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When we go on vacation, it can create some of the best memories we have, and the ones we cherish most dearly. However, while there is a rejuvenating and relaxing quality to any vacation, the planning aspect can be incredibly daunting and stressful on its own. This is especially true if it’s your first time to the area and you must sort through the plethora of information regarding various activities, events, and sights to see. Well, we understand this and have thus done the hard work and put together a list of the must do things for your next seven-day journey to Whitefish, Montana!

A Day Exploring the Outdoors

If there is one thing that Whitefish and Montana in general have, it is plenty of outdoor areas to explore. For instance, you might enjoy spending one of your seven days exploring Glacier National Park, which offers 700 miles of hiking trails for you to explore and truly get up close and personal with the area’s natural side. As you explore, you’ll be gifted with sights of beautiful meadows, towering trees lining the path, looming mountains with just the slightest sprinkling of snow upon their peaks, as well as crystal blue lakes that shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight—not to mention the plethora of wildlife that you are sure to see, ranging from goats and elk to bighorn sheep! You also might enjoy another day spent at Whitefish Lake State Park, which offers all the water fun one would expect of a lake: tubing, swimming, boating, fishing, and all in-between. This is in addition to several areas for hiking or biking. You even might like to spend a final day exploring Tally Lake Campgrounds which lies on the north shore of the lake and offers 38 camping sites complete with campfire rings and toilets. Even if you aren’t looking to camp, it’s more than worth the day trip to splash, dive, and boat in the deepest natural lake in the state. Keep your eyes peeled for waterfowl, bald eagles, and many different kinds of fish.

A Day of Tours

After a few days exploring the wilderness, take some time to truly learn about your new town by taking one of many different tours offered in the area. For instance, you might like to head on over to Backcountry Flying Experience and have a private airplane tour of Glacier Park from the same view as the birds. You also might enjoy some time with Rock Climb Montana, where you can enjoy guided mountain climbing tours ranging from beginner to advanced, thus ensuring anyone from any skill level can enjoy tackling the cliffs that jut out throughout the area. You also might enjoy taking a more leisurely bike tour where you will get to choose your tour of either Northern Tier, The Great Divide, or Great Parks North. Afterwards, make sure you check out Big Sky Brews Cruise which will take you to three of the best breweries/cideries in the area. Get to sample four brews from each as you learn about the brewing process and even get a crash course in beer 101! End it all off with a fascinating tour of Montana Coffee Traders where you can learn and see exactly how they roast their beans and all the work that goes into that cup of joe you enjoy every morning.

Finish with Some Urban Exploration

You’ll find that the area hosts a variety of different outdoor activities and tours to go on. However, make sure you also take the time to explore the rich and diverse activities and shops one can find amongst the trees. For instance, you might enjoy embracing the thrill seeker within and plunge to the earth from 10,000 feet above with Skydive Whitefish. You also might enjoy spending a day at the Spa at Whitefish Lake, which offers several different spa packages as well as a tanning place for you to work on your golden tan even in the cold winter months. You just might like to head on over to the Glacier Symphony and Chorale and take in their seasonal concerts featuring all the classical greats. Check the calendar if you are a lover of the classic tunes, as they put on a weeklong classical music festival each year! Afterwards, check out the Alpine Theater Project who host a variety of plays and musicals through the year such as one based solely to the works of Dr. Seuss, and of course the famous Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show.

A Week in a New Home – Vacation to Montana

You’ll find that not only is Whitefish a wonderful town to stay in, but that I Love Whitefish is the go-to for those looking for the perfect place to stay during their trip here. You’ll find a wide range of different rentals ranging from the luxurious and grand to those that are humble and simple, yet which retain a since of stylized elegance. You’ll also find a range of different amenities from billiard tables to heated pools which truly make each rental unique. Further, we as a company want nothing more than to give you a vacation that you will forever be telling friends about. We are all locals here, and for that reason we are more than happy to share with you the knowledge that comes with such and ensure you truly see the most of our beautiful mountain town during your stay with us.

If you are daydreaming about your next vacation to Montana, our beautiful lakeside town, make sure you give I Love Whitefish a call today at (844) 948-1273 or book your stay online!

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