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In this modern world, many of us can find it difficult to find a time where we can head out on a nice long and relaxing vacation where we can truly get away and recuperate. For this reason, at times we decide to use one of our weekends to get away and at least have a chance to relax a bit before the weekend is over and it is once more time to return to the daily grind, we have all gotten to know so well. Since one only has the weekend to enjoy all that your vacation destination has to offer, it’s more imperative than ever that one has an itinerary in place to see and do all that you wished. Well, if you find yourself in this same position, read on about all one can experience during a weekend journey to Whitefish, Montana!

Enjoy the Fresh Air

Of course, one can’t head to Montana and not check out the variety of different outdoor activities in the area. For instance, you might enjoy heading on over to Glacier National Park. Featuring 700 miles of trails, one will have plenty to explore during their weekend trip. Make sure you keep your eye out, as you’ll find that several different types of wildlife just might come out to say hello and check out the new visitor. One could also head on over to Flathead National Forest to enjoy a rather scenic hike that includes tall watchful pines, towering cliffs that rise high above you, and a wilderness which is breathtaking no matter the time of year—not to mention that if one comes during the right time of year, they’ll discover a multitude of berry bushes for you picking pleasure. One could also check out the Whitefish Trail, which is perfect for those looking for an easy and laid-back excursion. You’ll find the trail is not only well maintained and heavily forested, but even dog friendly for those looking to bring their furry friend along for the adventure.

Take a Tour

After one has spent some time doing some exploring, one might enjoy heading out on a tour to learn a bit more about the wilderness and city in which you find yourself. For instance, you might enjoy heading out on a bicycle tour; you’ll have three different options, ranging from the Northern Tier to the Great Divide to the Great Parks North. No matter which you choose, or what company, you are sure to enjoy the views. After, one can always head on over to Backcountry Flying Experience, which will take you high in the air as you fly over Glacier National Park and see the woods from the viewpoint of the birds. One could also make the most out of the various breweries in the area by heading out with Big Sky Brews Cruise, which features a tour of the various breweries, but to make it even better, you’ll get to try four samples from each and even get a crash course in beer 101. If one is looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, head on over to Rock Climb Montana, which features a variety of rock climbing tours that range from beginner ones for those who are just starting out to advance trips for those who were practically born climbing the cliffs. You’ll also find they offer custom tours so you can truly see what you came to see. You also might enjoy heading over to Bar W Guest Ranch, which features tours from the back of a horse as you trot along the worn paths. Enjoy this two-hour tour which features a variety of landscapes, from woodlands to open meadows. If one comes in the winter, they even offer sleigh rides that feature cookies and hot chocolate after!

A Place to Stay

While the destination and itinerary are as important as any aspect to planning a vacation, where you stay can truly be what separates a memorable vacation from a good one. Well, you’re sure to find your ideal rental when you rent with I Love Whitefish. You’ll find a wide selection of rentals that are truly homey. You’ll find some which are large, others cozy, some extravagant, some elegantly simple. You’ll also find a variety of different prices, thus ensuring that no matter the budget you are looking at, you’ll find the place for you when you rent with us. Not only this, but you’ll find that many of our rentals come with various amenities that truly make the stay just that much more perfect. You’ll find some with billiard tables to keep that competition going well into the night, others with private hot tubs for a good soak as you enjoy the jets massaging your muscles after a long day of tours and exploration, and a variety of other equally desirable perks. As a company, you’ll find that we want nothing more than to give you that vacation you had been hoping for. For this reason, we won’t just help you find that perfect place to call your own over your vacation weekend, but also are more than happy to use our local knowledge to help you put together your ideal itinerary that will have you seeing the very best that our area has to offer.

As you can see, even just a weekend in Whitefish can be filled with a wide variety of different activities and things to do. So, if you’re ready to start the process of turning dreams into reality, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (888) 716-0238 or contact us online today!

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