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When it is time to take your annual family vacation, you could go somewhere glitzy and fancy and spend your entire getaway realizing you made a huge mistake, or you could visit Whitefish, Montana and enjoy a trip filled with love and laughter. If you’re reading this, we’re going to bet you chose the latter! Whitefish is a town that will welcome you and make you feel like you are a part of our family, as you explore the beauty of the outdoors and experience the wonders of small-town life with a variety of indoor activities. This guide to a family friendly MT journey will keep you entertained from your first steps inside your I Love Whitefish vacation escape until the final parting glance!

Day 1: Welcome to Whitefish

Every vacation is different depending on the season and the traveler, so why not take this first day to sneak a peek at our towns many charms. Choose your rooms, unpack your bags, and head for the downtown area to enjoy a meal that everyone will agree on: a pizza from Mackenzie River Pizza Company, located at 9 Central Avenue. Offering your favorite pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and a few specials you will wish you had the recipes for, this tasty spot is a hit with families of all sizes! The menu is bigger than many novels and includes one of our favorite desserts, the Mack Lovin’. Made with homemade chocolate chip cookies, served in a hot tin pan, and topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, this special treat is large enough to share!

Day 2: The Family That Plays Together

Becoming an adult is no fun, and it takes our children to make us realize what is important in life! Spend some of your Whitefish getaway exploring surrounding cities, and when you get to Columbia Falls (just a few miles outside of Whitefish), take a turn in the door of the Amazing Fun Center! Located at 10265 Highway 2 E and offering a plethora of kid-friendly activities, you can solve a life-sized 3D puzzle, play 18 holes of miniature golf, or take the fun to the go kart tracks for hours of excitement. Also offering bumper boats and basketball hoops, the family that plays together here will stay young and vital forever!

Day 3: Picnics and Playgrounds

There are a lot of parks to explore in Whitefish, and Baker Park is one of our children’s favorites and will more than likely be your child’s favorite as well! Offering places to picnic with a river running through it, the playground in the center is designed with your youngest travelers in mind! Take a stroll along paths that are well maintained and easy to maneuver your stroller over, enjoy a picnic under mature trees, or sit on the bench and watch your offspring run mild on a supersized jungle gym; there are no wrong choices at Baker Park, just fun options!

Day 4: Sweeten Your Disposition

Even the best vacations are bound to have moments of grump as children fight to find their comfort zones in a new environment, but Sweet Peaks Ice Cream has just what you need to sweeten the pout during your family friendly MT getaway! And whether you decide to take a gamble on a new flavor (the Old Timer made with sweet, salted cream, and crushed butterscotch candies) or stick to the classics (We all have love for Chocolate Love!) this sugar shack is open year-round!

Day 5: Masters of the Game

If you haven’t tried the latest trend to sweep the country yet—escape rooms—your trip to Whitefish is the perfect time to dip your toes into the game! Hidden Key Escape Games, located at 5790 U.S. 93 S is open every day of the week from noon until 10 PM and offers four escape rooms in which you can spend an hour of your lives trying to escape from, and a Rage Room from which you may never want to leave! Escape the rage that today’s political climate may invoke by throwing plates and smashing objects they provide and walk away feeling at peace!

Day 6: Take a Hike

It takes a lot to tire out your kids, but we think a hike along any of the trails that run through our mountain paradise will do just the trick. Head over to Whitefish Lake and take a few pictures of the ducks paddling by and follow the paved trails with your children eagerly leading the way. The pavement allows you to maneuver your stroller easily, should you be traveling with infants or toddlers.

Day 7: Time to Go – Family Friendly MT

All good times must come to an end, but the fun you’ve had in our I Love Whitefish family escapes will last a lifetime. Reserve yours today and contact us!

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