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There are many seasons when one could come and enjoy the beauty of Whitefish. For instance, one could come in the winter and enjoy all manner of snow play and activities among the snowy wonderland, or perhaps come in fall and hike as you gaze upon the changing foliage that occasionally rains down upon you. However, one of the best times to come and see all that the area has to offer is during the spring months, when the world begins to awaken from its winter slumber and the period of rebirth begins anew. You’ll discover all manner of activities that are just perfect for the season, so read on and discover our picks for the top things to do in Whitefish, Montana in spring!

Explore a Gallery

While the spring is perfect for many an outdoor activity, of which we will discuss plenty, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy some art. You’ll find the Sunti World Art Gallery is the perfect place to stop by, as you’ll enjoy viewing a variety of different masterpieces, each crafted by an artist from as close as North America to as far as Asia and everywhere in between. You’ll discover sculptures, teakwood carvings, ceramics, original paintings, and more! One can even take a historical tour while there and learn the deep stories behind each piece. Afterwards, head on over to their café, which features a variety of drinks such as specialty coffee but also plenty of food items like tea sandwiches and pastries. Enjoy drinking your warm beverage and nibbling upon your treat as you relax in their garden, which provides the perfect relaxing and tranquil ambiance. There’s plenty of cultural things to do in Whitefish to help you connect with the area!

Explore Glacier National Park

One of the top things to do in Whitefish, Montana is to explore and hike through Glacier National Park, which features 700 miles of trails with a mix of easy nature walks and tough excursions. You’ll find that in the spring the area is absolutely breathtaking thanks to the blooming wildflowers which paint the ground a multitude of colors and which is sure to be perfect for an Instagram photo or two. You’ll further find that the area also hosts a variety of different animals that will occasionally pop up to see who the newcomer to their home is. You’ll see everything from mountain goats to big horn sheep and elk. However, no matter what you happen to do or see while in the forests of Glacier National Park, you are sure to find an adventure to be had or sight to behold.

Tackle the Mountains with Rock Climbing

If one is looking for a rather unique tour, make sure you check out Rock Climb Montana, which features a variety of tours that are perfect for all skill levels, from those who’ve never clung to a rock face before to those who are well seasoned and looking to conquer the mightiest the area has to offer. Not only this, but do so with a knowledgeable guide who can fill you in on some interesting factoids of the area, or even just give some friendly advice regarding technique. When you go to them, you’ll have your choice of 500 possible climbs, and they even do custom tours so you can truly see what you came here to see. Enjoy either a half or full day as you take on the best monoliths the area has to offer with Rock Climb Montana.

Enjoy Watersports at Whitefish Lake State Park

A trip to Whitefish isn’t complete without spending at least one day amongst the waters of the state park. You’ll discover the crystal waters are perfect for those looking to enjoy some relaxing boating across the waters, or perhaps you might prefer to splash and swim within the waters like one would in their youth. Of course, one can also let some adrenaline out by taking a stab at waterskiing or perhaps wakeboarding. One can even rent a jet ski to fly across the waters with the pine-scented wind in your hair. For those looking for a more relaxed and laid-back time, make sure you check out Sea Me Paddle Kayaking Tours, inc., where one can enjoy a variety of rentals included paddleboards, kayaks, or pedal boats, all of which are sure to give you a relaxing way to spend your day on the lake.

Tally Lake

If you are looking to truly get up close and personal with the natural world, make sure you check out Tally Lake. Head out to enjoy some of the many trails that can be found in snaking through the forest with western larch and Douglas fir trees lining the way. One will also find that there are great opportunities for fishing with kokanee salmon, trout, and northern pike all calling the lake home. Of course, one could also take part in the same lake activities as above. This makes Tally Lake a must visit during your stay with us.

No matter what things to do in Whitefish you ultimately choose, you are sure to find that Whitefish is truly the perfect place to come and enjoy the season. So, should you have any questions about the various activities that dot the area, or regarding what rentals we offer to call home for your journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 716-0238 today!

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