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The rugged beauty and breathtaking landscape of Whitefish, Montana has turned it into the playground of people who fly in from all over the world, seeking peace, tranquility, and more than a breath or two of fresh air. This in turn, makes our small country town the perfect place to own a vacation rental, and if you have already figured this out, chances are you have also figured out that Airbnb is a good place to advertise how wonderful your home is! What you may have not figured out, however, is how to utilize the Airbnb website to its full potential, or even how you are going to manage to find the time to do all the thousands of little things that will maximize the income your new investment brings you. This is where I Love Whitefish comes into play, offering Airbnb property management services that allow you to reap all the benefit of vacation rental ownership without having to do all the work that accompanies it. This guide to how we at I Love Whitefish can help your Whitefish Airbnb property reach its full income earning potential will soon make it clear that you will not want to do it without us!

Two Decades of Experience

Yes, we have been managing properties longer than Airbnb has been an option, and because we know that to grow you have to move with the times, we have made it our business to understand the ins and outs of Airbnb and all the other third-party vacation rental sites! Giving our owners tips and hints on how to create a comfortable style that no one will be able to resist, we also are in charge of taking the photos that will make your home stand out in a sea of perfectly lovely vacation escapes. A successful vacation rental owner knows, however, that there is more to the business than pretty pictures and charming décor; your Airbnb property must be clean and in good condition to attract potential renters, and our in-house maintenance and housekeeping teams are an integral part of our property management services program. In today’s world, clean has a different meaning than it did just a year or so ago, and our cleaning crew goes above and beyond what is required, ensuring that your guests walk into a space that is sanitized, disinfected, and safe for all members of your family! The maintenance team understands that longevity is the key to a tremendously successful investment, and they work their hardest to make sure that air conditioners cool, dishwashers wash dishes, and yes, water heaters do their particularly important job of heating the water!

When those middle of the night phone calls do come in (no matter how well we do our job, emergencies are called emergencies for a reason!), our I Love Whitefish property management staff will take the call and take care of the issue at hand. Our owners are known for being the most well rested in the business because they will not be woken up in the middle of the night, and they know we take care of their properties as if they were our own while still maintaining full control of the home!

There’s No Place Like Your Home!

We want your home to shine in the rental world, and with a lot of hard work on our part of the bargain, we can help it do exactly that. We offer the behind the scenes help, including tax forms, rental forms, and end of the year paperwork that no one wants to do. We know the state and local laws, ensuring what takes place on your VRBO property does not inadvertently cause an issue. And because guests want the whole vacation experience when they choose a vacation home, we act as concierges in a way, giving out information of all the exciting things that they can do during their stay in your Whitefish Airbnb home. Knowing that we are just a phone call or email away lets your guests relax and enjoy, and when it comes time to plan a second vacation to this part of the country, they will remember how much fun they had in your home and will be eager to sign up again! Repeat business is just as important as new business, and we do everything we can to earn both.

Owner Portals Make It Easy

Transparency is important, especially as we are talking about one of the larger investments you will make, and our owners’ portal is not just user friendly; it allows you to keep a close eye on everything we do, putting your mind at ease. Give us a call today or fill out our property management form and let’s begin the partnership that could potentially change your life! Contact us!

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