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Whitefish is home to numerous biking trails that are great for adventure seekers, thrill riders, and beginners who just want to get outside and have fun! There are tons of free spaces, bike parks, mountain trails, and easy Whitefish bike trails that you can explore during your time in the bustling outdoor-centric town of Whitefish, MT.

Spencer Mountain

Not sure where to begin? Check out the Flathead Area, including Spencer trails in Whitefish. Flathead Mountain Bikers has made it their mission to maintain the integrity of the trail system and the comprehensive network of jumps, moguls, trails, and standards, while also providing the local community with fun add-ons, technical features, and cool terrain.

We recommend starting at Spencer Mountain near Whitefish to check out the different levels of trails conducive to a variety of skill levels. The Spencer Mountain trails feature two easy paths, two medium paths, two difficult trails, and three expert trails that are ideal for adventurous mountain bikers with experience.

For beginners, you can’t go wrong with the Lookout Trail, featuring access to the upper Freeride Trail and easy way to get to the summit of the mountain. For a little tougher ride, the Otter Pop fast and smooth trail features tons of jump moguls, and terrain features. Advanced riders will love the Recess Track, complete with technical rock terrain and jumps.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

The best place to base yourself for the entire day out in the sunshine, or even your entire stay mountain biking on the mountain, is the Whitefish Bike Park. This expansive resort features almost two dozen trails, featuring nine trails specifically for mountain biking. We love tackling the Summit Trail, which helps you wind up and down the curvy mountain for nearly 10 miles.

Other great trails that are popular among local riders include Freebird, which can be expertly combined with Careless Whisper, featuring over 2,000 vertical feet of drops, jumps, and moguls. Expert riders love the sandy jumps, steep berms, soft dirt, and super-quick decline.

Tally Lake

Another fun spot for you to visit during your stay is the Tally Lake area, which is often a welcome respite from the crowds present at the Whitefish Resort and Spencer Mountain. Head in the car and drive just a few minutes to Tally Lake to explore backcountry adventures and wind your way through the lush green pine forests on your mountain bike.

We recommend going on the Reid Divide Trail all the way to the Boney Gulch, beginning with an intense 5-minute uphill slog, cruising along singletrack, and then traveling up and down for 7 miles of undulating terrain. The end of the trail will have you cruise down at speed towards Tally Lake, getting your heart pounding and showing just how fun 2,000+ feet of vertical drop can be.

Whitefish Trail

The Whitefish Trail is a great long-distance running and biking trail that features over 40 miles of terrain for you to attack at your leisure. You can either take this as an easy path or challenge yourself by doing a long-distance path and cycling as fast as you can. Most of the trails are connected via this trail, so it is great for hopping on and off trails in the Whitefish region.

We recommend taking the Haskill Line trail from the Whitefish Bike Park into the downtown area, including tons of climbs, steep sections, tough uphills, and expanded sections that are solely used for mountain biking. The single-track area lets you cruise at speed without worrying about running into horses, cyclists, or runners.

Smith Lake

Last but not least, we love the Smith Lake via Swift Creek Loop for a fun 7-kilometer jaunt right near the center of Whitefish, MT. This moderately challenging route is popular among mountain bikers, bird watchers, hikers, runners, and moderate cyclists. We recommend heading here early in the morning or later in the day to avoid crowds so you can tackle this trail at speed.

This exciting loop is fairly flat and fast, meaning you can go as quickly as you want on your bike on the trail. We like this loop for beginners who are just getting used to bumpy terrain and being out in nature on their fat tire bikes. Make sure you keep an eye out for dogs, walkers, and other pedestrians during your cycle, as this is a multi-use trail.

Book Your Getaway and Explore the Whitefish Bike Trails

And the best part? At the end of the trail and challenging ride, you can hop in the lake to cool off and get ready for the next adventure. When you stay with us at I Love Whitefish, you will love coming back home to chill out, shower, and relax before heading out for your next ride in the mountains.



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