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Often, when we head out on a vacation, we are eager to bring the entire family along and be able to enjoy our escape with those we love the most. However, there is one family member that is frequently left at home, and we all know the pang of having to look into that furry face and see those hurt eyes as we leave them behind to head out on adventures without them. Well, we know some travelers want to bring their furry little friends along. If you agree with this and are looking to bring your own pet along with you this vacation season, make sure you read to see how much fun you can have on a pet friendly journey to Whitefish!

A Good Hike

One thing that our furry friends love more than anything is a chance to explore and check out all the new smells and sights along with you. You might like heading over to Glacier National Park, which features 700 miles of hiking trails snaking through beautiful flower-strewn meadows, towering mountains, fascinating historic chalets, and much more! Not only this, but you are quite likely to catch a glimpse of some of the local critters including deer, elk, beaver, Canadian geese, and more. One could also head on over to the Flathead National Forest, which features a variety of trails fit for all skill levels. The real perk is that during certain times of the year, you’ll find a plethora of berries that you are free to pick and snack on. You’ll also find it’s quite a bit quieter than other more popular hikes such as the Whitefish Trail. Speaking of which, you might enjoy checking out said trail, as it is popular for a reason! You’ll find that is not only well maintained, but really the perfect nature hike for those who are looking for an easy trail. To make it better, it is fully dog friendly! One might also enjoy heading out to the Living Wetland Interpretive Trail, which features 14.7 acres of wetland; learn about the area as you slowly make your way down its snaking path.

Explore the Forests

While there are many trails to check out, you are sure to enjoy some other areas such as Whitefish Lake State Park. You’ll find plenty of hiking trails of course, but also all of your favorite lake activities. There is of course hanging out on the lakeshore and tossing a ball for your friend to retrieve or heading out into the water for classic watersports. One might also like to head on over to Les Mason State Park, which features 585 feet of sand and shoreline to do with as you please. You’ll find not only good water for swimming, but also picnicking as well as canoeing and kayaking, which is always a good time.

A Place to Call Home

In addition to plenty to do and see, you’ll also need a place to call home during your time with us. When you rent with I Love Whitefish, you will find a wide variety of different rentals, ranging from the grand to the cozy, simple and elegant to the colorful and bold, from the sleek edges of modernism to the warm woods of classical design. There truly is something for everyone. You’ll also find that many of our rentals come with a full kitchen with all the cookware and dinnerware that you might find yourself needing to prepare a feast. Each home also comes with its own unique amenities that ensure each rental has its own personality and flair. You’ll find some with game rooms to ensure the competition is soaring late into the night, as well as some that come with private hot tubs for you to soak in after a long day of exploring. As a company, we try to do all we can to ensure your vacation is as perfect as you dreamed it would be. For this reason, after we help you pick out the perfect rental for you, we are more than happy to offer our local knowledge to help you put together an itinerary that will have you seeing all that Whitefish has to offer!

As one can see, Whitefish is the perfect place for those who are heading out with a furry friend. So, if you are curious about what different rentals we offer, or have questions about the area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 716-0238 or contact us online today.

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