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During our travels we cannot help but seek out the most beautiful Montana views, taking picture after picture to forever capture the scenery that takes our breath away, and when you visit Whitefish for the first time, you are about to discover that your itchy photo taking finger is going to get a workout! You can’t walk from your rental car to the gas pump without being distracted by nature’s bounty in Whitefish, which will make you and your family extremely happy, but it also makes this list harder to populate. How can we choose just five gorgeous views when there are so many to choose from? In any case, this guide to the top five spots for a gorgeous view will ensure that your Montana getaway will be an awe-inspiring one and your social media sites will be flooded with photos that will make your friends and family green with envy!

Summit House Restaurant and Bar, 3812 Big Mountain Road

To get the best Montana views you need to go up, and if you happen to be enjoying a huckleberry milkshake as you look out onto the glorious Whitefish landscape, all the better! Summit House Restaurant offers a menu filled with your favorite dishes and drinks, but it is the 360-degree views visible from the wall of windows that surround this local hot spot that will win your heart. Stay warm as the snow falls during the coldest days of the year or sit out on the deck sipping that sweet shake and take as many pictures as your camera or cell phone will let you! The beauty from this vantage point is destined to take your breath away.

Pig Farm Trail System, 4990-4846 Highway 424

Mountain bikers love our bike trails for very good reason; there are 42 miles of challenging trails that lead riders through some of the most beautiful country on earth! The Pig Farm Trail System is just one part of that system, and the views found along the way are destined to be some of your favorite. If you stop, get off your bike, and take a break, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the area. Offering panoramic views of the countryside, including forests of pines, fields of grass and wildflowers, and the mountains just beyond, the Pig Farm Trail System delights all your senses!

Danny On Memorial Trail

Prepare to perspire as you make your way up this 3.8-mile-long trail dedicated to the memory of a much beloved local skier, Danny On, as it goes from the village up to the summit of Big Mountain; the uphill trek is definitely worth it! Hiking through forests and meadows, the simple joys of butterflies flitting from flower to flower will cause you to pause in delight and bring out your camera that you will need to have ready. When you reach the top, views of our piece of paradise stretch out before you: the valley filled with charming homes, the lakes that serve as gathering spaces for wildlife, even Glacier National Park can be seen at a distance! Keep an eye out on your way up and down if you are hiking this trail in July, as the huckleberries that we are famous for are ready to be picked, making a healthy and delicious snack!

Fantasy Flights, 1985 Montana Highway 35, Kalispell

Although not in Whitefish proper, Fantasy Flights offers views of a lifetime as you fly through the air in the baskets of colorful hot air balloons. Flying season begins in June and ends in September. The hot air balloon pilot offers sunrise flights, sunset flights, and many other hour-long flights in between. There is no more beautiful sight in the world than the views offered from the balloons, and when the sky turns from inky black to soft pink to full on blue during their sunrise rides, you will wish these moments lasted forever. It is quiet in Montana during these early morning flights—the only sounds being you, the pilot, and the balloon—bringing a sense of peace and wonder to your soul.

Glacier National Park, West Glacier

Glacier National Park could literally fill every spot on every list we make, offering something that will make everyone feel like they have reached paradise, and so we are back again, this time placing the park at the number one spot for views. This is where you will get your first view of glaciers, discover the romance of a waterfall appearing seemingly out of nowhere, or where you will gasp at the austere beauty of snow-capped mountains that surround you. Hike the trails in the summer, finding your way to the crystal-clear waters of a variety of lakes and rivers that offer even more photo ops to impress your friends and family back home. Catch a glimpse of a quiet doe coming out to feed at sunset or hold your breath in awe as a hawk takes off in flight; everywhere you turn in Glacier National Park, you will find the most beautiful views of your life!

Bonus Montana Views

You may not have to go far to enjoy beautiful views: just open the curtains, pull up the blinds, or step out onto the balcony and be prepared to be wowed! Our I Love Whitefish vacation homes are located where the views are the best. Reserve yours today! Contact us!

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