3-Day Whitefish, Montana Vacation Journey

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There are times when we are able to go on a fun and exciting adventure and spend as long as we wish, or even a week or more exploring the national parks, sights, and attractions that lie within an area’s borders. However, there are other times when perhaps the calls of adult life are too strong to head off for such a long time, and instead we can only visit for a few days. Even if you are only able to come for a little while, you can still enjoy all that can be found in Whitefish. Read on and discover all there is to find and see on a three-day Whitefish, Montana vacation!

Day 1: Explore the Outdoors

One thing that Whitefish has no lack of is ways to explore the great outdoors. For instance, one can head on over to Glacier National Park and discover 700 miles of trails to explore. You’ll find a variety of animals that occasionally come out to say hello, such as mountain goats, big horn sheep, elk, and many others! One could also head on over to the Flathead National Park, which features lovely scenic hikes fit for all skill levels, and which you’ll find is a tad more secluded and quieter than the ever-popular Glacier National Park. You’ll also find berry picking during certain times of the year, so not only hike the beautiful trails but enjoy fresh berries to dine on along the way. One could also head over to Whitefish Lake State Park, which features all your favorite lake activities, from boating to swimming, water skiing, and fishing. You’ll also find a large number of hiking and biking trails. There’s plenty to explore on a vacation in Whitefish!

Day 2: Go on a Tour

There are many tours one could take on their second day, and no matter which you choose, you are sure to come back from your Whitefish, Montana vacation with a story to tell. For instance, one could head on over to Rock Climb Montana, which features tours perfect for either those who have never dangled from a cliff face before, to advanced excursions that will truly test your skills. Enjoy tackling Stryker Rock, Kila Rock, Koocanasu, or go for a custom tour and see what you truly want to. As well, one could take to the skies with Backcountry Flying Experience and enjoy a memorable time as you soar high above and gaze down at the breathtaking foliage of Glacier National Park. One could also take a bike tour with Bicycle Touring, which features a variety of tours that will have you seeing some of the most breathtaking views the area has to offer from Northern Tier, the Great Divide, Great Parks North, and many more! End it all off with a trip to Big Sky Brews Cruise, where you can proceed to tour the various breweries that call the area home. You’ll not only get to sample four brews from each stop but will also get to tour the facilities and get a crash course in Beer 101 if you might not be quite a connoisseur yet.

Day 3: Explore the Town

While the outdoors is one of the biggest draws of the area, you’ll also find that the City of Whitefish has just has many exciting adventures as the forests which surround it. For instance, why not head to the downtown area and spend an afternoon poking around everything from art galleries to bookstores, boutiques, clothing stores, and just about everything else in-between! If one finds themselves staying on a Tuesday, head on over to the Whitefish Farmers Market. Not only browse the various produce and crafts which are the fruit of many a local’s labor, but also have a chance to enjoy life music as well as freshly prepared food that is sure to have your mouth watering.

One can also check out the area’s more theatrical side by heading over to the Alpine Theater Project, which features a variety of musicals and plays. From a lyrical version of Dr. Seuss to the Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show, you are sure to find something good playing here. One could also head over to the Sunti World Art Gallery, which features a variety of artworks from artists located all over the world. You’ll find original paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antique Turkish rugs, hand-embroidered zardozis from India, and more! One can even discover a café for a hot drink or when one’s stomach begins to rumble. You can even enjoy your treat from the café in the gallery’s garden.

Even if you are just coming to vacation in Whitefish for a few days, you’ll find that you can still get a proper taste of Whitefish and are sure to be itching to come back at the first opportunity. Should you have any questions regarding the area, or if you are curious about what rentals we offer for you to call home during your travels, feel free to give us a call at (888) 716-0238 today!

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