In the professional workplace, it’s common practice for vacation to be approached as regulated time set aside for employees to leave their daily responsibilities behind and enjoy time away from the office. In fact, it’s commonplace for many employees to plan out their vacations a year in advance, just to make sure work and life don’t collide in unexpected ways. While this standard has found its way into many professional environments over the years and has become an expectation for employees, the year 2020 has found a way to turn those expectations upside down.

As COVID-19 made its way onto the global scene, the concept of work and life balance was nearly instantaneously changed. As offices began to shut down within a matter of weeks, employees found themselves quickly turning homes into not only personal makeshift offices, but very often at-home schools as well. Stress levels were precariously balanced as employees searched for routes to creating a space in the home where work could get done well, children could still play and education still had a primary seat at the table too. Saying it’s been challenging is an understatement and unfortunately, travel has taken a back seat to more pressing matters over the course of the year so far.

As the initial shock of these changes wears off, it’s important to look for the bright spots within the chaos. For those that are now working remotely, it can be easy to overlook the fact that working through technology opens up the option of truly working from anywhere at all! If home is becoming a bit too small and a new vantage point and perspective would go a long way towards helping you be productive, perhaps planning a vacation where work comes with
you is the way to go.

Setting your sights on a vacation destination that inspires doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Instead, vacation in 2020 can become a combined work and escape effort where remote employees book into vacation rentals that are equipped for work productivity and keep them close to the fun of a vacation as well! If you’re ready to hit the road without sacrificing your professional goals, consider booking a stay in a Whitefish vacation rental this year and let nature guide the way to incredible moments while checking off those work to-do lists as well.

Book a Fun and Productive Whitefish Vacation

There’s something to be said about a place where dynamic scenery and options for outdoor adventure are as easy to achieve as moments of productive work and Whitefish, Montana brings the best of it all. Guests who book into a welcoming vacation rental with the help of the team at Whitefish Rentals will enjoy a stay that offers up comfortable furnishings, convenient locations, and stunning views that make for a motivating workplace away from home. Many of our properties are seamlessly designed with access to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet services in combination with incredible locations. This pairing makes your workday fly by and options for fun always sitting just outside your front door. When you’re booked for a video conference or two, book a stay that includes access to large flat-screen televisions and stream your conferences with ease. Hoping to keep up with those well-deserved coffee breaks? Many of our properties are finished with fully equipped kitchens complete with modern appliances, offering up the perfect, savory solution.

Let Luxury Define Your Remote Working Experience

While the essential work requirements are important, half the fun of a vacation that provides for a place to work remotely as well lies in the luxurious details. When you book into one of our Whitefish rentals, guests will find they have options to enjoy a stay that includes access to spectacular views, tasteful furnishings, plush bedroom features, indoor fireplaces and much more! Create the stay that speaks to your personal sense of travel style while
enjoying access to outdoor fun just steps from your home away from home.

Exploring the Best of Whitefish

For the outdoor enthusiast, Whitefish, Montana is truly a small piece of paradise designed by Mother Nature to be explored and enjoyed. Situated next to Glacier National Park, a trip to Whitefish is bound to be filled with options to get out and enjoy time on lakes, exploring rugged peaks and of course admiring the view from the rim of glacier-cut valleys. Whitefish Mountain Resort is a popular destination for those that crave time exploring trails by mountain bike and the diversity of this landscape offers up much in the way of wildlife viewing.

Put a Positive Spin on 2020

This year has been a struggle across the map for those looking to establish a new sense of balance. However, with every difficulty comes an opportunity to create something exciting and when you book into a Whitefish rental, the possibilities are endless. Work from a home away from home that incorporates comfort and style without having to sacrifice that getaway you’ve been looking forward to. Contact our team of property professionals today to learn more about our many area options and how we can help you plan the ultimate Whitefish vacation that lets you bring work with you as well.

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