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Whitefish is home to some of the best outdoor activities in the entire state. With watersports, summer activities, family-friendly activities, and winter sports, there are tons of things to do here all year round. It doesn’t matter if you are a snow bunny or if you would just like to hike to the tallest peak in the area — Whitefish is a sports lover’s dream. Let’s check out some of the best sports to do here during your stay in Whitefish — adrenaline junkies and exercise lovers unite!


There are many water sports to try during your time in Whitefish, Montana. With tons of lakes that make it easy for you to easily access crystal clear waters, we love this town as a home base for jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and much more.

Some of the activities for beginners to win Whitefish include paddle boarding and stand-up paddle boarding. You can even take a stand-up paddleboard yoga class to really find your Zen and get in some great muscle-toning exercise! For another slower-paced activity, canoeing down a lazy river or in the lake is a fun way to get some sun on your face and still work those arms.

Other more fast-paced water activities include kayaking and wakeboarding. You can easily rent a kayak if you don’t have one and take it out on one of the rivers or on the lake for some exercise or to go visit your friend who lives on the other side of the lake! And wakeboarding is a great activity to do with your pal who has a boat — all you have to do is learn how to stand up! It might be harder than it sounds, but it sure is fun to try.

For “experts” in the water, we recommend renting a jet ski or learning from a professional company how to operate one of these heavy-duty machines. Jet skis are great for those who are adrenaline lovers and want to feel the wind in their face, go fast, and enjoy others’ company during a hot summer day.


Hiking is a great gateway to see views that you would never have otherwise. After a few hours’ walk to the top of a mountain through one of the marked trails, you can enjoy extremely rewarding views over the nearby areas. You can check out the Big Mountain, see the nearby lakes, and view the town down below.

Some of the best trails include looped tails around Big Mountain during the non-ski season or beginner, child-friendly trails that can help introduce your kids to the beauty of nature. We recommend heading to Big Mountain or visiting the local tourist information center to get a map of the marked hiking trails before packing a lunch, bringing a backpack, and heading out into nature.


Okay, so this might not technically be a sport — but we think it is! Rent a boat and get out on the water with your friends, learn how to drive a smaller motorboat, or rent a bigger catamaran to hang out with your extended family during your summer vacation. You can then do sports off the back of the boat, like wakeboarding! Boating is a great way to get all of your friends in one place during a busy summer season!

The Best Accommodations in Whitefish

So, where should you stay during your upcoming trip to Whitefish, Montana? If you are going on vacation so you can enjoy sports, get outside, and burn a few calories, then you need an accommodation option that is conducive to getting to the nearby lakes and trails! Fortunately for you, we have the perfect place in mind.

I Love Whitefish is a reputable accommodation company that offers luxurious options for females, friends, and solo travelers. Whether you want a small cabin for one or two people, or you are looking for a modern mansion that can house up to 14 guests, we have something for everyone. Plus, if you are into sports and the surrounding nature, our properties are in the best locations. You won’t have to spend hours in the car to get to your favorite hiking trail or spend time sitting in traffic to get to the lake; instead, you can walk outside of your front door, and there you are! It’s as simple as that. All of the properties offered are in great locations for those who want to take advantage of nature on their backdoor.

So, instead of spending hours and hours looking for a hotel room near Big Mountain, use I Love Whitefish to find rooms and houses to meet your needs. You can browse between lakefront rentals, boat-friendly rentals, pet-friendly rentals, family-friendly options, and luxurious cabins that have everything you could ever need and more! What are you waiting for?

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