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The number one priority for having a fun and stress-free vacation is choosing somewhere you can truly relax. Whitefish, MT can give you the perfect balance of convenience and solitude. You can be close to all there is to do and see in a quaint town, while still being able to experience serenity and calm during your everyday life. Keep reading to see our picks for the top 5 relaxing spots in Whitefish for an upcoming getaway, spa trip, or retreat.

Whitefish Lake State Park

The first spot on our list is a must-visit if you are coming to Whitefish to experience the outdoor energy. There are tons of nature-centric activities when you are here, like hiking, fishing, nature-viewing, bird watching, walking, cycling, and just relaxing under the stars.

We recommend renting a boat or taking out your favorite kayak on the water on a hot and sunny day. You can also try your luck at water-skiing to see if you have great balance and get the adrenaline going. Other fun activities include fishing and bird watching with your children.

This park really has it all. Whitefish Lake State Park is a secluded, serene, and calm beach and park that is super convenient. This spacious park is just a short drive from downtown Whitefish, the Whitefish Mountain ski resort, and nearby suburbs. You can easily get here from any of our rental properties in less than 10 minutes.

If you are stuck on choosing an activity to do, we recommend contacting Sea Me Paddle Kayaking Tours to rent a kayak, learn how to paddle, and provide stand up paddleboards for those who do not want to stay on top of their exercise this vacation. Become one with your body, re-Zen your energy, and use the SUP board for some early morning yoga on the beautiful lake.

Head Out on a Hike

Another relaxing place for you to check out during your stay in Whitefish is the woods, forest, and nearby mountain peaks. There are endless easy hikes for you to choose from that will be perfect to calm your mind and make you feel good about using your body.

If you are new to hiking, Lion Mountain Loop is a great place to start. This fun and easy loop has just 350 feet of elevation gain in 2.5 miles, making it a fast and fun hike for you to do with your kids or older adults. Even though the hike is easy, the views are great for a relaxing and fun afternoon.

Another good choice that is popular among tourists and locals alike is the Valley Overlook hike. At a little bit longer, coming in at 3 miles, this hike is one of the most well-known in the entire state of Montana. We enjoy doing this hike and then going to the nearby Ciao Mambo for a filing dinner to refuel after a beautiful walk through the valleys and lush green forests.

Chill Out at a Café

Are you a little bit stressed out? Heading to a nearby cafe is a smart choice to calm down with some herbal tea or get a little pep in your step with a caffeine-laden iced coffee drink in the heat of the summer. We love going to one of the many downtown cafes to purchase some local items and shop around.

The Montana Coffee Traders is a hit among the locals and visitors due to the wide selection of bakery items, filling meals, and tasty drinks. We recommend trying one of the infamous Bocadillos, like the Farm to Market bocadillo with pork sausage, cheese, red onions, and green peppers. If you want something for breakfast, the breakfast sandwich with a NY plain bagel definitely hits the spot.

Have a Beer

There is nowhere better to relax than a bar or a brewery – that’s just common knowledge. So, where can you go for the great power of a craft beer, a sip of a cold one, or a pint of an IPA? Well, we think that going to the Bonsai Brewing project right in the middle of Wisconsin Avenue not only puts you in the heart of all things going along, but offers the most relaxing vibes and tasty drinks.

This laid-back and chilled-out brewery is a craft brewery and bar that specializes in making small-batch beers, different flavors, various hops, and tasty snacks that will keep you there for hours on end. Plus, with live music and friendly staff, you may never want to leave.

Relaxing Spots in Whitefish Include Relaxing at a Spa

Last but not least, we think that going to a day spa with your significant other, best friend, or on a solo trip is a fantastic way for you to de-stress from the typical stressors of work, school, or family life. Check out the Spa at Whitefish Lake and purchase a facial, massage, or multi-package to leave feeling better than ever before.

Not sure what to get? We recommend getting one of the November Features, like the Triple Shot Caramel Scrub sugar scrub with caffeine and arabica bean. Then, use the honey-chai milk lotion to revitalize and moisturize your skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

Our I Love Whitefish vacation escapes will relax and settle you. Contact us and reserve yours today!

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