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Whitefish, Montana is one of the best spots for outdoor lovers who are interested in seeing nearby nature, going for walks with their family, and getting in some outdoor cardio during their holiday. Instead of just sitting on a couch all day long during your summer vacation, spending time outside on one of the numerous trails and paths is the best way to see the surrounding area, burn some calories from all of the vacation food, and see the nearby trees, mountains, and valleys.

Not sure where to start? We have a few suggestions. Whitefish is home to Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Flathead National Forest, and tons of green spaces that are great for hiking, walking, and spending time with your children, going bird watching or picking out flowers. Let’s check out five hiking trails in Whitefish that are good for beginners or advanced hikers — you don’t need to have heavy-duty boots to take on one of these beautiful trails around the Whitefish area!

Lion Mountain Loop

Are you on vacation with your older parents or younger children who are new to hiking in Whitefish or need to build their physical fitness? The Lion Mountain Loop is a beginner trail that only has 350 feet of elevation gain over the entire trail. However, just because this is a beginner’s hobby, it doesn’t make it any less special. The Lion Mountain Loop has expansive views over the nearby mountains, town, and pastures. At just 2.5 miles, you can easily finish this trail in less than one hour as a nice morning workout!

Valley Overlook

Coming in at a slightly longer distance of 3 miles, this hiking trail takes climbers to one of the best viewpoints in the entire state! Head to the Valley Overlook and bring a picnic dinner from Whitefish to sit on the bench, chat with your friends, and watch the sunset. We recommend getting takeaway food from Abruzzo Italian Kitchen or Ciao Mambo to bring with you on your nature getaway. Try spaghetti, pizza, or eggplant parmesan for a romantic date night outside with your partner on vacation!

Beaver Lake Loop

Are you an intermediate or advanced hiker? If so, we recommend checking out the Beaver Lake Loop for a longer and more strenuous walk that is sure to get your heart pumping. If you are feeling confident on the beginner trails, the Beaver Lake Loop is the next step. Plus, you don’t have to work that much harder to get amazing views and a great workout.

At just 4 miles, this easy loop has over 500 feet of elevation gain, helping you learn how to walk up hills and pace yourself on longer walks. Plus, since this trail is less than 10 miles out of the downtown area of Whitefish, you can easily drive here, run here, or bike here to go for a picturesque hike.

Woods Lake

Looking for another fun trail for you and your kids? If so, the Woods Lake and North Beaver trails are great for those who want to get great views with just a little bit of work. Featuring three amazing vantage points that overlook Woods Lake, Whitefish Trail, Whitefish Lake, and downtown Whitefish, you and your friends or family can bond with one another while being in the heart of nature.


Last but not least, Spencer is one of the top areas for beginners to walk and get some exercise during a brisk winter/spring day. Head to this 2,500-acre plot to go cycling, walking, hiking, and nature-seeing with your kids or family. You will run into tons of other people in this green space, so you will never feel unsafe or alone on this trail.

Hiking in Whitefish is a great way to get outside, see the wildlife, view nature, and spend time with one another! Whitefish, MT, is home to numerous hiking trails that range from beginner-friendly paths to lung-busting advanced trails to the tops of nearby peaks.

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