitefish Depot to have a look around, the Whitefish Depot is worth a stop.

Built in 1928, the architecture of Whitefish Depot is an alpine style that sports horizontal wood siding on the bottom with distinct timbering at the top. After deterioration and briefly being vacated in the 1980s, ownership was transferred to The Stumptown Historical Society for restoration. This structure is now part of the National Register of Historic Places for both its historic significance to Whitefish as well as its role in this region’s storied railroading past.

Two daily Amtrak trains roll in and out of this station daily, as well as numerous freight trains. However, train buffs or travelers who want to explore a bit of Whitefish history can stop in the Whitefish Depot whether or not you’ll be traveling by train. The upper level contains a small museum operated by The Stumptown Historical Society that is free admission. The museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-4pm and offers displays about locally relevant history as well as historic information on the railroad.

Paved paths leading from Whitefish Depot lead to City Beach along the southern tip of Whitefish Lake. Enjoy the walk from the depot to the lake or head south on the paths that follow along the banks of the Whitefish River.

Stay Awhile in Whitefish

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