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When you think about the state of Montana, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Big skies, of course, rugged landscapes, and maybe the history buffs out there will remember that the Battle of Bighorn took place in our beautiful state all those centuries ago. What you may not think about, however, is how perfect this state is for vacation property ownership, and how Airbnb has managed to make owning these properties so much easier than ever before! Based out of San Francisco and in business since 2008, this company isn’t the first to come up with an idea on how to advertise vacation accommodations (that initial idea was initiated by VRBO) but it is definitely one of the best known. But because you know that the vacation rental business involves more than taking pretty pictures and showing off the available rental dates, you may still be hesitating to purchase that great Montana Airbnb deal you found online!

I Love Whitefish, however, has exclusively managed vacation rental properties during its existence, and all it takes is a phone call to get us on board; this guide to our Montana Airbnb management services in Montana will help give you the final gentle nudge you need towards making one of the biggest investments you have ever made. It is easy, we promise, especially when you choose us to do the hard work!

From Design Tips to Taxes

If you were to sit down and make out a list of everything a vacation rental needs to be successful, chances are you would run out of ink and paper! There really is a lot, but before you panic, listen to what we can do and realize that you have already made some really excellent decisions—starting with purchasing your Montana vacation escape and by advertising on Airbnb. Beginning with the design and style of the home, our tips make it easy to take great pictures, and when we hire professional photographers, you can be sure that your home will stand out on the site. Guests want a home that is sparkling clean and structurally sound, and our in-house housekeeping and maintenance crews work hard to give them what they need, so your house will be shiny and clean when they arrive, and all the appliances will work as they are expected to. Dishwashers wash, air conditioners cool, and yes, that blender you have placed in the kitchen for emergency margaritas will blissfully beat the ice down as it can be included in the maintenance inspections we conduct regularly!

On the occasions when something unexpected happens (in the middle of the night because emergencies rarely take place during business hours!), our staff is on hand to take the call, resolve the issue, and make sure your guests feel as if they matter, all while you sleep blissfully unaware. Until regular business hours, of course, when we let you know how the entire situation was handled, because transparency means you are aware of everything that goes on with your property and you have full control!

What to Do in Montana

One of the little known aspects of vacation rental property ownership is that on occasion, you may need to play concierge to your guests, and even though Airbnb has blogs and articles that give travelers some ideas on what to do during their vacation, the company itself is based out of San Francisco which is over 1000 miles away from your Montana investment. How much could they know about horseback riding in Whitefish or the Museum of the Rockies? We live and play in what we think is the greatest state in the nation and we know that the Roosevelt Arch leading into Yellowstone had its cornerstone placed in place by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 and we pass that information on to enquiring guests! We also know where the best diners are, where the closest Walgreens may be, and where all the fish are biting and those are secrets we love to share with travelers!

The Less Fun Details

For every silver lining there can be gloomy clouds, and choosing I Love Whitefish for your property management needs allows you to see only the glittery silver! We take care of the occasional troublesome guests, we repair what needs to be fixed, and yes, we handle the paperwork and math that accompanies your investment. Quarterly taxes, end of year 1099s, and knowing all the state and local laws and regulations aren’t fun, but someone has to do them and wouldn’t you prefer that someone was us?

Yes, There’s More with Montana Airbnb

If any or all of this sounds like something you need to explore further, give us a call today or simply fill out the form on our I Love Whitefish property management page. There’s so much more we do for our owners, including offering an owners’ portal that is definitely user friendly, and we can’t wait to talk to you personally about all that I Love Whitefish can do for you! Contact us!

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