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Not sure where to book during your stay in Whitefish? Look no further. I Love Whitefish offers a wide range of property rentals that are sure to tick all of your boxes. We offer a wide range of properties in various categories, such as lake view rentals, mountain view rentals, Whitefish villa rentals, weekly rentals, and much more. You can narrow down your property selection based on the size, amenities, or location – we guarantee that you will be happy, no matter what you choose! Check out our group rentals in Whitefish below to see all our fantastic options for a trip with friends or family. 

Plenty of Options 

Our lake view rentals are located right on the water, so you can easily head out on the bright blue water in just a few steps from your back door. Bring your kayak, paddleboard, or boat with you during this vacation so you can enjoy the pristine vibes of the flat lake. Our lakefront rentals offer private outdoor space, like a backyard, front yard, or wrap-around deck, so you can watch the sunset or sunrise over the lake with a cup of coffee or glass of wine in the evenings. 

Our mountain view rentals are among some of our most popular for groups, as they give you and everyone in the house pristine and unobstructed views of the large mountain. They seem closer than they are! Although, you can still get to the base of the mountains and the hiking trails in no time at all from our convenient rentals. Gaze at the snowcapped peaks from your modern bedroom or large living room as you play card games with your guests. 

Plus, our weekly rentals are great for groups who want to stay and see what Whitefish has to offer for an entire spring, summer, or fall season. Our weekly rentals offer ample interior and outdoor space, so you never feel cramped during your extended vacation. Our groups will love the multiple bedrooms, cozy common areas, and luxury amenities to share during a long get-away from home.  

If you are in the mood for a Whitefish villa, a small group will be perfect for these homes. Tiny villas offer a European vibe with modern touches, pristine artwork, incredible detailing, and modern kitchens that are perfect for staying for long periods of time. The Whitefish villas offer a luxurious and high-end twist to the typical mountain rentals that groups may enjoy more than your usual house, cabin, or apartment.  

The villas feature modern kitchens that are great for cooking large meals for groups. Our kitchens feature stainless steel amenities, ample granite counter space, high-top bar stools, and cabinets for storing food. We make it easy for you to store, prepare, and serve food to your guests in just minutes! Whip up a quick dinner or serve some cheese and wine on the counter for a relaxed happy hour with your group of guests.   

Why Choose I Love Whitefish? 

There are numerous reasons to choose I Love Whitefish. One of the main reasons why I Love Whitefish has the top-tier choice amongst others in the area are the hands-on customer service. The professional and dedicated staff is here every step of the way to make sure that you nev3r want for anything. We tell you about the pricing beforehand, provide clear and consistent communication, and give you added amenities, advice, and services to measure your trip is easy and stress-free.  

Plus, we offer luxury amenities that really set you apart from the boring hostels, hotels, and motels that you may choose from. Our luxury amenities pair perfectly with our high-end, modern rentals that provide a cozy interior and a relaxing vibe with an upscale twist. Our vacation rentals offer heated pools so you can stay warm in the winter, billiards tables for challenging your friends to a game, hot tubs for easing your aching muscles and much more! 

Furthermore, I Love Whitefish only has houses and properties in prime locations. We will never offer you a home that is located 20 minutes away from all there’s to do in the local area. We make sure that our houses are right in the heart of what you want to do. Do you want to go to the lake every day? Browse one of our lakefront rentals! Do you want a weekly vacation rental in the mountains? We have that too!  

Best Restaurants in Whitefish, MT 

Are you looking to go out for the night with your pals? Maybe you and your friends are looking for a spot to get a few drinks, or you and your family want a nice dinner. Whatever the reason, there is SO much to choose from that is just a few steps from your breathtaking home right on Whitefish Lake. check it out.  

One of the top spots to grab dinner and enjoy a fancy dinner is Whitefish Lake Restaurant on the bright blue lake. We recommend heading here to watch the sunset, share the Baked Escargot with artichoke hearts and garlic butter, and grab a bottle of wine as you enjoy this romantic evening. Head here with a large group and share the Caprese Bruschetta!  

Another cool spot that is great for a more relaxing evening is Abruzzo Italian Kitchen. This modern and functional space is great for grabbing drinks, getting some appetizers to split with the group, or having a full Italian feast with your guests. We recommend getting the fried calamari with lemon aioli and passato or the burrata caponata with eggplant and golden raisins to start. Either split a bottle of wine with your guests or try some of the signature cocktails for a special occasion!  

Lastly, Latitude 48 Bistro is a great spot for casual appetizers and food for a night out! We love coming here with a large group and having fun getting a few drinks, playing board games, chatting with locals, and dancing the night away. Try the grilled beef tips with chard and creamy polenta to split with the table as a starter. Or, you can try the grilled broccoli with romesco and fresh basil, the black kale with roasted yams and toasted pine nuts, or the parmesan fries with truffle oil for your vegetarian friends in the group!  

Book Your Group Getaway 

As you can see, groups will absolutely love coming to Whitefish, Montana for a fun and relaxing vacation. Not only is there so much to do in the surrounding area, like hiking, biking, kayaking, eating at restaurants, grabbing coffee at the nearby cafe, going shopping, and much more, but you can rest assured that all of your guests will love spending time in the property rental.  

I Love Whitefish offers hands-on customer service, clear communication, and large homes that are plenty big and spacious enough for you and your friends to spread out, relax, and truly enjoy the pristine surroundings. Our properties are designed with the customer in mind. We make sure that you and your guests have plenty of space to relax, watch your favorite show on the smart TV, cook up a quick dinner in the modern kitchen with stainless steel amenities, wash the dirt off your body in the tile showers, curl up under the cozy linen bed sheets, and wake up to a gorgeous sunrise. What more could you want for a relaxing vacation?  Contact us today!

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