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Are you visiting Whitefish with your best furry friend in tow? There’s plenty to do here with your pup! Check out these top 5 pet-friendly activities in Whitefish, Montana to see our favorite things to do with your pet.

Hiking on the Outdoor Trails

Nothing is better than hiking with your beloved pet and hitting the trails while you bring your pup along for a walk. Instead of just walking around your neighborhood or letting your pup play in the yard, you can bring your dog along to some of the best walking paths, nature trails, and peak climbs in Whitefish, MT.

One of the most popular dog-friendly trails to tackle here is the Swift Creek Loop. This short, 2.3-kilometer path is ideal for those who want a quick walk with their dog as a pre- or post-dinner workout to help burn some calories and get your dog a little bit tired. Not only will you get a nice workout, but you will have extensive views of the river and large pine trees.

We also love bringing our dog along on the Beaver Lakes via Lion Mountain Trail. This hard path is 34 kilometers long, so bring tons of water for yourself and your dog during this intense adventure. Be ready to be outside with your dog for around 9 hours today, as this beautiful route is long but simple and walkable for people and pets.

You can also bring your pup on the original Lion Mountain Trail, a more suitable alternative for those who only want to be out with their dog for around 1-2 hours. This 4.2-kilometer path is considered easy and doable for people of various fitness levels, ages, and hiking experiences.

The Jewel Basin Hiking Area is another fantastic spot to bring your pup to walk on a leash. This expansive area offers more than 15,000 acres for you to head with your dog to enjoy the pristine weather, bask in the sunshine, and check out the Swan Range mountains. Make sure you bring your camera and soak in the views of the near Bob Marshall Wilderness during your hike.

Lastly, you can take a lesser-known path that may have fewer people and be better for your dog, like the Round Meadows Trail. This moderate path takes you through lush green forests, dirt paths, and multi-use roads for around 7 kilometers.

Visit Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a fun place for you to be outside for the entire day. This resort offers more than 24 miles of hiking and biking, which are dog-friendly. You can go for an early morning walk before the weather gets too hot in the summertime. You can even combine one of these paths with the long-distance Whitefish Trail to make for a super long day outside.

Grab a Beer

Don’t give your pup a beer, but you can head to the Bonsai Brewing Project or the Piggyback BBQ with your dog, and it won’t be an issue. Order a craft beer, like a strong IPA, sit in the sunshine, and chill out with your pup at the Bonsai Brewing Project. You can also bring your pup to the outdoor seating area at Piggyback to enjoy a famous barbecue and tasty sandwiches.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

After a few beers, tasty sandwiches, and sitting out in the sunshine, it might be time to cool off and hit your sweet tooth craving by going to Sweet Peaks Ice Cream. Not only can you get a few scoops for yourself, but you can order your pup the dog ice cream. This tasty ice cream is made with beef or chicken broth, with your choice of add-ins, like salty bacon or pumpkin.

Hugh Rogers WAG Dog Park

Bring your pup to this expansive dog park to play with other pups, meet other dog owners, and sit on one of the benches as you look out at the hills and the mountains. This is a highly rated dog park that brings in people from all over the county due to its multiple drinking fountains, wide open spaces, accessible paths, and benches for you to take a rest while your dog runs around.

Head Out on the Lake

Whitefish Lake is one of the main reasons that people come to Whitefish, MT for an outdoor-centric holiday. Rent a boat and bring your dog to the lake to enjoy a relaxing day filled with fishing, eating an al fresco lunch, taking a midday nap, and drinking an iced coffee as you chill out in the pristine weather.

Plan a Trip for the Whole Family and Enjoy Pet-Friendly Activities in Whitefish

As you can see, your dog is more than welcome here in Whitefish, Montana. When you stay with us, you can rest assured that after a long day, you can head home with your pup, curl up on the cozy couch, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your best bud. I Love Whitefish makes it easy for you to have a fantastic time with your loved ones.

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