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Many of us greatly enjoy heading out on a vacation where we can see all that there is to see, all the various activities that can be found, and also properly relax, but there are times when we are unable to do so for whatever reason. Even if you can’t come for a week, or even just the weekend, that doesn’t mean you can’t properly enjoy the various secrets that Whitefish holds. If you find yourself in the position where you only have a single day off to enjoy Montana, make sure you read on about all that awaits you during your day trip to Whitefish!

Enjoy Some Tours

While one can of course spend the day exploring solo, it is often nice to have a guide so one can not only enjoy the beauty of the forests, but also learn something about the area. For instance, you might enjoy heading out on a Big Sky Brews Cruise, where you can tour the various breweries that call the area home. Not only this, but you’ll be given a crash course on beer 101 along the way and get to sample four brews from each stop. One also might enjoy heading over to Rock Climb Montana if one is looking for a rather exciting tour. Enjoy either a half day or full day of clinging to and conquering the cliffs of Whitefish; they even offer custom adventures for those who had a specific climb in mind. They offer 500 possible climbs, so you’ll always have something new to enjoy when you return. One also might enjoy heading over to Montana Coffee Traders to take a tour of their facility and learn all about how your coffee goes from raw beans to the roasted treat that we all have come to love. One could also head over to Backcountry Flying Experience to enjoy the forests from high above. They offer charter services for those who are looking to head out far away from town into the deep depths of the natural world.

Check Out the Town

While the woods and outdoors are what Montana and Whitefish are most known for, you will find that there is a wide variety of other activities that lie within the urban sprawl. For instance, one might enjoy checking out the Glacier Symphony and Chorale, who offer a variety of family friendly concerts. Check the calendar, as their Festival Amadeus is always worth a visit, as this weeklong festival features the very best of classical and orchestral music. One might also like checking out the Alpine Theater Project, which features several different plays and shows throughout the year, ranging from the stories of Dr. Seuss to the cult classic of The Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show. One might also enjoy checking out the city’s more artistic side by heading over to the Sunti World Art Gallery, which features both the works of local artists as well as those from Europe and Asia! You’ll find everything from sculptures and paintings to ceramics and even antique Turkish rugs! Afterwards, stop by the café for an organic specialty coffee or a pastry. Finally, if one is looking for an experience that will be told again and again, check out Skydive Whitefish, where you can plummet 10,000 feet to the earth below, catching magnificent views along the way.

A Place to Stay and Enjoy

You are sure to find Whitefish a wonderful place to visit, even if only for a day. However, you’ll still need a home to sleep and relax in that night. When you rent with us here at I Love Whitefish, you will find that we offer a wide range of different properties, from the large and extravagant to the quaint and cozy, from the sleek and modern to the warm and classical, from the colorful and artistic to elegant simplicity. No matter your personal tastes, you are sure to find the perfect place to call home! Furthermore, you’ll find that many of our rentals come with full kitchens that also come equipped with all the basic cookware you’ll find yourself needing to whip up a feast. We are determined to give you a vacation you will never forget, one which you are sure to remember fondly for years to come. For this reason, we are always looking to go above and beyond what one would normally expect. For instance, we are all locals here, and thus are more than familiar with all the secret “finds” that are scattered about the woods and wilderness of Whitefish. Thus, we can help you put together an itinerary that will have you seeing and experiencing the best that our town has to offer!

As one can see, one can still properly enjoy Whitefish even if staying for only a single day. So, if you are ready to turn that wistful daydream into a waking reality, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (888) 716-0238 or contact us online today!

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