Planning a visit to Whitefish, but not sure of all your options for exciting Whitefish, Montana activities? Check out this insider’s guide to Whitefish, Montana for ideas to add to your vacation itinerary!

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Enjoy skiing in Whitefish, Montana

Insider Tips for Skiing

Before you hit the slopes, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the best ski slopes, bringing the correct gear, and figuring out what to do after you whizz down a few black diamond runs to start your day.

First, we know it can be hard after a long travel day, but the best way to explore the ski slopes and the mountain is to get up early and make sure you get as much powder skiing as possible. As the day goes on, the runs turn to ice and slush, which can make it hard to get the right ‘bite’ into the snow.

Next, we recommend going to every single run in the park if your skill level allows it. Even if you are just a beginner or moderate skier, make sure you go down every suitable option to see which ones are your favorites, explore different viewpoints of the mountain, and test your skills in real-time. You will find a huge variety of slopes that we love for keeping it interesting all day long!

Plus, stay prepared with a trail map, either on your phone or a paper version in your skiing or snowboarding backpack. A trail map is a great way to stay safe in case of any emergencies that may arise, even if the weather looks sunny and prime early in the morning. You never know when a storm can come in!

Another great insider tip to remember before going to the Whitefish Mountain Resort or off-piste ski trails is to ensure you check your gear ahead of time. Ensure your gear is safe, and you have the right options for your day out on the mountain, including ski goggles, secured boots, safe bindings, remote finder beacon, and warm jackets.

Lastly, the final insider tip for skiing is to ask locals the best places to go! Websites and online tourist websites might tell you that going to XYZ is the best option, but locals know the town’s ins and outs. They know where it is busy, where you can find solitude, and the best runs for making the most out of your stay here.

We recommend checking out The Southern Section of Whitefish Mountain to access some of the lesser-known trails and hidden gems that people often flock to after being in Whitefish For more than a week or two. This section features more than half of the prime skiing on the mountain and offers views more than 2,000 feet above the ground.

Take a Day Trip to Whitefish Lake

One of the lesser-visited spots that people often forget about when coming to Whitefish is the aptly named Whitefish Lake. People think that just because it is so close, they will eventually get around to visiting it, going out on a boat, or watching the sunset—but oftentimes, they get too busy and just forget! We recommend booking a boat charter or a kayaking trip on the water to break a sweat, burn a few calories, and get great viewpoints of the nearby forests, hills, and picnic spots for an al fresco lunch with your friends.

Discover Flathead National Forest in Whitefish

Flathead National Forest

Next, you can’t come to Whiteish without a trip to the Flathead National Forest. The forest is often overlooked due to the nearby Glacier National Park, offering thousands of miles of trails and acres that feature incredible wildlife, waterfalls, and alpine meadows. But Flathead is beautiful in its own right, offering a little more solitary than you may find on a busy weekend in Glacier National Park.

Flathead National Forest offers incredible paths that we love for all-day hiking, trail running, easy walks with our family, or bikes through the lush green meadows and past the bright blue lakes. Head out on Danny on National Recreation Trail if you are interested in a multi-hour excursion that winds you through lush green meadows and pine forests.

Or we love going to Stanton Lake to enjoy gazing out over the snow-capped mountains in the distance and dipping our toes in the bright, crystal-blue water. Stanton Lake Trail is only 6 kilometers, so this is suitable for beginner and moderate hikers alike.

For those who want something a little bit easier for younger kids or older adults who are not comfortable on the uneven trails, we love going to Holland Lake and Falls. This easy path is only 5.3 kilometers and offers around 90 minutes of easy meandering through the forests, rolling hills, and bright open spaces.

Finally, for avid hikers who want to test their limits and see if their fitness is top-notch, we love climbing Mount Aeneas and Pinc Lake. Test your leg muscles on this 10-kilometer loop that winds you through the Flathead National Forest and Picnic Lake.

Have Dinner at Cafe Kandahar

One of the best spots in Whitefish that locals really say is a hidden gem is the incredible, high-end, and luxurious restaurant, Cafe Kandahar. This breathtaking restaurant offers mouthwatering food, tiny bites, and appetizers that are sure to have you coming back for more every single day.

Instead of just going out to eat to get takeaway food or sit at home and make your own meal, the Kandahar Restaurant in the Lodge is a beautiful space that offers the ideal spot for date night, a special occasion, or foodies who are interested in having some of the best combinations in the entire world.

First, you need to start with a drink! We recommend trying one of their cocktail creations, like the huckleberry margarita, filled with fresh berries and a tang of tequila, which will have you feeling good before the main course arrives. Next, we recommend ordering appetizers and starters to split with the table so that you can begin tasting the amazing concoctions that attract people from the entire state.

We recommend ordering the scallops that are cooked to perfection, offering a buttery and silky-smooth bite that will have you looking at seafood totally differently once you leave. Then, try the vegetable soup with lamb bacon crumbs on top, offering just the right amount of salty goodness and crunch. As a main dish, the grilled and healthy cod with onions on top and greens is perfect.

Making a cafe latte

Grab a Coffee at Folklore Coffee

Many people come to Whitefish and head to the Wild Coffee Company or Montana Coffee Traders to go to one of these chain stores to get a latte in the morning or a sweet treat in the afternoon. However, Folklore Coffee is the best coffee in the town and offers a more laid-back, casual, and homey vibe to getting coffee with your friends at a local cafe.

Folklore is located right in the heart of the town center, offering the perfect spot to head to with your mates after a long hike or after shopping all afternoon. We recommend ordering one of their tasty caffeinated drinks, like the perfectly roasted winter blues drink with blue tea, butterfly pea flower, lemon grass, black tea, mango, and peppermint. Yum!

Pair one of their sweet traits with an iced drink or hot coffee to start the day on the right foot, like the ricotta toast with butter and jam, sourdough cinnamon roll, pop tart, donut, pumpkin bread, meatball, gluten-free cinnamon roll, hashbrown waffle, breakfast burrito, or breakfast toast.

Head Out on the Trails with Your Mountain Bike

Many people come to Whitefish only to explore the lake, go walking on the easy paths, and explore the town center. However, the mountain biking in Whitefish and the surrounding Glacier National Park is unbeatable. There are miles and miles of trails that whizz through pine forest and open meadows that are perfect for adrenaline lovers who want to test their limits.

Don’t just bike around the town center and cruise on the flat paths—we recommend going to Glacier National Park to go on the dirt trails, rocky paths, and cruise at high speeds through the lush greenery and see the jagged peaks in the distance.

If you are in the mood for a big day out on the road, you can tackle the entire Going to the Sun Road, offering more than 30 miles of ups and downs and a whopping 3,200’ of elevation gain! Your quads will surely feel this big day out in the park — we recommend going in the spring season when the road is closed to car traffic so you can have the path to yourself with other bikers.

Or, just bike on the maintained paths in the park, like the Park Headquarters to Apgar Village on the paved trail, Fish Creek Bike Path through the campgrounds, or the old Flathead Ranger Station Trail, an unpaved and exciting path that offers something more upbeat than just cycling on a paved path on a maintained road.

If you are an avid road biker, we also love the Gateway to Glacier Trail. This 11-mile one-way course offers a great chance for distance mountain bikers to get more used to hills and going the distance in one attempt. You can do the out and back from Hungry Horse to West glacier to soak in the scenery from two viewpoints and challenge yourself!

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As you can see, there is so much for you to do in Whitefish, MT. Going off of the beaten path is a great way to see a different side of the bustling town and the breathtaking scenery that encapsulates this incredible part of the country. When you stay with us at I Love Whitefish, we can help you go and see all of the things you want to admire, like mountains, lakes, rivers, and everything in between.

I Love Whitefish offers lake view rentals for those who want to see the sun rise over the bright blue water. You can also choose mountain view rentals if you are an avid hiker or mountain biker who wants to see the trail conditions as soon as you wake up. We also offer weekly rentals for those who want to stay in Whitefish even longer!

So, why should you choose us vs. other options in the area? Not only do we have pristine properties located in the best spots, but we are 100% committed to making sure you have the best time possible. We have amazing service from all of our customer service agents, offering anything you need during your stay. Whether you have a question, concern, or need for advice, we are here to help you.

Plus, our properties have luxurious amenities and cool features that you won’t find in a typical Airbnb home, VRBO property, or drab hotel room. We have heated pools that are free for your use throughout your stay, offering respite from the cold weather in the wintertime. You can also hop into a hot tub to ease your aching muscles after a long, multi-hour hike.

Finally, our houses are in the best locations. Our properties are in the most desirable spots in the entire state, providing breathtaking views, easy access to town, and just a few minutes’ walk or drive from the best hiking trails, Glacier National Park, Big Mountain, downtown shopping, and Whitefish Lake beaches.

The possibilities of fun things to do are endless when you stay with us. So, just ask one of our agents about the beaten-path activities, hidden gems, secret spots, and local recommendations before planning your whitefish gateway. We promise you are never going to want to leave!

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