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Spring is the season of promise, offering the promise that the harshness of winter is over, warmer days are ahead, and the beginning of flower buds pushing through the dark soil below your feet as the leaves on the tree above your head begin to unfurl. Spring in Montana can still be cold, especially in the early months, but rather than limiting your activities, it opens up your opportunities, allowing visitors the chance to experience the sensation of promises kept. This guide for your spring Montana journey to Whitefish offers a list of activities that help make this vacation one you will never forget!

Day 1: Before the Snowfalls End

As we stated earlier, winter in Montana tends to trail into the early months of spring, but the crowds that generally accompany the season, our most popular for tourists, do not. Ski season starts in December and lasts until the middle of April, so grab your ski gear and head to the mountain for some last-minute schussing down the slopes with your family and friends! When you get hungry, mountain cafés and coffee shops offer just what you need for a quick pick me up, and when you make that last excursion down the final slope, après ski at mountain bars will warm you up quick.

Day 2: It’s Always a Good Day for Golf

It’s not just melting snow and rising temperatures that signify the new season; the re-opening of the golf courses is also a signal that spring has sprung, even if they do open near the end of spring. The Iron Horse Golf Course, located at 2150 Iron Horse Drive, is a popular one, offering a practice facility that stays open year-round. But in May, when the greens are vivid and bright, we know that we can FINALLY celebrate the end of winter.

Day 3: Stay Warm Inside

Retail therapy clears up the blues and keeps you warm when winter takes one last swipe at you during your Montana getaway. Turn your rental car towards Central Avenue and the big brick building known as the Toggery for a few hours of indoor fun. Offering everything you could want for an outdoor adventure, the clothing, footwear, and accessories found here are uniquely Montana and much appreciated on the colder days when your lighter winter clothes simply can’t meet the challenge of facing up to a Montana spring!

Day 4: All the Fun to Be Had on Two Wheels

Mountain biking is another popular springtime activity in Whitefish, and because it’s difficult to lug your bike cross country during your travels, there are plenty of places in the area that will rent mountain bikes for your day of excitement on the trails! Glacier Cycling & Nordic, 326 E Second Street, offers everything you need for shredding the trails, including accessories like car racks, bike helmets, and kid trailers. (Obviously, the latter is designed for those who are looking for a tamer ride!) Also renting out electric bikes, these two-wheel transportation options are a great way to get outside and explore the neighborhoods that surround your I Love Whitefish spring Montana sanctuary!

Day 5: Mark It Off Your Bucket List

Visiting the national parks that dot the landscape of our nation is often a bucket list item that never truly gets checked off, as there are 423 of them located throughout the United States. You can, however, check at least one park off your list when you visit the Glacier National Park, located just a few short miles away from your I Love Whitefish vacation escape! Hike through the wilderness or drive along the roads that cut through the park, revealing natural treasures that never fail to amaze.

Day 6: A Sip, Snack, and Smile

The nightlife in Whitefish may not match that of bigger cities, but if you’re looking for a Spring Break experience that is milder than the ones of your college days yet equally fun, a visit to the Great Northern Bar should be added to your Montana travel itinerary. Located at 27 Central Avenue, Great Northern has been a local tradition since it first opened its doors all the way back in 1919. This is the spot where tired travelers can enjoy their favorite pub grub, play a few games of pinball, listen to live music, and of course, sip the drinks that makes them smile.

Day 7: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy – Spring Montana

As your trip draws to its natural conclusion, a touch of sadness is to be expected. This past week has been one you will never forget, as you played hard, ate well, and slept even better in your I Love Whitefish spring sanctuary! Reserve your stay today and discover a world of beauty you never knew could exist! Contact us!

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