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When traveling, there are many times that we might want to bring the entire family or head out with a group of our closest friends to experience the journey together. There are also times when we prefer to head out solo and enjoy the sights on our own. After all, it is sometimes nice to do what we want, when we want to, and not worry about satisfying a group. If you agree with this, read on to learn how you can put together a solo journey to Whitefish!

Explore the Forests

If there is one thing that Whitefish isn’t lacking, it’s forests and places to explore the outdoors. For instance, one might enjoy heading over to the Flathead National Forest, a lovely scenic hiking spot featuring tall guarding pine trees and towering cliffs above. You’ll also find this trail is quite a bit quieter than the other more popular trails, and to make things even better, you’ll find that during certain times of the year the berries are blooming, and you are free to pick to your heart’s content. You might also enjoy heading over to Whitefish Lake State Park, which features a variety of hiking and biking trails that will have you snaking through the woodland. There are of course all the typical lake activities, including fishing for those who are looking for an especially relaxing afternoon at the lake. If one would prefer a nice easy nature hike, head on over to the ever-popular Whitefish Trail, which features lake views as well as the towering woods around and above. You’ll also find that the trail is well maintained, which is always a nice touch when the heart yearns for something not too strenuous.

Enjoy the Town

There is quite a bit to see and do in Whitefish besides the many hiking trails that snake through the forests. For instance, one might like seeing the area’s more artistic side by heading over to Sunti World Art Gallery. You’ll find this gallery features artists from North America, Europe, and Asia. You’ll find everything from teakwood carvings to live-edge wood furniture, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and everything in between! Afterwards, head over to their café to grab a cup of organic specialty coffee as well as a pastry or tea sandwich. The garden makes for the perfect place to enjoy your little snack as you gaze at the beautiful plants before you. If one is looking for a particularly relaxing afternoon, head over to Spa at Whitefish, which features a variety of spa packages as well as complimentary fruit-infused water, naturopathic teas, and small bite. One could also head on over to Bar W Guest Ranch to enjoy a relaxing horse ride through the meadows and woodlands. After, head on over to Hank’s Hatchets to try your hand at axe throwing, and even receive a lesson or two to help master your technique. End the day with a trip to the Glacier Symphony Chorale, which features a variety of different concerts throughout the season, and which is sure to be a lovely activity that you are sure to enjoy.

A Place to Stay

You’ll also need to make sure that you have a place to call home while you are travelling and exploring. Well, you’ll find that we here at I Love Whitefish offer a variety of different rentals for you to choose from. You’ll quickly find though that there is something for every taste. You’ll find some that are colorful and with all manner of décor, while you’ll also find others with sleek edges and dark colors. Many of our rentals come with a full kitchen, which is always a perk, as your home will truly feel as such once it is filled with the tantalizing scents of a home-cooked meal. As a company, you’ll find that we are dedicated to helping you have a vacation that you will look back upon fondly. For this reason, we are not just happy to help you find and pick out the perfect rental to call your own during your stay with us, but also to help you put together that all-important itinerary. Thanks to us all being locals here, we also can fill you in on all the secret hidden gems that lie around the forest area.

So, as you can see, heading out on a solo journey to Whitefish truly has the potential to be one of your favorite memories. Should you have any questions about our rentals or the area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 716-0238 or contact us online today!

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