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Montana is one of those places where there is an abundance of things to do, events to attend, and sights to see. You have forests that stretch as far as the eye can see, towering mountains to conquer, rivers to raft, and lakes to explore. This is not to mention all the urban things one can do to fill their days. With all these things to do, how can one possibly begin to plan a vacation and see all the sights they so wished to see? If you find yourself struggling with this question, then read to see our choices for the best way to spend a 30-day Montana journey in Whitefish!

Embrace the Inner Explorer

If you find yourself with a month to see our beautiful lake town, you must take advantage of all the outdoor exploration as much as possible. You of course must spend a day, or even a week, exploring Glacier National Park, where you have your choice of 700 trails which are sure to keep you actively exploring day after day. You’ll be able to explore beautiful meadows full of flowers, forests with towering pine trees guarding the sides of the path, and even rest on the shores of a lake as the lapping water relaxes you. As well, keep your eyes peeled while exploring, as many different animals call the area home, including mountain goats, big horn sheep, elk, and bears.

After you finish up at Glacier National Park, make sure you then head on over to the Living Wetlands Interpretive Trail which covers 14.7 acres of protected wetlands for you to explore and learn about the complex ecosystem. Make sure you also take some time to explore Marina at the Lodge which offers a variety of water sports such as boating and tubing that are sure to fill an afternoon with the thrill of the water. If you haven’t gotten your fill of the outdoors, head on over to Tally Lake Campground to take advantage of the hiking trails and even take some time to sit on the shore and fish for one of several species which call the water home. You can even rent a boat and spend a further day playing upon the water’s surface.

Have an Adventure

While there is for sure enough outdoor exploring to last far longer than a month, make sure you take the time to truly experience Whitefish by having an adventure that few can say they’ve taken. For instance, head on over to Skydive Whitefish and feel the thrill as you plummet from 10,000 feet in the air to the forest floor below. If an adventure of bravery isn’t quite what you had in mind, head on over to Bicycle Touring and head out into the wilderness as your guide takes you to either Northern Tier, Great Parks North, or the Great Divide. On another day, make sure you take the opportunities to see the beautiful landscape from the view of birds with Backcountry Flying Experience which will take you areas not usually reached by foot. Finally, make sure you spend a day with Rock Climb Montana where you will enjoy a guided tour of a variety of rock climbing spots, and even if you’ve never before taken to a mountainside, you are in luck, as they are more then happy to offer a quick instruction course before heading out. Feel the thrill of conquering nature as you stand atop Stryker or Kila Rock and enjoy either half-days or full days clinging to the side of the rock as you see just what your body is capable of.

Embrace the Town

While the natural area allows for a month of exploration and adventure, make sure you check out the various goings on in the city as you are sure to find many gems hidden amongst the trees and mountains of Whitefish. For instance, you might enjoy taking the time to head over to Hank’s Hatchets and test your skill at axe throwing in one of six public or two private lanes. After, refresh at Spa at Whitefish Lake, which offers a number of special packages, tanning salons, and complimentary fruit-infused water, naturopathic teas, and snacks. You might also enjoy exploring the various wine bars and breweries that call the area home. In fact, take a trip with Big Sky Brews Cruise to tour several of the area’s best and be given a crash course on the complicated nature of brewing and tasting. Make sure you also check out the local farmers’ market, where you can purchase the freshest of the fresh in regard to produce and explore the creations on sale by the city’s best craftspeople. Don’t forget to explore the downtown district where you will find multiple art galleries, specialty boutiques, clothing stores, bike shops, books stores, and more!

You’re Home for the Month – Montana Journey

Of course, a vacation such as this one needs a great place to come back to, and there is nobody better to make that happen than I Love Whitefish. We have a large selection vacation rentals that come in a variety of styles, sizes, and with varying décor, ensuring that you will find something that will pique your interest. Further, you will notice that each of our rentals comes with its own special amenities and perks. You’ll find some with heated pools, others with warm hot tubs, and others still with game rooms and billiard tables. Further, we don’t just want to match you up with a home but help you to have the vacation you had always dreamed about. Our team is made up of locals who are familiar with the various activities that can be found in the area, and we are more than happy to help you put together an itinerary that will allow you to see the most our wonderful town.

If you are ready to start your Montana journey and truly get to see why so many flock to this beloved town every year, make sure you give I Love Whitefish a call today at (844) 948-1273 or book your stay online!

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