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When one goes to the beautiful woods and mountains of Montana, one doesn’t plan on just sitting in a rental watching TV with the blinds closed. Rather, when one goes to the mountains, they do so with the goal of getting away from the hustle bustle of the city and being able to go out in nature and have an adventure they can talk about upon returning home. If you find yourself joining us in the search of exploration of the natural world and some good adventures, make sure you read on about how you too can have a Montana adventure journey in Whitefish!

Hike a Trail

There is no better Montana adventure than a good hike where you can lose yourself among the natural scenery and see what lies beyond the prying eye of traveling pedestrians. For instance, you might enjoy taking the Whitefish Trail, which is not only an easy nature hike, but also dog friendly, ensuring even your furry friend can see the mountain. As you walk, take in the sights of dense forests that cause the air to linger with the smell of pine and sprawling lakes that glisten in the sunlight. You also might enjoy exploring Flathead National Forest, which hosts a variety of trails that are perfect for all skill levels. What’s more, during certain times of the year you’ll find collections of berry bushes which you are free to pick and snack on as you hike (just be careful to check that they are edible berries). While you’re picking berries, make sure you take in the beautiful sights and enjoy the more tranquil and quiet nature of these trails compared to other more well-traveled ones.

Explore the Parks

There is no better adventure than the one you find yourself, and there is no better place to do so than in Whitefish, which offers several national parks and protected areas for you to lose yourself in as you explore their mysterious depths. For instance, head on over to Whitefish Lake State Park and enjoy all the fun of watersports as you fly across the water’s surface on skis, or possibly as you float among the currents and wait patiently for a fish to bite your line. You’ll also find a rather extensive hiking and biking system that make it perfect for doing some exploring after cooling off in the lake. You can even stop by Sea Me Paddle Kayaking Tours, Inc. and rent a stand-up paddle board, pedal boat, or even a kayak to explore the lake’s shores. One can even take the opportunity to do some horseback riding, which always adds a relaxing tone to any day. Further, you can enjoy taking in all the wildlife that calls the lake home, including waterfowl, bald eagles, migratory birds, as well as several species of fish!

Enjoy a Guided Adventure

While having an adventure on your own can be fun, at times it’s nice to give the reins to someone else and just enjoy the scenery, as well as get a running commentary on all the things you are seeing. For instance, you could head on over to Bicycle Touring, who offer three different cycling adventures to Northern Tier, Great Parks North, and The Great Divide. What’s more, they even offer several rock-climbing tours for those who are looking to tackle the rocks and show off just what they can do; they even offer all-day tours should you desire an extended adventure during your stay. You also might like to head on over to West Glacier & Polebridge Full Day Tours which will have you following a knowledgeable tour guide as they drive you to various sights in Glacier National Park. Enjoy six hours of exploration and learning, not to mention free snacks and drinks along the way!

A Place to Stay During A Montana Adventure

Of course, when you go on an adventure, you need someplace homey to look forward to returning to at the end of the day. Well, there is no place better in the area for welcoming rentals than I Love Whitefish. With us, you will find a wide variety of rentals ranging from the large and grand, which are perfect for the big reunion, to the small and quaint for the single family looking to reconnect and have some time away. You’ll also find that our rentals come with a wide range of different amenities, each unique to the rental, giving them an induvial personality and feel. As a company we are dedicated to not only giving you a warm rental to return to but also to giving you the vacation you have always dreamed about. We are all locals, and thus are more then willing to help you put together a plan that will have you seeing all the sights and having your own adventurous tale to tell.

If you are ready to have an adventure in the expansive wilderness of Montana, make sure you pick up your phone and give I Love Whitefish a call today at (844) 948-1273 or book your rental property online!

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