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When we were growing up, summers were a magical time. The days stretched out in an endless array of popsicles and sticky fingers, swimming pools and bike rides. We waited until about 15 minutes before our parents got home to hurriedly start and finish our chores, and we spent as much time in the great outdoors as possible, reveling in the knowledge that time to go back to school was way off in the future. Times are different now, even for our own kids, but if you want to experience a summer like those you remember once again, Whitefish, Montana is where your journey should take you, and our I love Whitefish summer sanctuaries will welcome you in and keep you safe, warm, and comfortable every minute of your stay. This guide to your summer Montana journey in our favorite Montana town will make this vacation one you will never forget.

Day 1: A Walk Through the Farmer’s Market

The lazy days of summer are always sweeter when accompanied by the fresh produce and home baked goodies found at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market. Open on Tuesdays from 5:30 until 7:30 from May through September, the market is where the produce is always fresh and the sun is always shining, at least in our minds! Take a walk through the aisles, squeezing the avocados, sniffing the cantaloupes, and feeling whatever remaining travel tensions you have fade away under the bright Montana sun. Artists and craftsmen and women also like to set up shop here, making these two hours shine even brighter.

Day 2: Fly Through the Sky

The Montana landscape is a sight to behold, especially as you are flying across a zipline at the Whitefish Mountain Resort! Open from June through September, the zipline is longest one in the state, offering up over 1900 feet of line as high as 300 feet above the ground; the views will take your breath away! Fly through the sky, led by two experienced guides who are there to make sure your time in the sky is safe, and if you’re looking for a little more excitement, check out their Zipline Package which includes the zipline experience, round-trip chairlift rides, an Alpine Slide Ride, and a summer tubing experience!

Day 3: Take a Walk

Ok, we aren’t just talking about a walk around the block; we are talking about a hike through the glory that is the Montana landscape. The Swift Creek Trailhead offers unpaved trails that are well-maintained and meandering along the creek for which the trailhead is named. Heavily wooded, the canopy of trees keep you cool in the summer, the sun creating a magical light as it peeks through the trees. Novice hikers may have to exert a little more effort as they reach the end of this easy to moderate ranked trail, but the simplicity of it makes it a perfect activity for families with older children. Huckleberry bushes that can be found throughout offer a juicy and sweet treat that add to the charm of your hike through the woods.

Day 4: Swimsuits and Flip Flops

On the days when the sun shines bright and the heat of summer Montana brings a hint of sweat to your brow, a trip to City Beach will offer the cool relief you seek. Spend the day frolicking in the water, building sandcastles in the sand, and picnicking under mature trees that provide protection from the sun. Swim laps from the markers that signify the swimming areas, read the latest blockbuster under an umbrella on the beach, or if you didn’t completely plan out this visit to City Beach, just enjoy some quiet moments sitting on wooden benches, breathing in the peace and serenity Whitefish Lake has to offer.

Day 5: Ahoy There!

Of course, not all the fun has to take place close to land when you start out your day with a visit to Whitefish Marine and the opportunity to rent the boat of your choice. Spend your summer hours skimming the waters of Lake Whitefish in a pontoon boat, enjoying the ever-changing scenery, or rent a ski boat and spend your time ON the water atop water skis or an innertube!

Day 6: Sticking Close to Home

Sleep in a little later and spend this part of your journey enjoying the luxury amenities that come standard with your I Love Whitefish summer sanctuary! Play your favorite games—the board games you brought along, or the ones that fill the game room—binge watch shows on state-of-the-art televisions or have an old-fashioned barbecue to be enjoyed on the deck that runs along the back of your home. Every minute of your time in Whitefish is destined to be exciting when you choose I Love Whitefish for your vacation escape—reserve yours today!

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