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If you are headed to Whitefish, Montana, for a family vacation during the summer months, don’t worry – your kids won’t be sitting inside all day, bored on the couch, and watching TV! Instead, there are tons of things to do here, both inside and outside, during your stay. It doesn’t matter if you are here for one week or one month — you and your family will never run out of things to do. With the incredible abundance of nature here in Whitefish, MT, you can take your kids on nature walks, enjoy long days in the summer sunshine, and go out on the water. During a rare rainy day or cold spell, you can spend some time inside, learning through education museums, going to restaurants, visiting cultural attractions, or going shopping. With an endless number of things to do for children of all ages, families will find that Whitefish is soon becoming the go-to vacation spot all year round — so make sure you head here before tourists find out about the countless Whitefish family activities!

Whitefish City Beach

Located just a few minutes’ walk from the downtown area of Whitefish, this picturesque outdoor area is the perfect half-day escape on a hot summer day. If it is just TOO hot to do anything else, like hiking or biking with your kids, head to the city beach to cool off, lay in the sand, and build sandcastles with your kids. You can even teach your kids how to swim!

Flathead National Forest

Want to break a sweat, feel good about yourself, and check out the natural wildlife? Take your kids to Flathead National Forest to check out some of the local flora and fauna while you are here. You can even read the pictures and designs to tell your children about the local area, the birds and animals who live here, and the plants that naturally grow in the ecosystem.

Whitefish Lake State Park

Another great place to walk a few miles and spend some time out of the inside of your accommodation home is the Whitefish Lake State Park. You can head here and take an easy beginner trail with your kids to introduce them to hiking!

Tally Lake Campground

Head here for an overnight trip to get a feel for what it’s like to go hiking, sleep outside in nature, and de-plug from the internet! You can bring your kids and teach them how to set up a tent, how to cook with a gas burner stove, and how to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without needing to be looking at a screen or iPad the entire time.

Rock Climb Montana

Get in some good exercise and teach your kids a new sport at rock Climb Montana! You can do both indoor and outdoor routes with professionals who will put your mind at ease. This is a great way to be active and enjoy moving your body during your holiday. This way, you won’t feel guilty about the extra slice of cake you had last night at dinner!

Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag

We love this activity for kids who have a lot of energy to burn if it is a warm summer day, but you simply don’t feel like talking, hiking, or doing watersports, then going to outdoor laser tag can be a fun way for your kids to get in some exercise and for you to watch them enjoying themselves. Plus, they can even make friends their own age who live in the same area for the summertime!

Whitefish Family Activities: Watersports

No trip to Whitefish is complete without watersports! Fortunately, almost all water sports are family-friendly! You can teach your kids how to kayak with a professional instructor. Or, you can sit in the canoe with your children and teach them how to use an oar. If they would like to try something a little more daring, you can take your older children on a jet ski to go at a higher speed. Lastly, families can enjoy paddleboarding or stand-up paddleboarding to work their muscles, bond as a family, and try a new activity together!

Accommodations in Whitefish, Montana

Families who are heading to Whitefish, Montana, need to have a place to stay that can give everyone their own space! Those who have young children can find accommodation options that have bunk bedrooms, making it fun for kids to sleep in the same room and hang out in the evenings. Families can also find larger cabins and luxurious houses that offer private bedrooms for older teenagers who need their own space.

Whatever you and your family needs, I Love Whitefish is there to make it happen for you. With around-the-clock service, comfortable homes, modern amenities, and spacious houses, these accommodation options in Whitefish are the perfect place to stay for large families!

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