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Christmas is the best time of the year! Not only is everyone in a good mood and celebrating with their loved ones, but you can take time off work, not go to school, and explore some new places you have never been to before! Instead of going to the same-old places that you usually go to year after year, we recommend heading to an outdoor-centric destination that is known for its amazing nature, beautiful views, and friendly locals. 

We love going to Whitefish, Montana for a relaxing and stress-free holiday. This incredible mountain town is a little off the beaten path, making it one of the best stops for those who want to chill out this upcoming Christmas season. Let’s check out the best Christmas events in Whitefish, MT for you and your group this upcoming holiday season!  

Whitefish Christmas Events

On December 6th, you can take part in the annual Christmas Stroll. We love this friendly and welcoming walk on Central Avenue that includes both locals and tourists alike. Walk through the hub of downtown Whitefish to mark the start of the Christmas season and the holiday cheer. This Christmas Stroll isn’t just a great way to get in a few thousand steps and meet new people, but you can sip on some hot chocolate in the cold winter weather, eat some holiday snacks to keep you full until dinner time, sing Christmas songs with the carolers, and find some kid-friendly activities that are fun for your entire family.  

If you get too cold walking along the street, you can then duck into one of the many cafes, coffee shops, dessert parlors, or restaurants dotted down the main street. If you need some coffee, head to a cafe for an espresso-laden latte to keep you warm. Or you can head to one of the many bars or pubs to get a strong cocktail that will keep you warm all day long!  

Towards the end of the Christmas Stroll, make sure you keep an eye out for the Winter Carnival Royalty! These famous entertainers are members of the community who are in charge of the Winter Carnival and the Christmas Stroll. Chat with them a bit about the history of the event to learn more about Whitefish and all that it entails!  

Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade 

Head to the Whitefish Mountain Resort on December 24th, the all-exciting Christmas Eve, to let your hair down and have some fun! The torchlight parade is one of the most well-known traditions for those who live in the Whitefish area, bringing out families, couples, and everyone in between to come to the torchlight parade and spend time with one another. This incredible tradition involves lighting some torches — as you may have guessed — and going on a walk around the incredible scenery and hillside that surrounds the Whitefish Mountain Resort.  

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping at One of the Nearby Boutiques 

Other fun things to do during your time in Whitefish over the Christmas season is to get some last-minute shopping done! Whether you need to send back some souvenirs for your friends back at home or you need to get a last-minute gift for your partner with you, going to one of the nearby boutiques down the main street in Whitefish is a fun thing to do during a wintery day. If the wind is blowing outside and the cold air is stinging your face, head into one of the local shops to catch some last-minute seasonal sales and buy some stocking stuffers.  

Head to Grouse Mountain Lodge 

Last but not least, we love going to Grouse Mountain Lodge during your time in Whitefish! Grouse Mountain Lodge is a fun place to sit, people-watch, have a few drinks, and hang out with your friends. You can come here as a solo traveler to meet the locals, come here with your partner for a nice date night, or head here with your group of friends to have a few cocktails with your pals.  

We love the central relaxing area that overlooks the golf course and the winter hills during the Christmas season, providing the perfect hang-out spot for people to watch and snuggle up by the fireplace. We recommend getting a glass of wine on a cold day, ordering a Hot Toddy on a cold afternoon, or getting a cup of hot cocoa for the kids. You can curl up by the fireplace and look at the dazzling Christmas lights with their reflection in the bright white snow.  

Book Your Christmas Escape 

After days full of events and celebrations, you can retire to your cozy and comfy property from I Love Whitefish. We offer cute cabin rentals, modern apartments, cool condos, and large houses that are perfect for groups of all sizes.  Contact us to book your stay today!

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