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For those who have always forged their own paths, vacations can be the one time where they toe the line and follow the crowds, but when you choose Whitefish for your vacation journey, it does not have to be that way! You do have the option to go to all the same places everyone else does, and we can testify that you will have an enjoyable time when doing so, but we at I Love Whitefish understand that rebellious underlayer you are desperately trying to hide, and we do not believe in any guest going home unsatisfied. As such, we have created this list of the top five under the radar Montana attractions, hidden gems, or simply activities that take place off the beaten path to reach out to the hidden explorer inside you!

The Town of Whitefish

We were not quite sure where this hidden treasure should land on the list, but then again, not everyone includes an entire town on their best of compilations! In any case, as beautiful as Whitefish is, it does not suffer the crowds of larger towns in the state, which means your Whitefish getaway is guaranteed to be one you will remember forever. Popular for families and fishermen, skiers and shoppers, and couples and singles, our hometown will burrow its way into your heart with Montana attractions, and because it quite hasn’t reached the level of popularity that we know it will, its small-town charms will make you feel as if it were built just for you. As you step out onto the balcony of your I Love Whitefish sanctuary and stare up at that big sky that stretches out for eternity, you may find yourself wishing you never had to go home again!

The Whitefish Trail

Mountain bikers are always searching for the next challenge, and you may not have realized it, but our mountain village is the perfect destination for those daredevils! The Whitefish Trail, a 43-mile-long ride of your life through the ruggedly beautiful Montana countryside, is a local secret that we are happy to share with out guests, and because segments are continually being added, the latest addition travels down Beaver Mountain to Beaver Lake and a beautiful dock where your next family picture is just begging to be taken—assuming your mountain biking adventures are a family affair, of course! If not, a selfie taken with Beaver Mountain and Beaver Lake in the background and you and your bike in the forefront will be the envy of all your biker friends back home.

Whitefish Lake Golf Club, 1200 US-93

Visitors to Whitefish may expect to fish, boat, and even ski, but did you know that the Whitefish Lake Golf Club has been a local sensation since the 1920s? The original owners purchased the land for $1600 and history was made, as the acreage doubled as a landing strip for a while, (We really don’t want to know what THAT did to the greens!) eventually closing due to financial issues, only to reopen in the 1950s. Today, the course has expanded from its original 9 holes, offering two courses with 18 holes each; it is our favorite place to be on a sunny summer day, so be sure and pack your bags for the trip! The extensions were designed by architect John Steidel, creating a course that is challenging, yet not intimidating, making it the perfect course for novice golfers. On days the game doesn’t go that well, (or even on days when you are riding high) the clubhouse offers a menu filled with all your favorite foods and a large selection of beers on tap.

Stumptown Historical Museum, 500 Depot Street # 101

We have written about the Stumptown Historical Museum before, but it is still one of those hidden gems that everyone falls in love with when first discovered! Located in the train depot downtown and offering a comprehensive peek into the history of railroad travel in Whitefish, this charming place is not that well-known, but it is definitely well-loved by Montana residents and all the visitors who happen to stumble across it during their wanderings. You have the edge on most travelers, just because you chose I Love Whitefish for your vacation accommodations!

Depot Park, 510 Depot Street

Finally, since you are already in the neighborhood, (right next door to be exact) a stop at Depot Park finishes off your explorations of the Stumptown Historical Museum perfectly! This park offers a large grassy area for picnics or impromptu games of catch, charming statues that depict simpler times in life, including one with a train conductor and a little boy, and of course examples of real trains! A gazebo centers the park, and an orange bus commemorating the Great Northern Railway has a place of honor under a stand of mature trees.

Today Is the Day – Montana Attractions

After playing and exploring our mountain town, coming home to the simple charms and luxurious comforts of our I Love Whitefish vacation escapes will relax and settle you. Reserve yours today! Contact us!

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