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Whitefish, Montana offers a pristine natural environment that you’ll absolutely want to explore during your time in the area. But if you’re looking to take it even further, you can plan a vacation specifically to challenge your body and improve your health and wellness. Check out our guide to a health and wellness journey to Whitefish, Montana, and build some strength and endurance during an incredible escape exploring fitness in Whitefish, MT!


Lace up your hiking boots, fill your backpack with water and snacks, and hit the trails through the woods, snow-capped peaks, and dirt paths surrounding the bustling town of Whitefish, MT. Nothing is better than breathing the fresh mountain air, bringing a packed lunch by a bright blue lake, and bonding with your friends or family.

Suppose you are new to hiking and want an easy and fast hike that is going to get you used to the atmosphere. In that case, the Lion Mountain hike brings you through an easy forest, takes you to a scenic overlook, and then back to the parking lot. We love this as a suitable hike for older individuals, kids, and those afraid to be out and about in the wilderness.

For those who feel more comfortable in the woods, on the mountain peaks, and farther from the center of the town, the Danny on National Recreation Trail is the best of the best. This is considered a hard trail and takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete. To cut off some of the elevation and make it a shorter day, you can take the gondola down for $15.

Whitewater Rafting

There is nothing better than going whitewater rafting to experience an adrenaline rush and be outside in the beautiful nature. We recommend using one of the professional rafting companies to rent a boat, learn the proper safety, and cruise along the rapids at high speeds while having a fantastic time.

Use the Glacier Raft Company no matter your age, personal preferences, and skill level. This offers the state’s best whitewater routes for you to explore at your leisure, including streams along the Middle Fork, North Fork, and Flathead River. We recommend the multi-day rafting trip if you have a long vacation, or the half-day scenic float if you are in the mood for a leisurely day on the water.


There are tons of cycling paths and biking trails for you to enjoy during your time in Whitefish this upcoming vacation. Burn some calories and build strength in your legs by tackling some of the mountain biking trails or road paths that will take you super far and show you sights you wouldn’t see in the middle of town.

We love the downtown Whitefish and Whitefish River Trail for those who want a beginner path to get used to being back on the bike again. Once you are comfortable on two wheels, try your luck at the Whitefish Lake and Lakeshore Drive path, totaling around 8.5 miles and bringing you more than 300’ into the air from the starting point.

Another great choice for a more challenging afternoon out with your mates is the Whitefish Mountain and Big Mountain Road path, a whopping 15 miles with nearly 1900 feet of elevation gain, ensuring you get a good quad burn and continue your health and wellness journey during your holiday.

Trail Running

Lace up your sneakers and get ready to go trail running, hit the pavement, or try your luck at jogging to get used to your first 5K. Some of the best running routes in Whitefish include the Lion Mountain Trail, coming in at one of the most popular walking/running paths in the entire state. Another great choice for an easy and flat loop that offers pristine views is the Swift Creek Loop.

Hit the Gym

If you happen to come to Whitefish during a rare rainy spell or during super cold weather, it might be nice to spend some time inside to escape the clouds and strong breeze. Luckily, ample gyms in the area offer a free weights area, resistance machines, cardio equipment, and pool or sauna/steam room for you to use at your leisure.

The Wave Aquatic and Fitness Center is one of the best places to go if you want to spend a few hours inside, swim a few laps, lift weights, and use the nice bathroom and shower after a hard workout. Another great choice is PEAK Fit, a personal training and gym facility that will have you ready to climb one of the nearby peaks in no time.

For CrossFit lovers, don’t worry – Big Mountain Crossfit on Blanchard Lake Road is a big hit among those who want to find a local ‘box’ and throw down some big weights. Other specialized fitness facilities include the SBGI Whitefish Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym, Alpine Start personal trainer, Yoga Hive Montana, and LOVE YOGA hot yoga and barre facility.

Plan Your Health & Wellness Journey Now

Montana is home to many mountains, bright blue lakes, and outdoor-centric activities. We think this is the best spot to live a healthy lifestyle and stay on top of your fitness and wellness during vacation. Stay in one of our luxurious and cozy homes from I Love Whitefish to have a relaxing and health-centered vacation in nature.

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