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Whitefish, Montana has a way with charm, stunning views, and access to fun in the great outdoors that makes it a one-of-a-kind getaway locale on the Map. Year-round, visitors head this way to make the most of the fresh air, beautiful vistas, and opportunities for new discoveries alike. When you pair that all up with a vibrant downtown and welcoming shops and eateries along the way, it’s not surprising Whitefish calls visitors back time and again. For those heading this way with an unwavering passion for time in nature, there are fascinating natural attractions to be found at just about every turn. The following are the top 5 natural attractions in Whitefish to make sure you add to your itinerary the next time you’re here.

Whitefish Lake

A true highlight of a getaway in this direction for many visitors looking to make the most of gorgeous natural attractions is time well spent at and on Whitefish Lake. No matter where you roam, you’ll find this sprawling body of water is easy to access whether you make time for an afternoon at City Beach, you’re trekking through Les Mason State Park, or you’re exploring the best Whitefish Lake Park has to offer too. Many visitors spend their time on Whitefish Lake paddleboarding their way through a sunny afternoon or kayaking and canoeing at their own preferred pace. Either way, it’s a family-friendly destination designed by nature to inspire.

Glacier National Park

Whitefish, Montana is often considered a gateway to Glacier National Park sitting just 30 miles from the main entrance to this stunning destination. If it’s amazing mountains, lakes, streams, and valleys you’re after, Glacier National Park has them all. The dynamic landscapes here are always thrilling and a prime place for wildlife watchers, nature photographers, or hiking enthusiasts to get their fill. From guided tours to independent outings, this is a local natural attraction you won’t want to miss when Whitefish is your vacation destination of choice.

Flathead National Forest

A trip to Whitefish also puts beautiful natural attractions like the Flathead National Forest right at the fingertips of visitors. This sprawling locale encompasses around two million acres of terrain surrounding Whitefish and is home to an abundance of wildlife and lovely views to enjoy. Bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, and even wolverines call this national forest home while the landscape provides a prime place for adventure if you’re a traveler looking to add hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, or white water rafting to your itinerary.

The Whitefish Trail

When you’re looking for a natural attraction to explore in Whitefish that gives you options to customize your day out and about with ease, the Whitefish Trail has it covered. In total, the Whitefish Trail spans 40 miles of terrain and hosts more than 12 trailheads to enjoy depending on preference. The trail makes its way through beautiful natural spaces and towering forests offering up an off-the-beaten-path vibe no matter when you explore that’s refreshingly easy to navigate. If you’re looking for an inviting first-time route to try out, the Lion Mountain Trail is a 3-mile loop that’s accessible just three miles from downtown off Highway 93. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy time immersed in amazing scenery alongside family and friends when you add this experience to your outdoor recreation list.

Flathead Lake

If you add a stop at Flathead Lake to your Whitefish agenda, you’ll be spending time at the largest natural freshwater lake in the Western U.S. that sits outside of Alaska! Brimming over with stunning viewpoints to explore, amazing wildlife to spot, and on-the-water fun options at every turn, Flathead Lake might end up being the highlight of your stay. In total, Flathead Lake covers nearly 200 square miles and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. You can reach the northern tip of the lake in just 30-minutes by vehicle from the center of Whitefish giving you plenty of time to spend the day soaking up the sun, kayaking, or fishing out on the water.

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