Looking to make your Fourth of July unforgettable? Whitefish, Montana is a hidden gem that offers a blend of natural beauty, festive activities and a warm community atmosphere. Nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains, Whitefish promises an Independence Day celebration that combines traditional festivities with unique local experiences. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an arts lover or just looking for a relaxing getaway, Whitefish has something special in store for you.

July 4th Fireworks on Whitefish Lake

One of the highlights of celebrating the Fourth of July in Whitefish is the spectacular fireworks display on Whitefish Lake. It’s a tradition that brings the entire community together for a night of awe and wonder. Picture this: you’re seated on the sandy shores of the lake, the sky gradually darkens, and anticipation builds as families, friends, and visitors gather. When the first firework lights up the sky, it’s pure magic.

The reflection of the vibrant colors on the lake’s surface creates a mesmerizing spectacle. The show lasts for about 30 minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Host a Fourth of July Lunch

Looking for a more intimate way to celebrate the Fourth of July in Whitefish? Consider hosting a lunch at your vacation rental. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones while taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Start by setting up an outdoor picnic area complete with patriotic decorations and traditional red, white, and blue tableware.

For food, you can opt for classic American dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled corn on the cob. Serve refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea to beat the summer heat. Don’t forget to include some Fourth of July themed snacks like watermelon slices, blueberry pie or flag-shaped cookies.

To keep the celebration going, plan some fun games for everyone to enjoy. You can have a water balloon toss, a three-legged race or a cornhole tournament. These activities will not only entertain your guests but also create fond memories of this special day.

Go Hiking

For those who love the great outdoors, Whitefish is a paradise of hiking trails that cater to all levels of experience. July is the perfect time to explore these trails, as the weather is typically warm and the scenery is lush and green. Trails like the Whitefish Trail offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. For early risers, a morning hike to the summit of Big Mountain provides a panoramic view of the sunrise over Glacier National Park. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as you’ll want to capture the breathtaking vistas and maybe even spot some local wildlife.

Go Fishing

Whitefish is also a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The pristine waters of Whitefish Lake and nearby rivers are teeming with fish, making it an ideal spot for both amateur and experienced anglers. Spend a day casting lines under the clear Montana sky, and you might reel in a variety of catches, from trout to northern pike. Local guides are available to enhance your fishing experience, offering tips and insider knowledge on the best spots and techniques. Fishing in Whitefish isn’t just about the catch; it’s about the tranquility and connection with nature.

Whitefish Arts Festival

Extend your Fourth of July celebration by attending the Whitefish Arts Festival from July 5th to 7th. This annual event showcases the incredible talent of local and regional artists, featuring everything from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and crafts. Stroll through the festival grounds, listen to live music, and maybe even find a unique piece of art to take home. The festival is a testament to Whitefish’s vibrant arts community and offers a great way to spend the days following Independence Day.

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There’s no better place to celebrate the Fourth of July than Whitefish, Montana. With its stunning natural beauty, festive community events, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, it’s a destination that promises a memorable holiday. Don’t wait any longer – book your Fourth of July celebration in Whitefish, Montana today and experience the magic for yourself!

Whitefish, Montana, boasts not only breathtaking scenery but also lively farmers markets that are a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. These markets offer a glimpse into the heart of the community, showcasing the best of local produce, crafts and food. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, exploring the markets of Whitefish is an experience you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market

Every Tuesday evening, from late spring to early fall, the Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market transforms the North end of Central Avenue into a bustling hub of activity. Local farmers and artisans gather to display their goods, offering everything from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and savory treats. With live music adding to the ambiance, it’s the perfect place to soak up the vibrant atmosphere and support local businesses. Stroll through the market, chatting with vendors and sampling the diverse array of products. Whether you’re searching for the perfect ingredients for a home-cooked meal or looking for unique souvenirs to take home, you’ll find it all at the Whitefish Downtown Farmers Market.

Kalispell Farmers Market

A short drive from Whitefish, the Kalispell Farmers Market exudes a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Here, visitors can browse various products directly from the producers, including farm-fresh produce, homemade baked goods and unique handmade crafts. It’s a chance to connect with the people behind the products and experience the authentic flavors and culture of the region. Wander through the market stalls, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of local Montana life. Whether you’re picking up ingredients for a picnic in Glacier National Park or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon of browsing, the Kalispell Farmers Market offers something for everyone.

Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market

Discover a treasure trove of antiques, collectibles and unique finds at the Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market. Open seasonally, this bustling market offers a diverse array of vendors selling everything from vintage furniture to handmade crafts. Located amidst the stunning scenery of Bigfork, Montana, it’s the perfect place to spend a day exploring the aisles of vendors and uncovering hidden gems. Whether you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or simply enjoying the atmosphere, the Bigfork Outdoor Flea Market promises an unforgettable experience.

Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market

Nestled near the shores of Flathead Lake, the Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market offers a unique shopping experience against a backdrop of natural beauty. Browse through rows of vendors selling antiques, artwork and handmade crafts, soaking in the laid-back atmosphere of this lakeside market. From vintage treasures to local souvenirs, there’s something for everyone to discover at the Polson Flathead Lake Flea Market. Spend a day exploring the stalls, chatting with vendors and enjoying the scenic views of Flathead Lake.

Antique Shopping

If you’ve scoured the local flea markets and farmers’ markets in Whitefish without finding exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Venture into one of the town’s charming antique stores, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of vintage finds waiting to be taken home. From antique furniture to unique collectibles, these shops offer a curated selection of one-of-a-kind items that add character and charm to any home. Take a stroll through the aisles, and you may just stumble upon that perfect piece to complete your collection or add a touch of nostalgia to your space.

Vacation Rentals in Whitefish

Discover the ultimate property for your Whitefish adventure with our diverse selection of vacation rentals tailored to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a lakeside escape, a cozy cabin with stunning mountain vistas or a charming holiday home in town, we have the perfect lodging option for you.

Experience the convenience of fully equipped kitchens in our rentals, allowing you to prepare delicious meals using fresh ingredients sourced from the local farmers’ markets. After a day of exploring the vibrant community and natural beauty of Whitefish, relax in the comfortable living areas furnished with everything you need for a cozy stay. From soft linens to well-maintained bathrooms, our rentals offer all the comforts of home.

Select vacation rentals are pet-friendly for those traveling with pets, ensuring that every member of the family can join in on the fun. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a trip with friends, our vacation rentals provide the perfect setting for a memorable stay in Whitefish.

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Experience the charm and hospitality of Whitefish, Montana, through its vibrant farmers markets and flea markets. Explore the local flavors, discover unique treasures and support the community while enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Rocky Mountains. And when it’s time to unwind, retreat to one of our comfortable vacation rentals, where relaxation and adventure await. Book your stay today and experience a memorable journey through the heart of Whitefish. Contact us today!


Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana, the inaugural Flathead Trails Fair is gearing up to offer an unforgettable day for festival-goers, vacationers and visitors from near and far. Scheduled for Sunday, May 19th, from 3-6 p.m. at the picturesque Haskill Creek Farms, this event promises to be more than just a festival—it’s a celebration of the great outdoors, the community and the adventurous spirit that thrives in the Flathead Valley.

Celebrate with the Flathead Trails Association

The Flathead Trails Association (FTA) was established in 2019 with a mission to preserve and advance trails and paths across the Flathead Valley. This passionate organization supports trail stewardship for a variety of users, including hikers, mountain bikers, nordic skiers, motorized enthusiasts, equestrians, adaptive recreation participants, trail runners, and dog walkers. The FTA stands at the forefront of connecting communities with the natural beauty surrounding them, fostering a deep appreciation and respect for the environment.

The Flathead Trails Fair is a milestone for the FTA and the communities it serves. This event aims to introduce the public to the FTA’s efforts and celebrate the collective achievements in trail conservation and recreation. With over 30 non-profit and land agency partners participating, attendees will have the chance to meet the dedicated network of trail planners, builders, fixers, and educators who enrich the Flathead Valley.

What to Bring to the Fair

To make the most out of your Flathead Trails Fair experience, come prepared to engage, learn and have fun. Bring your family, including kids and leashed dogs, as well as your favorite outdoor gear like skis and bikes. The fair is set to offer a range of activities, from high-fiving Smokey the Bear to practicing bear spray use with test canisters. There will also be opportunities to sign up for raffle prizes and try your hand at using a cross-cut saw. It’s a day to celebrate the outdoors, so come ready to immerse yourself in all things trail-related.

As with any outdoor event, it’s important to come prepared for the elements. Be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle or purchasing one at the fair. And don’t forget comfortable walking shoes, as there will be plenty of opportunities to explore and discover new trails.

Prepare for the Weather

May in Whitefish, MT typically brings mild and pleasant weather, perfect for an outdoor festival. Average temperatures hover around the mid-60s, providing a comfortable atmosphere for exploring all that the Flathead Trails Fair has to offer. However, as any seasoned Montana visitor knows, it’s always wise to prepare for the unexpected. Check the forecast before heading out and consider packing layers to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the event.

Explore the Surrounding Area

While you’re in town for the Flathead Trails Fair, why not take advantage of all the other activities and attractions that Whitefish and the surrounding area have to offer? Take a scenic drive through Glacier National Park, go whitewater rafting on the Flathead River or take a hike through one of the many stunning trails nearby. And don’t forget to sample some of the local cuisine and craft beers at one of the many restaurants and breweries in town.

Where to Stay in Whitefish

For those traveling to Whitefish for the fair, securing the perfect accommodation is key to a memorable trip. At I Love Whitefish, we offer a wide variety of stunning vacation rentals to fit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re in search of a cozy nook for two or a sprawling mountain home for the whole family, our local team is dedicated to finding you the dream vacation rental. Our commitment doesn’t end at booking; the I Love Whitefish concierge staff is eager to share insider knowledge to enhance your stay. From outdoor adventures to dining recommendations, we’re here to ensure your visit is everything you’ve imagined and more.

Book Your Stay and Join the Celebration

The inaugural Flathead Trails Fair is a testament to the vibrant community and the shared love for the great outdoors in the Flathead Valley. Whether you’re a seasoned trail enthusiast or new to the wonders of outdoor recreation, this fair offers something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with nature, the community and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. And remember, the best way to complete your Flathead Trails Fair experience is by securing your stay with I Love Whitefish. Our exceptional vacation rentals and local expertise promise to make your visit truly unforgettable. Book your stay today!

Travelers who can’t wait to get out of town and explore a new destination that’s equal parts scenic and exciting will find it waiting for them in Whitefish, Montana. This welcoming and endlessly beautiful mountain town is a place on the map that has a tantalizing collection of trails, peaks, lakes, and in-town fun just waiting to be discovered. In Whitefish, Montana, there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re looking to kick back and savor the views, or you can’t wait to get out and enjoy as much adventure as possible each day you’re here.

Whitefish is located just 26 miles from Glacier National Park’s west entrance and no matter what season you arrive, you’ll find a long list of activities to boost your itinerary. When the fresh powder falls, Whitefish becomes a mecca of opportunity for downhill enthusiasts who are excited to hit the ski slopes in style. In fact, National Geographic has named Whitefish one of the “Top 25 Ski Towns in the World” for this very reason! In the warmer weather months of the year, Whitefish’s location on the shores of Whitefish Lake and the base of Big Mountain makes it the perfect place for on-the-water fun, wildlife watching, and hiking gorgeous trails. When cravings come calling, downtown Whitefish is a charming place to explore local cafes followed up by time browsing one-of-a-kind shops.

With so much to do in town and out in nature, it’s no wonder that visitors often find their first time in Whitefish becomes one of many trips this way in the name of fun. When you can’t wait to experience this stunning destination for yourself, the following is your ultimate guide to sightseeing in Whitefish, Montana to make the most of every moment you’re here.

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Getting to Whitefish, Montana Is a Breeze

No matter where your point of origin might be, getting to Whitefish is a breeze. When you’re planning on flying in to enjoy the best sightseeing possible, you’ll want to make plans to land at Glacier Airport in Kalispell. Once you arrive, there are plenty of rental car options on-site and Whitefish can be reached in less than an hour following Route 93. While Montana is a vast state, the highway system is concise, and you won’t have any problems following this well-marked route into town. If you would like to extend your sightseeing to include even more scenic landscapes along the way, you can always choose to fly into Spokane, Washington, and rent a vehicle here instead. You’ll want to plan on a 4- to 5-hour drive from Spokane to Whitefish depending on the weather but the reward for your added drive time comes in the form of breathtaking views. It’s good to note that Amtrak’s Empire Builder also stops daily in Whitefish so if you prefer to take the train, this is an option as well.

Visit Glacier National Park in Whitefish, MT

Getting Around Once You Arrive

Many visitors setting out on a sightseeing journey to Whitefish wonder if they’ll need a vehicle while they’re in town and the answer is a resounding yes. Whitefish hosts just one taxi company alongside a limited public bus route known as Eagle Transit, so if you have plans to explore beyond the downtown area exclusively, you’re going to want to have your own wheels to get around. This is especially true if your trip includes time at nearby places like Glacier National Park, Swan Lake, the Kootenai Forest, or Flathead Lake to name a few of many. There are certainly park shuttles you can take upon arrival at Glacier National Park and in the wintertime, Whitefish Mountain Snow Bus takes passengers from downtown to mountain summits daily. However, if you want to have control over your schedule and sightseeing plans with room to be flexible when inspiration strikes, having a rental car booked for the duration of your stay is a must.

Seasonal Weather Expectations for Sightseeing

In all fairness, there’s no bad time of year to head to Whitefish in the name of vacation and sightseeing fun. However, having an idea of the weather expectations in each season can help you customize your adventure according to the activities you’re most looking forward to enjoying. Whether you’re here on your own, as a couple on a romantic escape, or in the company of family and friends, you’ll find every season has its charms. If you’re inclined to head out and explore when the snow begins to fall and temperatures drop, you’ll find ample reasons to make your way to Whitefish in the winter. Whitefish typically sees its first snowflakes in late November when temperatures fluctuate between 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 20 below zero at night. While the valley is often overcast in the winter, those who make their way to mountain summits to ski will typically catch glimpses of sunnier skies overhead. On average, you can expect about 20 feet of snow each year in Whitefish meaning you’ll want to pack your best winter gear, and you can definitely count on great slopes waiting to be enjoyed.

By spring, rain makes its way into Whitefish and encourages an impressive collection of wildflower blooms across the landscape. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll want to grab your raincoat and your camera for a sightseeing getaway here in this season which is wet, but colorful. Temperatures can fluctuate between 40 degrees and 70 degrees in the daytime giving you options to pair indoor and outdoor activities. If you happen to be a thrill seeker, the deluge of spring rain means there are also options to book a heart pounding wild water rafting experience when you’re in town.

When summer rolls around, every opportunity to get out and explore is right at your fingertips. Summer is a popular season for visiting Whitefish thanks to ample sunshine and warm weather. By mid-summer, you can count on temperatures making their way up into the 90s and very little humidity thanks to the town’s northwest location in the state.

Fall is a mild and inviting time of year to explore mountain peaks, take to the trails, and enjoy changing seasonal colors. After Labor Day, daytime temperatures linger in the mid-60s and 70s making for a wonderfully pleasant experience as long as you’ve packed layers. Some of the top peak trails to check out in the fall include the Lion Mountain Trail, Whitefish Valley Lookout, and the National Recreation Trail. It’s also a fantastic season for bird watching, so don’t forget your binoculars as you explore.

Go kayaking in Whitefish, Montana

Warm-Weather Sightseeing Activities

It’s hard to imagine a warm-weather getaway to Whitefish with sightseeing as a priority that doesn’t include quality time at Whitefish Lake. There’s nothing more refreshing than an afternoon of kayaking or paddleboarding on the water while those who are looking to pick up the pace are more than welcome to rent boats and jet skis at the Whitefish Marina. Whitefish City Beach is another great stop when you’re up for a day on the sand. This fun and family-friendly destination is located just a mile from downtown and comes with free public access included.

You’ll also want to make time on the itinerary for a day enjoyed at stunning Glacier National Park. Just 26 miles from town, you can enjoy a day of hiking, wildlife watching, and learning more about the amazing landscapes that await. Glacier National Park sprawls over 1 million acres of terrain so there’s no way to see everything at once, but it’s a destination that will inspire you to return to discover more! When you’re here, you’ll be in a place that hosts more than 1,000 species of plants, hundreds of species of wildlife, and more than 130 lakes. This park is nicknamed “Crown of the Continent” for a reason, and many would understandably point to the 25 glaciers on-site. Sun Road is a must if you’re looking for gorgeous views while hiking and you’ll want to keep your eyes open along the way for views of marmots, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats.

On Tuesday evenings in the summertime, stick around downtown to browse the Whitefish Farmer’s Market alongside family and friends. This market is hosted at the north end of Central Avenue and is a one-stop resource for fresh produce, flowers, handcrafted goods and beyond. The inclusion of live music and food trucks makes the experience even more inviting.

Yet another way to enjoy spectacular sightseeing in Whitefish in the summer is to book your place on a trail ride. Over at Bar W Guest Ranch, you can enjoy taking part in savoring the sights in the saddle between May and November. Trail rides take you through meadows and woodlands alongside a knowledgeable guide who can offer up history and insight into the area along the way. If you’re looking for more to add to your must-try list in summer, make sure your trip to Whitefish also includes rock climbing and golf!

Cold Weather Fun

While the lush terrain that adorns Whitefish in the summer is always a treat, there’s something just as revitalizing about the glittering snow-covered terrain you find here in the winter. Whitefish’s location in the heart of the Rockies means you can count on Alpine charm paired with pristine wilderness to explore. One of the best places to start is Whitefish Mountain which is a family-friendly ski area where you can enjoy access to slopes fit for all skill levels, on-site lessons, tubing, and winter hiking options as well. There’s an alpine slide to check out when you’re looking for something everyone in your traveling crew will love and you can’t go wrong with a gondola ride that offers up a bird’s eye view over the frozen landscapes including Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park in the distance. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing area also great ways to enjoy winter sightseeing in Whitefish thanks to miles of meticulously groomed trails to check out. For those who love to cycle their way through a stay and don’t want to give up on the fun just because winter is in full swing, renting a fat tire bike through Glacier Cyclery & Nordic is always the right choice. For sightseeing at a faster clip, consider spending at least one day making the most of a snowmobiling adventure through the Flathead Valley’s alpine forests. If you’re more comfortable exploring as part of a tour group, you can book your place through Swan Mountain Snowmobiling.

Discover hiking trails in Whitefish, MT

Sightseeing Tours to Try

Beyond snowmobiling, tours of all types are available to participate in when you head to Whitefish and want to maximize your sightseeing fun. If you love hiking but want to learn more about your surroundings along the way, booking a guided hike is a great option. The Avalanche Lake guided day hike offered at Glacier National Park comes with an expert guide, transportation to the meeting point, and insight into wildlife and geology as you trek. Biking tours are offered locally through Adventure Cycling and Whitefish Outfitters while guided climbing adventures can be enjoyed alongside the professionals at The Mountain Guides. Red Bus Tours through Glacier National Park are also readily available with vehicles able to host up to 16 people at a time.

Eateries to Enjoy in Town

After all of that fantastic sightseeing, there’s a good chance you’ll have an appetite to attend to. Feel free to do some culinary sightseeing in Whitefish with a stop at Jersey Boys Pizzeria. Located at 550 E. 1st Street, this delicious destination in town is the perfect place to pick up a New York slice right in the heart of Montana. Over at Montana Coffee Traders downtown, you can fuel up with a caffeine fix whenever it’s needed most. They also have several locations around the Flathead Valley. If you’re in the mood for French fare, make your way to 103 Central Avenue and enjoy a bite at the Fleur Bake Shop. This welcoming destination is designed to feel like a European café and the combination of French-style pastries, small plates, and artisan breads will have you enjoying palate-pleasing moments in no time. For a sit-down dinner that’s elegant and comes with a great view, be sure to set aside time to enjoy a meal at the Boat Club Restaurant. Located at 1380 Wisconsin Avenue, this stop offers up lake views, hosts patio dining, and has live music on the lineup at least three nights a week.

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No matter when your travel plans bring you to Whitefish, the team at I Love Whitefish has the vacation rentals in Whitefish you need to top off your stay in luxury and style. Reach out today to learn more and to start planning your next trip to Montana.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Whitefish, Montana, is a picturesque town surrounded by stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or tranquil relaxation, Whitefish has something for everyone to enjoy during a summer getaway. Explore the top things to do on your Whitefish summer vacation and why it’s the perfect destination for your next getaway!

Whitefish is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with miles of scenic trails that wind through lush forests, alongside sparkling lakes, and up to breathtaking mountain peaks. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the beauty of Glacier National Park, where you’ll find trails for all skill levels, including the iconic Highline Trail and the challenging Grinnell Glacier Trail. For a more leisurely hike, head to Whitefish Mountain Resort and take the Chairlift to the Summit Trail, where panoramic views of the valley await.

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Bike Riding

Take to the trails and explore Whitefish on two wheels, with a variety of biking options for riders of all levels. From exhilarating mountain biking trails to scenic paved paths, Whitefish offers a diverse array of biking experiences. Rent a bike and cruise along the Whitefish River Trail, which meanders through town and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. For more adventurous riders, tackle the challenging singletrack trails at Spencer Mountain or The Whitefish Trail, where you can test your skills on technical terrain and enjoy the thrill of downhill descents.


Enjoy a day of shopping in downtown Whitefish, where you’ll find charming boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops lining the streets. Browse through unique gifts, handmade crafts, and locally made products, and discover one-of-a-kind treasures to take home as souvenirs. Don’t miss the Whitefish Farmers Market, held weekly during the summer months, where you can sample local produce, artisanal foods, and handmade goods from Montana vendors.

Spa Days

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at one of Whitefish’s luxurious spas. Unwind with a massage, facial, or body treatment, and pamper yourself with indulgent spa services that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. From holistic healing therapies to traditional spa treatments, Whitefish offers a variety of options to suit your wellness needs.


Savor the flavors of Montana at Whitefish’s eclectic array of restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Start your day with a hearty breakfast at one of the town’s cozy cafes, where you can enjoy farm-fresh eggs, fluffy pancakes, and gourmet coffee. For lunch, sample locally sourced ingredients and creative cuisine at one of Whitefish’s farm-to-table restaurants, or indulge in classic comfort foods at a rustic tavern. In the evening, dine al fresco at a waterfront restaurant and watch the sunset over Whitefish Lake, while enjoying fresh seafood, grilled steaks, and fine wines.


xplore Whitefish’s thriving craft beer scene and sample locally brewed beers at the town’s breweries and taprooms. Start your brewery tour at Great Northern Brewing Company, where you can enjoy a flight of handcrafted ales and lagers in a laid-back atmosphere. Next, head to Bonsai Brewing Project, a small-batch brewery known for its innovative beer recipes and cozy tasting room. For a taste of Montana’s brewing heritage, visit Backslope Brewing, housed in a historic railroad depot and offering a rotating selection of seasonal brews.

Live Music

Experience the vibrant music scene of Whitefish and enjoy live performances by local musicians and touring bands. Check out the lineup at the Whitefish Performing Arts Center, where you’ll find concerts, theater productions, and community events throughout the summer months. For a more intimate setting, head to the Great Northern Bar & Grill, a beloved local hangout featuring live music performances and a lively atmosphere. Whether you’re into rock, folk, country, or blues, Whitefish offers plenty of opportunities to groove to the beat and enjoy the sounds of summer.

Why Book a Vacation Rental with Us

At I Love Whitefish, we specialize in providing travelers with a wide selection of vacation rentals in Whitefish and the surrounding areas. From cozy cabins to spacious mountain homes, we have the perfect property to suit your needs and budget. Our vacation rentals offer amenities that promise comfort and style, including fully equipped kitchens, private hot tubs, and scenic mountain views. Whether you’re planning a romantic retreat, a family vacation, or a reunion with friends, we have a property for you.

Book Your Whitefish Vacation Rental

With its stunning natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and small-town charm, Whitefish, Montana, offers the perfect escape for your next summer vacation. Book your vacation rental today and discover why Whitefish is the ultimate destination for adventure and relaxation. Contact us now to find the perfect accommodations for your trip to Whitefish!


Springtime in Whitefish is one of our favorite times of the year. If you agree, you’re probably planning a vacation to the area! Below, we’ve put together a guide filled with the best things to do in Whitefish, MT in spring to help you have the perfect Spring vacation in Whitefish.

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A hiking trail and a family

Hit the Trails!

There are tons of hiking trails in Whitefish that we think are perfect for spring. Not only can you avoid the heat of the summer months, and the crowds of people who flock to the most popular waterfalls and green forests, but you can break a sweat, burn some calories, and feel good about being active and healthy on vacation!

For those who want to start with an easy path with their kids or older adults who are not super keen on fitness, the Lion Mountain Trail is an easy way to start that provides a huge bang for your buck. You’ll be transported into the wilderness on this easy path that gives far-reaching views and immersion into the incredible pine forests.

Now that you are more comfortable with hiking, you can do a more moderate hike that will take a little longer. Try the Beaver Lake Loop. This fitness-inducing hike will get your heart pounding higher and take you to a higher elevation to get the best views around. Plus, you can take a detour to Beaver Lake to cool off once it gets hotter in the middle of the day.

Next, Danny on the National Recreation Trail is one of the most popular long-distance paths in Whitefish that will take you multiple hours, perfect for a cool spring day that breaks to some sunshine later in the day. Begin in the village and walk nearly 4 miles out to the end of the path, soaking in wildflower views, steep inclines, and lush greenery. Then, retrace your steps for a full 8 miles!

Head Out on the Mountain Bike Trails

Even if you are not a confident mountain biker yet, you will love the trail network here in Whitefish that provides beginners, intermediate riders, and advanced bikers with everything they could possibly want. The joy of mountain biking is going fast down dirt-laden paths as you gaze out over the incredible forest floor, wildflower meadows, and gravel trails—your heart will be racing!

Adrenaline junkies will love learning how to control their bike, whizz around the rocks, and safely guide themselves down the mountain. Make sure you wear a helmet and keep an eye out for hikers as you glide down the path to keep everyone happy and safe. If you need a bit of guidance, you can always hire a teacher or go to a pro-mountain biking spot to get a ‘crash’ course on how to ride your bike!

Whitefish Mountain Resort is one of the best spots to take your tread-heavy bike, featuring over 25 miles of cross-country mountain bike trails. One of the main reasons why people love Whitefish for mountain biking is the ‘flow’ that you get with the paths. Paths connect to one another, offering mountain bike riders the chance to connect between rivers, valleys, meadows, and forests.

And you will always have combinations and paths to take on your bike. The bike park offers nearly 2,400 feet of vertical drop, two lifts for you to use, 25+ miles of trails, 9 miles of cross-country and hiking trails, and even features more than ten difficult trails for expert riders.

Plan a brewery tour in Whitefish

Take a Brewery Tour

You can create your own brewery tour or have a company put it together for you. But no matter which one you choose, breweries are some of the best ways to find the best pour of beer, explore the countryside, learn more about the brewing process, and have a few drinks with your mates in the process. After all, you are on vacation!

We recommend going to Bonsai Brewing Project, one of the most popular breweries in the entire state. Bonsai Brewing is right in the heart of Whitish, MT, and offers a great spot for locals and tourists alike to come, hang out, sip on a beer, and learn more about the intense brewing process that creates favorites like KOLd cruSCH (a Kolsch style beer), Lil Blond Honey, Get It Together, and D’Haisy Age.

For food, we love the healthy vibe of the snacks here. You can get hummus and pita with pickled veggies, chips and salsa, or pasta salad with red pepper aioli and arugula to split with the table. If you want a hearty bowl, the burrito bowl or poke bowl with raw sushi-grade Ahi, ginger dressing, green onions, and fresh veggies pairs well with a light beer on a spring day.

Next, you can’t go to Whitefish without checking out Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company.  ‘JJ’ Brewing calls themselves a no-nonsense brewery that churns out tasty IPAs, hefty stouts, and much more. They pride themselves on being a good neighbor, being a part of the community, and doing their best.

Jeremiah Johnson has tons of favorites that people love having in-store and also to purchase as packs to bring home. The Mountain Man Scotch Ale is great for a cold day, whereas the Hazy Pale Ale is perfect for a warmer spring day after a long hike. We also love Blonde Ale for an all-day drinking festivity, whereas the Citra IPA is perfect for fruit lovers who want to drink beer.

And if you want to make a full afternoon out of your trip to this brewery, you can order some food, share appetizers, and enjoy a few pints with your friends. We recommend ordering the beer queso, which is made with JJ blonde ale, cotija cheese, and smoked chorizo. For another starter, the tasty falafel bites or Bavarian pretzel with creamy and melted cheese, mustard, and honey butter can’t be beaten.

Lady of the Lake Boat Cruise

Another fun thing to do on a cool spring evening is to take a sunset cruise on Whitefish Lake. There is no better way to admire the beauty of the lake and see the land from a different perspective than to head out on a sunset cruise with your partner, friends, or family. Contact us to plan your trip for you. This reputable company offers a 1.5-hour cruise, captain, beautiful scenery, beverages, and champagne.

One of the most popular boat tours is the Lady of the Lake Boat Cruise, located on the eastern shore of Whitefish Lake. You can easily get here by foot, bike, or car, less than 1.5 miles away from Wisconsin Avenue. We recommend having dinner at the Boat Club Lodge after your adventure tour on the water.

Order the boat club chips, steamed mussels with apple-wood smoked bacon, and pan-seared beef tenderloin tips with mixed greens and warm camembert cheese to split the table. This healthy and tasty dinner is the perfect way to end a fun spring day.

Enjoy golfing in Whitefish, MT


The last activity that we think is the best to do in the spring months is grabbing your clubs, dressing the part, and going golfing with your mates. No matter if you have a set of clubs that you brought with you on vacation, or you have never used a nine iron before, going golfing at one of the many golf clubs in Whitefish is a fun way to see the sights, have fun with your friends, and try something new.

If you can only go to one place to golf in Whitefish, we recommend spending a day at the Whitefish Lake Golf Club. This protein and exquisite golf club features two courses, the North Course and South Course, that you can choose between during your stay. We love the variety and the large landscape that offers incredible views of the lake, lush greenery, and dense pine forests.

For just $81 during the peak season, you can play the full 18 holes and secure your tee time. Plus, if you come to Whitefish during the early spring months, it costs just $63 for the full 18 holes—what a bargain! You can also rent a cart for $46 and clubs for $45, which is honestly a great deal for how expensive golfing can be as a hobby or sport.

If you are staying in Whitefish for an entire season, it might be the best bet to get a senior membership for just $421 for the entire season. If you play golf more than a few times, this is well worth the money! And we think that golfing in Whitefish is one of the best places to do it, featuring the manicured gardens, lake view, and convenient location right on the edge of the lake.

After you have spent a few afternoons at the Whitefish Lake Golf Club, there might be other spots you want to check out. The Iron Horse Golf Club is a fun spot to visit to avoid crowds of people, whereas the Meadow Lake Golf Resort in Columbia Falls, Northern Pines Golf Club in Kalispell, and Village Greens Golf Course in Kalispell are good for a day trip out of Whitefish.

After spending a few hours at the Whitefish Lake Golf Club, it might be time to pack in the clubs, have a drink, and chat with your mates about her game. Luckily, the club offers a restaurant right on the water that offers a lounge area and dining room for a post-game treat. Order the tuna tartare with fresh ginger, smoked trout, and Thai mussels as appetizers in the casual lounge area.


Not only are there fun activities for you to do with your friends here any time of the year, but there are spring-only events that we think are must-attend if you are coming here during the warm spring months.

Spring Brewfest

We know that you might like beer—that is why you took a brewery tour and tasted the best craft beer in the entire state. Head to the Spring Brew Fest on Saturday, March 30th, from 1 to 5 pm at Whitefish Mountain Resort to taste some of the best beer in the entire state, enjoy food from the local two food trucks, and hang out with your mates. You can celebrate over 20 breweries in Whitefish and the surrounding areas, pair a craft beer pours perfectly with tasty food, and enjoy the pristine weather. Get here any time after 1 pm and pay just $30 to get deals on drinks and tasty meals.

Live Music at the Boat Club Bar

Another fun event to check out during your spring vacay in Whitefish is going to the Boat Club Bar to listen to live music every single week. They get a great plethora of local and nation-renowned artists who can get people singing in the restaurant, up and out of their seats, and staying for hours and hours listening to the upbeat tunes.

Corn Cup Slopestyle

Are you a ski or snowboard fan? If so, make sure you grab tickets to the Corn Cup Slopestyle by Toyota at the Season Terrain Park event, which will provide you with an up-close and personal view of the best athletes in the area.

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Stay with Us at I Love Whitefish

There is so much for you to do here in Whitefish, MT, isn’t there? You can see why people flock here from all over the world to explore the great outdoors, have fun with their friends, go shopping, sip on tasty beer, and enjoy the pristine spring weather. But the real question is, where do you stay during your trip here?

We think that working with us at I Love Whitefish is the easiest, and fastest, way for you to find the ideal accommodation option for your entire group. No matter if you want a large house with a private pool, or you are more in the mood for an intimate home with one bedroom to share with your partner, we have it all.

Contact us today to get started. We do all of the hard work for you, so you can just sit back, relax, and get ready for your vacation. We are there with you every step of the way, providing you with up-to-date information, correspondence, and email notifications to keep you abreast with the status of your reservation.

Planning a visit to Whitefish, but not sure of all your options for exciting Whitefish, Montana activities? Check out this insider’s guide to Whitefish, Montana for ideas to add to your vacation itinerary!

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Enjoy skiing in Whitefish, Montana

Insider Tips for Skiing

Before you hit the slopes, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the best ski slopes, bringing the correct gear, and figuring out what to do after you whizz down a few black diamond runs to start your day.

First, we know it can be hard after a long travel day, but the best way to explore the ski slopes and the mountain is to get up early and make sure you get as much powder skiing as possible. As the day goes on, the runs turn to ice and slush, which can make it hard to get the right ‘bite’ into the snow.

Next, we recommend going to every single run in the park if your skill level allows it. Even if you are just a beginner or moderate skier, make sure you go down every suitable option to see which ones are your favorites, explore different viewpoints of the mountain, and test your skills in real-time. You will find a huge variety of slopes that we love for keeping it interesting all day long!

Plus, stay prepared with a trail map, either on your phone or a paper version in your skiing or snowboarding backpack. A trail map is a great way to stay safe in case of any emergencies that may arise, even if the weather looks sunny and prime early in the morning. You never know when a storm can come in!

Another great insider tip to remember before going to the Whitefish Mountain Resort or off-piste ski trails is to ensure you check your gear ahead of time. Ensure your gear is safe, and you have the right options for your day out on the mountain, including ski goggles, secured boots, safe bindings, remote finder beacon, and warm jackets.

Lastly, the final insider tip for skiing is to ask locals the best places to go! Websites and online tourist websites might tell you that going to XYZ is the best option, but locals know the town’s ins and outs. They know where it is busy, where you can find solitude, and the best runs for making the most out of your stay here.

We recommend checking out The Southern Section of Whitefish Mountain to access some of the lesser-known trails and hidden gems that people often flock to after being in Whitefish For more than a week or two. This section features more than half of the prime skiing on the mountain and offers views more than 2,000 feet above the ground.

Take a Day Trip to Whitefish Lake

One of the lesser-visited spots that people often forget about when coming to Whitefish is the aptly named Whitefish Lake. People think that just because it is so close, they will eventually get around to visiting it, going out on a boat, or watching the sunset—but oftentimes, they get too busy and just forget! We recommend booking a boat charter or a kayaking trip on the water to break a sweat, burn a few calories, and get great viewpoints of the nearby forests, hills, and picnic spots for an al fresco lunch with your friends.

Discover Flathead National Forest in Whitefish

Flathead National Forest

Next, you can’t come to Whiteish without a trip to the Flathead National Forest. The forest is often overlooked due to the nearby Glacier National Park, offering thousands of miles of trails and acres that feature incredible wildlife, waterfalls, and alpine meadows. But Flathead is beautiful in its own right, offering a little more solitary than you may find on a busy weekend in Glacier National Park.

Flathead National Forest offers incredible paths that we love for all-day hiking, trail running, easy walks with our family, or bikes through the lush green meadows and past the bright blue lakes. Head out on Danny on National Recreation Trail if you are interested in a multi-hour excursion that winds you through lush green meadows and pine forests.

Or we love going to Stanton Lake to enjoy gazing out over the snow-capped mountains in the distance and dipping our toes in the bright, crystal-blue water. Stanton Lake Trail is only 6 kilometers, so this is suitable for beginner and moderate hikers alike.

For those who want something a little bit easier for younger kids or older adults who are not comfortable on the uneven trails, we love going to Holland Lake and Falls. This easy path is only 5.3 kilometers and offers around 90 minutes of easy meandering through the forests, rolling hills, and bright open spaces.

Finally, for avid hikers who want to test their limits and see if their fitness is top-notch, we love climbing Mount Aeneas and Pinc Lake. Test your leg muscles on this 10-kilometer loop that winds you through the Flathead National Forest and Picnic Lake.

Have Dinner at Cafe Kandahar

One of the best spots in Whitefish that locals really say is a hidden gem is the incredible, high-end, and luxurious restaurant, Cafe Kandahar. This breathtaking restaurant offers mouthwatering food, tiny bites, and appetizers that are sure to have you coming back for more every single day.

Instead of just going out to eat to get takeaway food or sit at home and make your own meal, the Kandahar Restaurant in the Lodge is a beautiful space that offers the ideal spot for date night, a special occasion, or foodies who are interested in having some of the best combinations in the entire world.

First, you need to start with a drink! We recommend trying one of their cocktail creations, like the huckleberry margarita, filled with fresh berries and a tang of tequila, which will have you feeling good before the main course arrives. Next, we recommend ordering appetizers and starters to split with the table so that you can begin tasting the amazing concoctions that attract people from the entire state.

We recommend ordering the scallops that are cooked to perfection, offering a buttery and silky-smooth bite that will have you looking at seafood totally differently once you leave. Then, try the vegetable soup with lamb bacon crumbs on top, offering just the right amount of salty goodness and crunch. As a main dish, the grilled and healthy cod with onions on top and greens is perfect.

Making a cafe latte

Grab a Coffee at Folklore Coffee

Many people come to Whitefish and head to the Wild Coffee Company or Montana Coffee Traders to go to one of these chain stores to get a latte in the morning or a sweet treat in the afternoon. However, Folklore Coffee is the best coffee in the town and offers a more laid-back, casual, and homey vibe to getting coffee with your friends at a local cafe.

Folklore is located right in the heart of the town center, offering the perfect spot to head to with your mates after a long hike or after shopping all afternoon. We recommend ordering one of their tasty caffeinated drinks, like the perfectly roasted winter blues drink with blue tea, butterfly pea flower, lemon grass, black tea, mango, and peppermint. Yum!

Pair one of their sweet traits with an iced drink or hot coffee to start the day on the right foot, like the ricotta toast with butter and jam, sourdough cinnamon roll, pop tart, donut, pumpkin bread, meatball, gluten-free cinnamon roll, hashbrown waffle, breakfast burrito, or breakfast toast.

Head Out on the Trails with Your Mountain Bike

Many people come to Whitefish only to explore the lake, go walking on the easy paths, and explore the town center. However, the mountain biking in Whitefish and the surrounding Glacier National Park is unbeatable. There are miles and miles of trails that whizz through pine forest and open meadows that are perfect for adrenaline lovers who want to test their limits.

Don’t just bike around the town center and cruise on the flat paths—we recommend going to Glacier National Park to go on the dirt trails, rocky paths, and cruise at high speeds through the lush greenery and see the jagged peaks in the distance.

If you are in the mood for a big day out on the road, you can tackle the entire Going to the Sun Road, offering more than 30 miles of ups and downs and a whopping 3,200’ of elevation gain! Your quads will surely feel this big day out in the park — we recommend going in the spring season when the road is closed to car traffic so you can have the path to yourself with other bikers.

Or, just bike on the maintained paths in the park, like the Park Headquarters to Apgar Village on the paved trail, Fish Creek Bike Path through the campgrounds, or the old Flathead Ranger Station Trail, an unpaved and exciting path that offers something more upbeat than just cycling on a paved path on a maintained road.

If you are an avid road biker, we also love the Gateway to Glacier Trail. This 11-mile one-way course offers a great chance for distance mountain bikers to get more used to hills and going the distance in one attempt. You can do the out and back from Hungry Horse to West glacier to soak in the scenery from two viewpoints and challenge yourself!

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Stay with Us at I Love Whitefish

As you can see, there is so much for you to do in Whitefish, MT. Going off of the beaten path is a great way to see a different side of the bustling town and the breathtaking scenery that encapsulates this incredible part of the country. When you stay with us at I Love Whitefish, we can help you go and see all of the things you want to admire, like mountains, lakes, rivers, and everything in between.

I Love Whitefish offers lake view rentals for those who want to see the sun rise over the bright blue water. You can also choose mountain view rentals if you are an avid hiker or mountain biker who wants to see the trail conditions as soon as you wake up. We also offer weekly rentals for those who want to stay in Whitefish even longer!

So, why should you choose us vs. other options in the area? Not only do we have pristine properties located in the best spots, but we are 100% committed to making sure you have the best time possible. We have amazing service from all of our customer service agents, offering anything you need during your stay. Whether you have a question, concern, or need for advice, we are here to help you.

Plus, our properties have luxurious amenities and cool features that you won’t find in a typical Airbnb home, VRBO property, or drab hotel room. We have heated pools that are free for your use throughout your stay, offering respite from the cold weather in the wintertime. You can also hop into a hot tub to ease your aching muscles after a long, multi-hour hike.

Finally, our houses are in the best locations. Our properties are in the most desirable spots in the entire state, providing breathtaking views, easy access to town, and just a few minutes’ walk or drive from the best hiking trails, Glacier National Park, Big Mountain, downtown shopping, and Whitefish Lake beaches.

The possibilities of fun things to do are endless when you stay with us. So, just ask one of our agents about the beaten-path activities, hidden gems, secret spots, and local recommendations before planning your whitefish gateway. We promise you are never going to want to leave!

As the winter melts and spring emerges in the beautiful town of Whitefish, Montana, there’s a sense of celebration that energizes the community. Easter in Whitefish is not just about the melting lakes and blooming wildflowers; it’s a time of community, joy, laughter, and making memories with family and friends. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or coming back as a special tradition, this blog post will help you discover the best ways to celebrate Easter in Whitefish.

A Feast of Flavors at Local Restaurants

There’s nothing like waking up to the aroma of coffee and enjoying an Easter brunch on a beautiful spring morning. Whitefish has many restaurants ready to welcome you and your loved ones with a delicious meal perfect for the occasion. Some local restaurants even offer a special Easter menu, ensuring every bite is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. But it’s the company and the cozy atmosphere that truly add that extra special touch to your festive meal.

Photos with the Easter Bunny

Imagine this: your kids laughing happily as they take a picture with the Easter Bunny against the beautiful backdrop of Whitefish. Capture these moments of pure joy that will be treasured for years to come. It’s not every day that you get to see the Easter Bunny and create these perfect pictures. As you explore the streets of Whitefish, keep an eye out for special appearances by the Easter Bunny at various shopping areas.

Church Services This Easter in Whitefish

Easter is a significant and spiritual time for many people. It is a time when the local community and visitors come together in churches throughout the Whitefish area to reflect on hope, renewal, and the importance of the season. Regardless of your beliefs, you will find a warm and welcoming congregation ready to share this occasion with visitors.

The Springs Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Join us on March 23, 2024, for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at The Springs at Whitefish. Get ready for an exciting morning filled with fun activities! Take adorable photos with the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs starting at 10:30 AM (for kids aged 0-14). After the hunt, enjoy a delicious hot chocolate and cookie bar. Best of all, it’s free for everyone! Don’t miss out on the festivities!

Easter Hiking in Whitefish

If you’re looking for an active celebration, head to Whitefish’s beautiful trails. Hiking here lets you connect with nature and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Plus, it’s a great way to balance out those Easter candies!

For those keen to take on a trail, the Danny On Memorial Trail is a popular choice, offering panoramic views of the valley. This hike can be a suitable activity for families looking to immerse themselves in nature’s springtime rebirth. Another option is the scenic Lion Mountain Trailhead, which boasts a network of trails suitable for all skill levels and guarantees an adventure among blooming wildflowers and vibrant greenery for an unforgettable Easter experience.

Easter at Your Vacation Rental

Of course, one of the joys of spending Easter in Whitefish is the opportunity to celebrate within the comforts of one of our vacation rentals. Here, you can whip up your own special Easter brunch, using the fully equipped kitchens to serve up family favorites. Or consider hosting an intimate Easter egg hunt right in your own backyard, creating new traditions that your children will adore.

Set aside some time for arts and crafts, letting the kids’ creativity soar as they make Easter-themed masterpieces. And don’t forget to end the day with a movie night, snuggled up together and enjoying some quality time after an eventful Easter celebration.

Fishing Adventures Await

Heading outdoors to the clear, cool waters surrounding Whitefish is a great way to wrap up your Easter weekend. Fishing enthusiasts can look forward to casting their lines in the hopes of catching a local favorite, such as the cutthroat trout or maybe even a rainbow trout. Whitefish Lake, along with the numerous streams, provide peaceful and scenic spots perfect for some Easter fishing. Whether you’re seasoned with the rod or giving fishing a first try, the experience is all about relaxing in nature and waiting for that gentle tug on the line.

Experience the Perfect Whitefish Easter

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate Easter in Whitefish. From delicious meals and photos with the Easter Bunny to community events and outdoor adventures, our mountain town has something for everyone.

Easter in Whitefish is an amazing experience that warms your heart and renews your spirit. Plan your Easter vacation with us and stay in one of our comfortable Whitefish properties. Book a vacation rental today and embrace the beauty of Montana. Contact us today!

Are you the type of traveler who loves to pick out unique souvenirs? If you love to shop, whether to help solidify memories of a great trip or just to connect with the local culture of your destination, Whitefish is a great place to be! Read on to see our favorite spots for shopping in Whitefish, Montana!

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The Montana Scene

The Montana Scene is one of the top spots for purchasing outdoor accessories, gear, and clothing for your next big adventure. This outdoor and adventure store offers clothing for ladies, unisex, kids, hats and accessories, drinkware, and gifts that are ideal for purchasing for friends back at home.

Head here any time during your vacation to pick up some hiking clothes and outdoor gear. The Montana Scene is located right on Central Avenue, offering the perfect spot to stop off after lunch or breakfast in the morning. This charming local store is open every week after 10 am, so you can easily purchase some last-minute clothes or jackets here.

Not only does this cute and locally owned store offer outdoor gear, like jackets and hats, but you can purchase comfortable clothing that is great for lounging around in your house, like flannels, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, and soft t-shirts.

a clothes shopping rack

Crystal Winters

Want to purchase something to bring back home to your partner, friend, or co-worker? If so, Crystal Winters is the go-to gift shop to purchase anything unique, especially ‘Montana-coated’. Head here to check out locally sourced products, arts and crafts, unique gifts, huckleberry products, greeting cards, clothes, and much more.

Browse their website or chat to the owner in person to see the local artist showcase and see who is currently on display in the shop. You can learn more information about the local artists to see their trade and how they came to be, featuring henna artists, painters, photographers, and other unique people from the Whitefish area.

Big Mountain Botanicals

Dispensaries have become a common part of life in the United States. There is no stigma anymore around cannabis. In fact, cannabis has been proven to help with mental and physical health issues, such as promoting relaxation and helping with muscle tension. Montana offers dispensaries for safe and legal cannabis purchases.

We love Big Mountain Botanicals if you are in the market to purchasing medical marijuana in the Flathead Valley. Big Mountain Botanicals is a locally owned shop from a Montana native who is interested in outdoor recreation, sports, and cannabis. The team at this educated store has more than five decades of experience in finding the best products for customers.

Head here anytime during your stay to chat with the knowledgeable staff to see what products are best for your unique needs.

a store with art on the wall

Cawdrey Gallery

Even if you’re not a fine art connoisseur, you will love visiting the Cadre Gallery to check out the prints and gifts, fine art, original art, and live events. You can check the bulletin and chat with the workers to see the live events during your stay in Whitefish, like art shows, exhibitions, and auctions.

Chill Clothing Company

Are you looking for coy clothing with unique decorations, cool prints, and soft material? Look no further. Chill Clothing Company churns out ‘chill art’, cool graphics, and great vibes in their clothing, accessories, and original artwork. We love the printed t-shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, and hoodies that keep us warm during winter.

a person with hiking gear


If you are an avid outdoorsman interested in hiking, bushwacking, hunting, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors in the Flathead Valley, then going to Forloh should be the number one stop on your list. You need high-end clothes with tech materials if you are going to be spending the majority of your time outside in the elements.

Forloh offers 100% USA-made hunting clothes, outdoor gear, fishing products, hiking clothes and shoes, and outdoor gear for any type of activity. We love the camo clothes that are great for hunting and exploring in warm and cold weather. You can browse the online shop or in-person store based on the type of conditions you will be in and the terrain.

Some of the best sellers include soft-shell jackets, down jackets, rain jackets, and camouflage materials. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that every product is 100% American made to ensure top-notch quality.

Haskill Creek

You want to stay healthy and feeling good during your vacation. Although you might slack on your fitness regime or have too many beers on a night out in the bustling town center, you can get right back on track by visiting Haskill Creek for anything you need to make you feel better.

This health food store is much more than just your typical Whole Foods or health food shop. Haskill Creek offers organic skin care, natural wellness products, supplements, natural products, CBD products, and much more. Haskill Creek also hosts outdoor events for the public and the community to get to know one another, so make sure you check out their webpage.

Lakestream Outfitters

Lakestream OUtfitters and Fly Shop is arguably the number one place in the entire state to go to if you are in need of quality fishing gear, fly fishing apparel, or outdoor gear for getting wet in the rivers, lakes, and streams in the Flathead Valley. Lakestream Outfitters is the premier stop for fly fishing, anglers, and adventure sports so you can stay dry and have fun.

a snowboard with goggles

Notice Custom Boards

Notice Custom Boards is a locally owned snowboard shop that can help design and fit the ideal board for your unique riding style, body type, and preferences. All boards are made in Montana, so you can rest assured that the quality stays top of the line and you are getting a handcrafted product with materials made in the USA.

Snow Ghost Outfitters

For those who come to Whitefish to explore the great outdoors, go hiking, climb the highest peaks, shred black diamond runs, or go fishing in the flowing river every day, purchasing some high-end outdoor gear might be necessary to stay safe and comfortable on your adventures. We recommend going to Snow Ghost Outfitters to get multi-season gear that is going to last multiple years.

Snow Ghost is open every day of the week from 9:30 am, meaning you can head here before or after your all-day adventure to buy some outdoor gear, like pants, jackets, base layers, hats, backpacks, and other tech gear.

Tamarack Cannabis

Last but not least, we have Tamarack cannabis. This high-end dispensary has been voted one of the best in the state for multiple years in a row, showcasing how the knowledgeable staff, safe products, and variety of cannabis paraphernalia and strains make it a desirable destination for tourists and locals alike.

Founded in 2009, this highly rated dispensary serves residents and tourists who live in the Flathead Valley, including Whitefish, Kalispell, and other localities. Browse the organic cannabis products that are locally grown, ensuring quality and safety. You can also sit and chat with the knowledgeable team, find the ideal strain, and chill at the high-top bar.

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Stay with Us at I Love Whitefish

As you can see, numerous locally owned stores, outdoor shops, and unique stores you won’t find in other towns or cities in the United States. Whitefish offers the perfect blend of outdoor stores, department stores, and locally owned spots that can give you everything you may need, and more, during your vacation. Plus, when you stay with us at I Love Whitefish, you are only steps away from the town’s best shopping stores and centers. We offer apartments, Whitefish vacation homes, condo rentals in Whitefish, and a variety of vacation rentals in Whitefish with easy proximity to stores in the heart of the town center.

Dining in Whitefish, Montana is a fun and exciting experience. Not only do you have ample selection when it comes to casual breakfast joints, cool lunch spots, or high-end dinner digs, but there is a guarantee of fresh food, locally caught seafood, and organic produce that will make every meal tasty and healthy. Read on to see all of our favorite spots, whether it’s for a quick bite or a romantic dinner with your partner!

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Loula’s Café

Although this isn’t a high-end dinner spot, Loula’s Cafe is a Whitefish staple that churns out plate after plate of a tasty breakfast that will keep you coming back for more every day of the week. We love the laid-back atmosphere, strong coffee, and traditional plates that will keep you full all day long.

Try any towering breakfast dishes, like the stuffed French toast with cream cheese, three-egg omelet with your choice of vegetables, or stacks of pancakes for your kids. You can also head here to get a takeaway coffee and a savory or sweet pie to bring home to have later during your vacation.

plates with breakfast food

The Great Northern Bar and Grill

We can’t think of anywhere better than The Great Northern Bar and Grill for vacationers who want a spot for lunch and dinner that is relaxed, casual, and easy going. This laid-back sports bar is the perfect spot to catch a game on the TV, chat with locals, and have ice-cold beer as you hang out with your mates.

This bar offers live music most nights of the week, 15 flat-screen TVs to catch the latest football game on the tele, pool tables to challenge your friends to some competition, and a full patio that is great for getting some sun on a summer day.

Order a pint of one of the 29 beers on tap and pair it with one of the loaded sandwiches or ‘internationally famous’ burgers here. We love the rodeo burger with barbecue sauce, cheese and onion rings, or the ‘Snow Ghost’ sandwich with hot roasted beef, provolone, and mushrooms on a toasted hoagie.

Whitefish Lake Restaurant

One of the classic stopovers when it comes to finding a good restaurant for dinner and drinks in Whitefish is going to the aptly named Whitefish Lake Restaurant. This popular spot offers pristine views of the nearby lake and the ideal sunset viewing spot and provides fresh and tasty food for you and your group to enjoy.

You can choose to either have a relaxed meal in the lounge or sit in the more formal dining room. No matter which room you choose, you will love the upscale ambiance, far-reaching views over the blue lake, and top-notch service. If you sit in the lounge, we love the typical pub food, like the tuna tartare and smoked trout for starters, and the prime rib for a main course.

For those who want a more formal experience, try the dining room. We love the baked escargot with artichoke hearts, garlic butter for a fresh starter, and jumbo mushroom caps with parmesan and croutons for vegetarians. As a main dish, you can’t go wrong with the prime rib, New York Au Poivre with marsala cream sauce, or the Walleye with roasted tomatoes and arugula.

sliced steak on a plate

Tupelo Grille

Another restaurant on our must-visit list during your whitefish trip is the Tupelo Grille. We love this restaurant for its inclusion of Southern dishes and unique combinations that are much different from your typical American plates. Plus, the ambiance in the dining room offers a more eclectic vibe and cool artwork for you to glance at as you eat your mouth-watering meal.

The ever-changing menu uses organic produce and locally sourced meat and fish. We recommend ordering one of the seafood starters, like the shrimp and crawfish cakes with roasted red pepper coulis or the seared ahi tuna with crispy stick lyrics, avocado, and spicy remoulade.

For the main course, we love the signature cuts, like the elk meatloaf with roasted garlic and huckleberry demi-glace, or the tried-and-true plates like the low country shrimp and grits with cheddar grit cakes and Tasso ham.

Last Chair Kitchen and Bar

Last Chair is a fantastic spot for you to come to if you are in the mood to have a relaxed meal with friends, enjoy a few pints of locally crafted beer, and enjoy a relaxed and warm ambiance. Featuring wooden tables, low lighting, and a cool bar, we love this spot for a night out or for a great dinner with friends or family.

Last Chair churns out typical pub food with a bit of a twist. Instead of just having the basic food, like nachos and fries, they offer a mezze plate, duck confit sliders, wagyu meatballs with spicy tomato jam, and oyster mushrooms Rockefeller with artichoke leaves and spinach for interesting appetizers.

For the main course, you can’t go wrong with the chicken and waffles (yes, for dinner!), Indian platter with red lentil dal cilantro and peanut chutney, or the steelhead trout with orange basil beurre blanc, house vegetables, and fingerling potatoes.

a pizza oven baking a pizza

Latitude 48 Bistro

We love this choice for those who want to feel like they are dining in another country. Featuring cool chandeliers, neon lights, wooden tables, and a modern and industrial atmosphere, Latitude 48 uses foreign concepts, unique fusion ideas, and cool plates that will truly make your palette dance.

Order one of the shared plates to split with the table, like the charcuterie board, curry cauliflower with roasted florets, salmon carpaccio with cream cheese, or smoked elk tartare with red wine house dressing and quail egg yolk. You can also split one of the cheesy fire-roasted pizzas, like the Fungo with local mushrooms and truffle oil, to share with your dining partners.

For an entree, we personally love the elk tenderloin with herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, broccolini, and oyster mushrooms. If you are not in the mood for a hearty meat dish, the steelhead trout with pistachio-crusted trout and charred asparagus is a healthy and wholesome meal.

Ciao Mambo

Although there are tons of authentic American restaurants in Whitefish, sometimes it is fun to try something new. We love the Ciao Mambo Italian restaurant for authentic Mediterranean food that will have you feeling like you are dining on the Amalfi coast. The atmosphere here features cool music, great artwork, and a rustic vibe that is ideal for drinking wine and eating pizza.

Not sure what to get? Well, you need to try some of the famous antipasti and pizza of course! First, we recommend ordering the bruschetta with ricotta, basil, and fresh tomatoes. The fresh tomatoes with simple cheese are the ideal star to your meal and pair well with white wine. Then, the bocconcini fritti with spicy marinara is a meat-heavy dish that is great with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

For a main course, we love splitting one of the pizza al forno options, like the pizza bianco con pollo, featuring creamy parmesan sauce, chicken, pepperoni, red onions, sliced tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. If you’re feeling hungry tonight, you can also split one of the classic pasta dishes, like the eggplant alla parmigiana with breaded eggplant and ricotta cheese.

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