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There is so much for you and the family to do when you stay in Montana over Easter Weekend. Instead of staying home and doing the same old stuff, this is a fun time for you to celebrate with your loved ones and try something new. Why not head to Whitefish for wholesome outdoor activities, fun annual events, and mouth-watering brunches that are sure to be a huge hit with the kids? Keep reading to see the top five Easter activities in Whitefish that are absolute must-dos when it comes to figuring out your weekend itinerary. We promise you will leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed.

Easter Brunch

First, Easter isn’t the same without a hefty brunch! You can choose multiple breakfast spots ranging from huge buffets to high-end eateries that churn out plate after plate of tasty dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. No matter what you are in the mood for, Whitefish has it all.

We recommend going to Boat Club Restaurant for this special occasion. This high-end and luxurious spot offers pristine views of the water and uses only the freshest ingredients that will make you not only full but feel good about the quality of food you are eating. Try the Lodge Breakfast for a traditional plate, or the crab cake benedict with blue lump crab cake, ground elk, and tons of veggies.

Suppose you’re in the mood for an Easter brunch that is located in a beautiful historic building. In that case, Loula’s Cafe is a staple of the communist yacht and offers hearty breakfast and brunch plates. Head here before 2 pm to enjoy breakfast in a large, sun-filled room with pristine views of the nearby lake and neighborhood.

Not sure what to order? Try the Second Street Burrito with scrambled eggs, spicy sausage, green chiles, pinto beans, and cheddar cheese with salsas for a unique Easter treat. Or, the Ski Bum special with two biscuits, creamy gravy, and two strips of bacon is always a crowd-pleaser.

Head Out for a Hike

After a huge brunch, sitting around and sleeping all day can be tempting. But we think that going for a nice, long hike is a fantastic way to burn calories, see the sights, and have fun with your kids. We recommend the easy Lion Mountain Trail for those who want a short hike that isn’t too strenuous or tough but offers tons of views and far-reaching vistas.

Suppose you want a harder trek that is going to take between 4 and 6 hours. In that case, the Danny on National Recreation Trail is a fun way to wander through the pastures, meander through the pine forests, and see the snow-capped peaks in the distance. Avid hikers will also love going on the Whitefish Valley Lookout hike for a short jaunt as a post-breakfast walk or run.

Easter Egg Hunt

Suppose you go to Whitefish with your kids this spring season. In that case, chances are you want to go for an Easter egg hunt to see the smiles on your kids’ faces, take photos that will last a lifetime, and grab some tasty candy in the process! Go to The Springs in Whitefish to take your picture with the Easter bunny, go on an Easter egg hunt, and meet other like-minded families who are there to have a fun Sunday afternoon.

Easter Service

Even if you are not super religious, it can be nice to go to church on Easter Sunday to listen to a few sermons, become a part of the community, and have a wholesome start to the day before heading off to a filling brunch. There are tons of churches for you to choose from within the town limits, so you can choose whichever one is closest to your accommodation.

Whitefish Museum

On the off-chance Easter Weekend is a bit cold or rainy this upcoming spring, it might be a fun time for you to learn more about culture and the history of the town that you are exploring. Head to the Whitish Museum to learn about the local history, visit the old town train station, look at railroad trinkets and souvenirs, and even teach your kid how to send a message in morse code!

Go Biking on the Whitefish Trail

Last but not least, burn a few calories and see the sights of Whitefish and the surrounding towns by tackling the Whitefish trail. We love going on the trail on a mountain bike or electric bike so you can pedal along at your own speed and feel the cool breeze through your hair. The Whitefish Trail offers more than 40 miles of public paths for you to take to scenic outcrops, overlooks, and dirt paths.

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