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New Year’s is arguably the biggest party of the year. People go out all across the world, ringing in the New Year with their loved ones, friends, family, and partners. They go to bars, clubs, dance halls, friend’s houses, pubs, and concerts. But what if you don’t know what to do for the upcoming holiday? A New Year’s Eve journey to Whitefish is what you’re looking for.

We have a great solution! Whitefish is a nature-centric location that is great for outdoor activities, watersports, incredible nature, fun things to do, and down-home casual food. You may not think that this mountain town is an exciting place to ring in the new year, but we are happy to tell you that you are mistaken. 

Whitefish activities include tons of parties, events, celebrations, and festivities that are perfect for people of all ages and interests. Whether you are coming to Montana with your little kids, partner, or older parents, we guarantee that there is a NYE celebration that you will love. Let’s check out one of the best itineraries for those who want to celebrate 2023 in Whitefish, MT!  

New Year’s Journey to Whitefish

The best way to start off New Year’s Eve is to start drinking, right? Right! After a hearty breakfast from one of the many restaurants or cafes in downtown Whitefish, it is time to start going on a DIY brewery and distillery tour. It doesn’t matter if you love beer or you would rather have a dram of whiskey — there is something for everyone in Whitefish. 

Head to Bonsai Brewing Project to taste some strong IPAs, Montana Tap House to get a pint of a lovely porter, or try one of the many distilleries. We recommend heading to Spotted Bear Spirits to have a small shot of liquor before heading to dinner for the night.  

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Firebrand 

The Firebrand is a well-known and fancy restaurant that is great for those who want tasty food, big dishes, and good vibes. It isn’t too high-end, so you don’t have to feel the need to dress up, but you can if you want to! The Firebrand is popular among tourists and locals alike — this is how you know the food is REALLY good!  

Head here to enjoy the special Holiday Menu, featuring big cuts of meat, mouthwatering sides, fresh seafood, sweet desserts, and multi-ingredient cocktails that will have you feeling good by the end of the meal. Not to mention, the drink deals are great for those who want to get the most bang for their buck. 

You can have a great meal, enjoy drink deals, and then listen to live music with the local musician, Luke Lautaret, who will play upbeat tunes that are sure to get everyone on their feet and dancing! Head here any time between 5 pm and 10 pm to start the evening off right with amazing culinary dishes, live music, and fun people.  

Boat Club at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake 

Another cool place to listen to some live music and get your dancing shoes on is the Boat Club at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake. Jameson and the Sordid Seeds, a well-known band in the area, will head here at 9 pm to start playing some exciting tunes to get people out of their seats and on the dance floor with their date for the night!   

New Year’s Eve Hawaiian Luau at Casey’s, Whitefish 

If you are really in the mood to party all night long, head to Casey’s after you leave the Boat Club at the Lodge! You can listen to Freddy the DJ, a well-known musician in the Whitefish area who can get anyone and everyone on the dance floor and ready to dance for hours and hours on end.  

After starting out music at an early age, Freddy’s career soon took off, hosting numerous events, managing nightclub DJ booths, leading a drumline, and playing in nightclubs across the entire country. He is famous in the music industry, playing for Las Vegas nightclubs and Fortune 500 companies all across the nation. Sounds fun, right? We think so too! Head here if you are in your young 20s or 30s and want to dance and drink the night away.  

Start the New Year in Whitefish 

Whitefish may not be the first place in mind you think of when it comes to New Year’s Eve, but it should be! You can avoid the tons of crowds and high prices in cities like NYC and Orlando, and instead go to a fun-filled party with live music and all-night dancing! Save money, have fun, and get good drinks — what more could you want?  

Plus, after a long night of dancing, you can head back to a cozy home offered by I Love Whitefish. We have a large range of properties that can suit your unique needs, whether you need a one-bedroom cabin in the woods or you would rather have a large mansion for you and your best friends.  Contact us to book your stay today!

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