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Have you been out on the ski slopes all day long? Maybe you are cold and wet from hiking for multiple hours, shredding down the steep mountain, or going cross-country skiing on one of the manicured trails. No matter the reason, getting a hot meal, a hot cup of cocoa, and sitting inside by a roaring fire sounds like a great idea! Luckily for you, we have rounded up the best places to get a hot meal in Whitefish, MT. There is no shortage of cozy pubs, bustling bars, and mouth-watering restaurants in Whitefish that can warm your toes, fill you up, and brighten your spirits with just a few bites of yummy food!


One of the most popular Whitefish, Montana restaurants for locals and tourists alike in Whitefish is Loula’s. This down-home restaurant is a casual spot that serves hearty breakfast, brunch, and lunch meals that are sure to keep you going until dinner time.

The chef only uses food from local sources, taking advantage of the free-range farms and nearby produce that makes the dishes so tasty. If you are looking for a farm-to-table restaurant that produces no-frills dishes, like biscuits and gravy, savory Eggs Benedict with local ham and wilted spinach, or Lemon French Toast with a sweet filling and sugary glaze, look no further.

Loula’s is open every single day until 2 pm, so make sure you get here before the lunch rush to have their infamous French toast, baked goods, savory egg dishes, and never-ending coffee pours! Our lunch lovers can also relish in the fact they serve double-decker sandwiches, Mexican-influenced burritos, and everything in between.

Tupelo Rille

Located right on Central Avenue, Tupelo Grille is consistently considered one of the top eateries in the entire county. Featuring Southern dishes with a few modern changes, the classic dishes here feature small changes and slight twists that will really knock your socks off. Try the chicken and dumplings with new spices, crawfish cakes instead of the typical crab cakes, or fried green tomatoes with creamy sauce. One thing to keep in mind before heading here for a hot meal on a cold, wintry day — make sure you book a table and make a reservation for any time of the day!

The Boat Club

Do you want a dining experience with lakefront views, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, and listening to local bands? If so, then head to The Boat Club! This restaurant located in The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is a staple for those who want local produce, home-grown dishes, specialty items, and mouth-watering seafood to split with the table.

Not sure what to get? We have a few recommendations. Try the shishito peppers with jalapeno remoulade or the sesame-crusted tuna with radish, cabbage, ginger dressing, and wasabi aioli to spit with the table. Or, if you want a seafood starter, you can’t go wrong with crispy calamari! For the main dish, we love the pan-seared Alaskan salmon for a healthy option, complete with golden raisins, red peppers, Israeli couscous salad, and red onion. Other healthy seafood dishes include seared North Pacific scallops with roasted cherry tomatoes, bacon lardons, and cornbread crumble. You can also try the seared Idaho trout with Huckleberry compote, poblano crumble, and green onion!

The Lodge at Whitefish

Along with The Boat Club, The Lodge at Whitefish also offers another casual spot that is better for those who want a laid-back hot meal after being on the slopes all day long. You don’t have to dress up when you head to this chilled-out spot, featuring pizza, multi-layer sandwiches, and burgers.

Whitefish Lake Restaurant

Last but not least, the Whitefish Lake Restaurant is an upscale eatery that offers hearty meat plates, cold seafood, and hot plates that are sure to warm you up after a long day of hiking, walking around the downtown area, and buying souvenirs for your friends back at home! Not only can you get a hot meal and sit in a cozy atmosphere, but you can gaze out of the window at expansive views of the nearby Flathead Valley and towering mountain peaks.

Plus, if you want a hot dish that won’t fill you up too much before a fancy diner, you can use the “Club Menu” and find light sandwiches, soups, and burgers. Try one of the hot sandwiches, like a prime rib, or hot soup, like vegetable or clam chowder, to de-ice your toes and fingers without giving you a stomach ache!

Other hot dishes that we highly recommend at this casual and tasty eatery include the Baked Escargot with artichoke hearts, garlic butter, brie, and crostini. We also highly recommend the smoked rainbow trout with red onions and blackberry horseradish. Lastly, one of our top hot and spicy dishes is the Thai Mussels with basil, tomatoes, and a coconut broth.

If you are in the mood for a filling entree, the walleye with pine nut-crusted meat, arugula, tomatoes, and aioli is a sure winner!

Enjoy Restaurants in Whitefish When You Book Your Whitefish Escape

These are just a few of the places you can get a hot winter meal during your vacation to Whitefish. Use I Love Whitefish to book a cozy cabin near some of the best Whitefish, Montana restaurants!

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