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Vacation rentals are becoming the hottest way to add to your investment coffers. The vacation rental market size is expected to reach $113.9 billion by the year 2027, with 75% of those properties being rented by the younger generations, a generation who probably doesn’t remember traveling any other way. With numbers like these, it is no wonder you are considering dipping your toes into this profitable business, and when your investment journey begins in Montana with a VRBO property, I Love Whitefish is the first place you should consider for your property management services. Property management may not be something you have considered before, but unless you want to do all the heavy lifting alone, cleaning, maintenance, middle of the night phone calls, taxes and more—the list goes on and on—hiring someone to help you succeed is the perfect idea! This guide to what you can expect when you choose I Love Whitefish for your Montana VRBO vacation rental will give you a clearer picture of what you can expect and how much easier it will be.

From the Beginning

You can add a property management service at anytime during your business process, but doesn’t it make sense to have our advice, help, and knowledge with you from the very beginning? We know the design secrets that make even the coziest vacation properties look spacious, luxurious, and desirable to everyone who happens upon it during their Montana VRBO search. We can tell you that the most popular color today is gray, that the newer sofa bed combos are far more comfortable and stylish than the ones you grew up with, and we can ensure that the pictures taken after the initial set up and cleaning is done will make your property the star of VRBO! And because we do the research, we help you come up with a rental fee that is not too high (scaring off potential renters) or too low (basically robbing you of the money you should be earning!) but is exactly right, giving you the maximum ROI.

Because We Care

When you choose I Love Whitefish, you get more than a company that phones in the work and charges you extra for everything they do; you get a family of people who care and treat your investment like it is their own. Vacation rentals are a pretty hefty investment, and we don’t want you to just get by, we want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, and we work hard to create a home that everyone will fall in love with! Our in-house cleaning and maintenance crews pay attention to the tiniest of details, ensuring that the space is clean, sanitized, and that the appliances large and small are working as they should. Inspections are conducted, guidelines for cleanliness are met and exceeded, and your guests are able to check in and out without having a care in the world. Middle of the night emergencies are handled expediently and with as little impact on the guests as possible, while homeowners can sleep blissfully through the night.

Our owners’ portal is user-friendly and will have all the details typed in for your clarification, but we will also notify you personally of any issues—during regular business hours, of course! Why should both of us have to suffer from interrupted sleep? When guests are looking for something special to do during their Montana escape from reality, we can offer them tips and hints that may not be found in the guidebooks. We live here, we play here, and we know the secret spots that make our state special, and we love to share them all. Playing concierge is just another one of the many hats we wear, and when your guests are happy, we are ecstatic, as happy guests often return, creating repeat business!

Knowledge Is Power

Another item of importance that you may not have thought about it when making the decision to purchase your VRBO rental in Montana is the law. State, local, and even federal laws can determine the success of any rental property or can cause financial downfalls with monetary sanctions. We make it our business to know the current laws and keep an eye out for new laws to ensure that your home stays free and clear of any problems. We help with quarterly taxes, we create the 1099s that Uncle Sam requires, and we do all the little things that, quite frankly, most investors really do not like having to do themselves. The list of everything we can do for you is a long one, and if you would like to know more, just give us a call or fill out the form you see on our property management page. We hope to hear from you soon! Contact us!

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