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Every season is the perfect season to visit our mountain town, each offering something special that makes visitors happy they chose Montana for their annual escape. In the winter, obviously it’s the fun to be had on the slopes and hills that are covered with snow. In the summer, it’s the lush green of the countryside and temperatures that aren’t too hot or cold. In the spring, the opportunity to continue with the winter sports while feeling the promise of warmer weather beckons. In the fall? The crisp mountain air and the kaleidoscope of colors that fills the skies may be why you know in your heart that fall is the best season of all! But you don’t have to take our word for it; this guide we’ve created for your fall Montana journey to Whitefish will help you make that decision all by yourself!

Day 1: Before the Crowds

Summer travelers are all back in school and at work and winter visitors haven’t quite made an appearance, so your fall Montana journey is the perfect time to avoid the crowds! Hike through the woods, enjoying the crispness of the autumn air, the lack of crowds, and the fall leaves that create a breathtaking and colorful canopy over your head. The Lupfer Trailhead is a particular favorite, offering a trek through the trees and allowing hikers to discover the unique beauty of the tamarack (larch) trees. At first glance, they appear to be an ordinary pine, but then you realize that you have never seen a pine tree turn that shade of gold before; yes, these trees do change colors with the season, your eyes are not deceiving you!

Day 2: Nature Isn’t for Everyone

Just because you’ve chosen one of the nation’s most naturally beautiful areas, it doesn’t mean you love getting out in it and dealing with dirt and bugs! It also doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate the stunning allure of the fire in the sky—either from trees or the sunset—from a distance, preferably with a drink in hand! Casey’s Skybar, 101 Central Avenue offers panoramic views of the countryside, fantastic drink specials, and live music, ensuring your night on the town is truly one you will never forget!

Day 3: Hot Chocolate for the Cooler Days

Fall is a season that experiences its own highs and lows, reaching the 70s on some days and then dropping down into the 20s on others. If you happen to be feeling a little frigid during your visit, a visit to Copperleaf Chocolat should be on your vacation to-do list! They offer everyone’s favorite sweet in all forms, including mouthwateringly delicious hot chocolates from all over America and Europe. Grab your favorite flavor and enjoy a cuppa yum in the comfort of your I Love Whitefish autumn abode; a roaring fire in the fireplace offers an added bonus of warmth!

Day 4: Bargain Browsing

A vacation isn’t truly successful unless you have taken at least one day to shop until you drop, and if you get a few bargains in the process, all the better! Central Avenue in Whitefish is our downhome version of New York’s Fifth Avenue, offering a selection of stores guaranteed to thrill. Offering everything from Bookwork’s to Whitefish Quilts, your fall getaway will shine brighter when you spend time browsing the wares of these great establishments!

Day 5: Something Different

Every visit to Whitefish promises to offer something different, but if you really want to change it up a bit, why not check out what Hank’s Hatchets has to offer? Let off a little steam as you sip on the brews you brought along (as long as there are no minors in your group), hang out with your friends, and practice your axe throwing skills! Don’t worry if you have never thrown an axe before, however, as Hank provides skilled guides to ensure you don’t throw the axe down the wrong aisle! Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase, but if you’re looking to enjoy something stronger, you can definitely BYOB if you are 21 or over!

Day 6: Rainy Days Can Be Fun

On rainy days, chances are you will want to stay inside and perhaps do something a little artistic, and Stumptown Art Studios at 145 Central Avenue offers walk-in classes for pottery painting and glass fusing, allowing guests the opportunity to take a little something home that means a little more than the normal souvenir! Paint a pretty pot in your favorite shade of red or fuse together colorful squares of glass to form something that will forever hang on the walls of your home sweet home.

Day 7: Wish You Could Stay Longer!

We really do hate to see you go, but it’s a part of vacation life! But, before you go, be sure to spend at least one day of your stay exploring the amenities of your I Love Whitefish fall sanctuary. Featuring all the comforts of home, our properties are an integral part of your vacation experience; reserve yours today and contact us!

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